Weird Song Game


11 May 2009, 4:47

- Set your player to shuffle.
- Take the first line of the first twenty songs and make your own song

So I feel like the biggest asshole
What? Well fuck you, bitch.
She said she wanted some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross
I cannot take this anymore, saying everything I said before

I lift my string, I'm a guillotine
On this page, you see a little girl giggling at a hippotamus
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who's been riding with me so far

Amy Moore blew her top
'81 was the year shit hit the fan in a major way
We're not the same dear as we used to be
And my words will be here when I'm gone

Let me wrap myself around you
Look look, gander gander, it's the young boy from the Lambda Lambdas
Maybe we... why don't we sit right here for half an hour?

Oh baby come close to me
I see the world from a tree
Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you

One more time just enough to ease my mind
We'll see Heaven from the sky
We come with the valuable things like sunshine and oxygen


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