The "Rock" Regional League


31 Ago 2011, 14:51

Competion for Qualifying for Denmarks Rock League - Vote via this link:

Hi everybody,

This competition will decide which 4 bands will compete in the next season of the DRL Rock League. The four relegators from the league will join12 new contenders, to fight for 4 places in next seasons DRL.

The rules are easy: All teams are awarded 10 points, to start out. In a reply, each replier can add one point to one act and subtract one point to another act. All members can reply as often as they like, but noone can reply twice in a row. There must be another replier between your replies. At the end of the first week the top team will qualify for the league, and taken out of the competition. If points are even the team which last scored a point qualifies. At the end of the 2nd week another act will qualify and so forth until 4 teams have qualified.

As organiser of the competition I can only vote once, that is the very first vote.

If a team hits 0 points they are disqualified/taken out.

The 16 teams are:

Royal Hunt - 10 pts.
As We Fight - 10 pts.
Nekromantix - 10 pts
HorrorPops - 10 pts.
Saturnus - 10 pts
Iron Fire - 10 pts
Beyond Twilight - 10 pts
Artillery -10 pts
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - 10 pts
Nortt - 10 pts
Manticora - 10 pts
Barcode - 10 pts
Iceage -10 pts
Iniquity - 10 pts
Baby Woodrose - 10 pts
Panzerchrist- 10 pts

First Deadline/First Qualifyer : 17.15 on 6th September


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