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  • stuprd

    why did I delete my I'm gonna commit I regret it so much

    30 Ago 10:35 Responder
  • theotherjordan

    Hello and thanks for the add :)

    3 Ago 17:15 Responder
  • lecube

    Oh man! A month off sounds sweet. Good luck with exams. I've been pretty good. The school moved me to a different teaching position though so I've been flat out working out exactly what I'm doing there. They've got me teaching Prep which is between Kinder and Grade 1 in Victoria but not anywhere else in Australia. I seem to need to explain what it is very often haha.

    13 May 11:43 Responder
  • lecube

    Don't worry about it haha. What's been happening?

    3 May 5:51 Responder
  • lecube

    Hey! How you been?

    7 Abr 2:12 Responder
  • lecube

    Nothing wrong with kicking back to a movie every now and then. What you been watching? I spent my weeking pulling a guitar apart and replacing its insides. I've never done it before so I have no idea if I did it right haha.

    24 Feb 7:07 Responder
  • lecube

    Gig went pretty well, actually. I had pretty much no voice at school the day after though haha. But, yeah, tore it up. Doing anything super on this fine weekend?

    23 Feb 1:20 Responder
  • lecube

    Seriously, there's no competition between the Melbourne music and the rest of Australia. Speaking of which, I'm playing my EP launch gig tonight and it's gonna be crazy. Spent all day teaching kids so I'm rooted and the band backing me up only practiced once on Tuesday haha. Wish me luck!

    20 Feb 6:29 Responder
  • lecube

    Melbourne weather is ridiculous though. It'll pour rain in the middle of summer. Be boiling hot in the middle of winter. Right now we're in the middle of a heat wave that started at the end of summer and is going into autumn. If you want to come to Australia, Queensland weather is much more consistent haha. Melbourne has the best bands though so there's that.

    17 Feb 11:13 Responder
  • lecube

    Her spelling wasn't soooooo bad but there were a couple of pretty noticeable ones. Like spelling "great" as "grait". It must be cool to have snow days and just get a random day off out of nowhere though. We don't have anything like that in Australia. Hell, we don't even have snow here haha.

    15 Feb 23:49 Responder
  • lecube

    Yeah, Uni degrees are all complicated and I'm not sure how any of them work even after finishing two haha. I got a Valentine's card from one of my students today and we've been doing so much spelling lately that I almost instinctively corrected her spelling when I read it. I managed to fight the urge in the end haha. Been up to anything else interesting lately?

    14 Feb 6:51 Responder
  • lecube

    I think it worked out for the best, in the end. Doing a 1-term contract is a good way to start out teaching and I'm getting more support as a classroom teacher than I would have as a music teacher. I've found a good way to get the over-excited kids to calm down is to promise them we can play a game if they behave themselves. They work pretty hard if they know they'll get something out of it haha. Is that a 4 year Bachelor degree? Bachelors are 3 years in Australia, then masters is 2 extra (I think! Not 100% sure). Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine finding a job!

    11 Feb 8:50 Responder
  • lecube

    Yeah, I think its a great age to teach. I actually applied for a music teacher position at the school and didn't get it, then they offered that instead.There's always a couple of kids who are really full-on though and can't sit still for 5 minutes haha. Studying to be a social worker sounds awesome! How many years does that take?

    9 Feb 1:18 Responder
  • lecube

    It's been fun so far. Kids are funny. They make some very strange connections in their minds when talking about classwork but they're always interesting haha. They think everything is new and interesting too which is fantastic. Fridays off would be nice! What are you studying?

    8 Feb 14:00 Responder
  • lecube

    I'm alright thanks! Tired as hell though. Just finished my first week teaching Grade 2 kids haha What's happening with you?

    7 Feb 7:06 Responder
  • lecube

    Respect for your love of Bruce and the Gastlight Anthem. How's it going?

    6 Feb 10:50 Responder
  • simulcara1

    thanks for accepting! great taste

    13 Sep 2013 Responder
  • Rizfandi

    thanks for accept :D

    22 Jul 2013 Responder
  • Mic_28

    Thanks ^^

    19 Jun 2013 Responder
  • slcards1

    Yeah I'm pumped! Wish it were an indoors show and not a festival, but I'll take what I can get. Can't wait to hear what you think of the show next week. I've seen them a few times, from a tiny bar/basement in 07ish to a full hockey arena, most recently. Great shows every time. And my grandpa is dead, so I hope you wouldn't get along TOO well! (I should've used the past tense before...)

    28 May 2013 Responder
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Arcade Fire, The National, Gaslight Anthem, Interpol.
most importantly...BRUUUUUUUUUUUCE.

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