Ban Artists


18 May 2007, 18:48

I was sitting here drinking Grolsch (genuine not that English stuff!)and heard an artist that I cannot stand appear on a station.

Clicked ‘ban’ .......goodbye…………….heh, heh!
Gives you a weird sense of gratification.

Pity it does not work for FM.

Hour later same artist, different song.

You know it really would be cool if you could ban an artist.

Maybe we should start a revolution and demand a ban artist button.

I just wonder if it would screw up LFM’s deals with the record companies.

“Meanwhile I’m still thinking"


  • lonita

    Well, actually, if you use the player you can tell it to block certain songs. I can't remember if it bans artists outright though.

    24 Jul 2007, 9:21
  • Marclvr7

    Kind of scary how one can "Delete" or be "Deleted" LOL

    7 Ene 2009, 2:05
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