I came, I saw...


7 Ago 2009, 20:04

Thu 6 Aug – Rockstar Mayhem Festival

...I'll probably never go again. Now I don't want to piss off you kids. I'm sure this was something you've been waiting all year for.

I showed up late so I have no words for All That Remains, Behemoth, God Forbid, Job for a Cowboy, nor Whitechapel. I bet they were great in a kinda way, I am sorry I missed these performances.

As far as the rest of the acts, the standouts (for me) were Trivium and Bullet for My Valentine. Killswitch Engage and Slayer were good, especially KsE's rendition of Holy Diver... but Marilyn Manson was definitely a pre-packaged deal. He came on at exactly 10, and left at 11. He sang a few of his hits, said that Virginia Beach was the Fuckin' Greatest Crowd So Far (I bet he says that to all the girls), something about Virginia Beach and Virgins, did The Beautiful People... and that was it.

His show was a little better than when I saw him in Hawaii 14 years ago (he came on 90 minutes late and stalked off the stage after three songs).

The crowd was indeed wild. Halloween-y. Haven't seen so many tattoos since... well, I dunno.


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