Soundtrack to the life of a quirky yank


16 Feb 2010, 4:52

Opening Credits
"As The Rush Comes (Sweeping Strings Mix)", Motorcycle

Waking Up
"Hyperballad", Björk

First Day At School
"The World is Mine (Fuck Me, Im Famous Remix)", David Guetta

Falling In Love
"Kisses", Bent

"Belong", Spooky

Losing Virginity
Melt, Way Out West

Fight Song
"Body to Body", SOFT BALLET

Breaking Up
"Shivers", Armin van Buuren

Я Космонавт (Пименов hard mix), Тина Чарльз

Pulse Of Life, Way Out West

Mental Breakdown
"On the Wheel", Curve

"Kemuri", DJ Krush

Dissolved Girl, Massive Attack

"A Cause Des Garcons (Tepr Remix)", Yelle

Happy dance
"On a Good Day (16 Bit Lolitas mix)", Oceanlab

Pretty When You Cry, Vast

"Part Three (Breaks Mix)", Space Manoevers

Long night alone
"On My Own", Ulrich Schnauss

[track artist=片霧烈火]鳥の詩
, 片霧烈火
Don't bitch about my tags here, because I've tried to fix this six times and it still ain't working. The track is called 鳥の詩 (tori no toki), and the full track is available on this site.

Getting Back Together
"Never Say Never (feat. Jacqueline Govaert)", Armin van Buuren

"I Found A Reason", Cat Power

Birth of Child
...obviously not at all applicable in my case, ever

Final Battle
If I Survive, Hybrid

Death Scene
All That Makes Us Human Continues, BT

Funeral Song
"The Great Beyond (Hybrid remix)", R.E.M.

End Credits
Gujarati Soundclash, Hollertronix


  • jsp1611

    Nice set. Told you you should be a DJ... ;-D You should talk to Anissa about podcasting software.

    2 Mar 2010, 11:04
  • theempathogen

    Ha, thanks! I'm trying to get Fade the Mancunian DJ to teach me how to DJ... but unfortunately, he's an Ableton user. This is a problem because apparently Ableton hates PCs, and I'm a militant PC user. I mentioned that one can install a Mac OS on a PC now, and if that would work. He said, "It's got a shot, love." But I know I'd be better off just using Serato. Gah. Annoyance. I may have to teach myself how to do it. But yeah... I think I will talk to Anissa. ^_~

    2 Mar 2010, 20:01
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