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Mortuaries, dead of night
My body starts to rise
In my mind the horror lives
To feel death deep inside

Relentless lust of rotting flesh
To thrash the tomb she lies
Heathen whore of Satan's wrath
I spit at your demise

Virgin child now drained of life
Your soul cannot be free
Not given the chance to rot in Hell

Satan's cross points to Hell
The earth I must uncover
A passion grows to feast upon
The frozen blood inside her

I feel the urge the growing need
To fuck this sinful corpse
My tasks complete the bitch's soul
Lies raped in demonic lust

Her stomach bursts the casket breaks
The seed has taken form
A writhing shape of twisted flesh
The Devil's child is thrown

Hungry for the smell of Death
He rules forbidden evil
Vengeance with a frenzied hatred
The bastard now must die

Lost souls of the dead
Form legions that burst through Hell's Gates
Death of one sacrifice
To avenge the raped corpse from the grave
Blood of one mortal man
The fire grows stronger within
Fate of a frenzied lust
Lucifer takes my dark soul

Down to the fiery pits of Hell!

Slayer - Necrophiliac


Amon Amarth
King Diamond
De Lirium's Order
Torture Killer
Cannibal Corpse
Lost Society
Ghost B.C.
Bolt Thrower
Final Assault
Judas Priest
Children Of Bodom
Manu Chao
In Flames
Napalm Death
Hour Of Penance
Septic Flesh
Dead Soul
Jess & The Ancient Ones
Devin Townsend Project
Patti Smith
Bob Dylan
Suzanne Vega
Marc Cary Focus Trio

7O,OOO song:
Slayer - Hell Awaits
"The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see. There's no price to pay just follow me..."

8O,OOO song:
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss Live
"Close your eyes and forget your name. Step outside yourself and let your thoughts drain, as you go insane... go insane..."

81,OOO song:
Evile - Killer from the Deep
"From the depths of hell, the deep blue sea
The demon has come for the feast..."

82,OOO song:
Gojira - Adoration for None
"Destined to rule my life. Go the way of the flesh, Nature is my only master, I will bow to no one..."

83,OOO song:
Lamb of God - Descending
"This God that I worship (a faded reflection).This demon I blame (a flickering flame).
Conspire as one, exactly the same..."

84,OOO song:
Death - Scavenger of Human Sorrow
"Shallow are words from those who starve, for a dream not their own to slash and scar..."

85,OOO song:
Megadeth - Rattlehead
"Just make it fast, loud and rude, Rattlehead, a dose of metal you need! "

86,OOO song:
Trivium - Insurrection
" It is I who spawns this fury! Torches: ignite! Blaze is set to engulf all of which we hate! "

87,OOO song:
Between the Buried and Me - Fossil Genera - a Feed From Cloud Mountain
" We have for centuries... hearing every breath... watching every disease.
(You must accept this truth)"

88,OOO song:
Rytmihäiriö - Koska saatana sanoo niin
" En kaihda väkivaltaa, enkä milloinkaan... PESE ESINAHAN ALTA! "

89,OOO song:
Slayer - Necrophiliac
" Satan's cross points to Hell, the earth I must uncover! A passion grows to feast upon the frozen blood inside her... Down to the fiery pits of Hell! "

9O,OOO song:
Times of Grace - Strength in Numbers
" There is a strength in numbers we must unite mankind - There is a strength in numbers, our faith lies deep inside! "

91,OOO song:
The White Stripes - Rag & Bone
" Your pretty little Rags & Bones, Ah, jump up, jump up, jump up, come on and give it to me! "

92,OOO song:
At the Gates - Suicide Nation
" Dead but dreaming - Restrained by phobia, brainwashed into submission! "

93,OOO song:
Lamb of God - Grace
" Forgiving the father, read the story on my skin! I'll be the martyr, falling from his grace again! "

94,OOO song:
D.R.I. - You Say I'm Scum
" Hand me my skateboard, and I'll make my way! Who are you to tell me I'm not right! "

95,OOO song:
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
" Tasting the blood from your lips as you die, means satisfaction to me! Pleasure to kill! "

96,OOO song:
Judas Priest - Beyond the Realms of Death
" Keep the world with all its sin, It's not fit for livin' in! Yeah, I will start again! It can take forever, and ever, and And ever, but I'll still win. "

97,OOO song:
Onslaught - The Sound Of Violence
" Killing sustains to a new dawn, rivers run red under thunderous skies! Bullets rain down in a blood storm... This is my day! "

98,OOO song:
Slayer - Tormentor
" Running from shadows, blinded by fear, the horror of nightfall, is ever so near! I slowly surround you, as terror sets in, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE NIGHT! "

99,OOO song:
Abysmal Dawn - Rapture Renowned
" ...Am I not God and has my Kingdom come? "

1OO,OOO song:
Slayer - Psychopathy Red
" Perversion, slow death, agonizing! Stab around the eyes, flow of blood, warm taste brings me pleasure, eclipsing all reason! Pushing sperm, into her imitation! Painful act in vain, organs cooked, bled out potency! Now I am complete!!!! "

1O1,OOO song:
Artillery - Don't Believe
" Crier, elemental child, Sinner, playin' with your thoughts! Winner, are you feeling lost? "

1O2,OOO song:
Mokoma - Pahaa verta
" Täyttykööt! Suoneni seinämät umpeen verta... Pahaa verta!! "

1O3,OOO song:
Devin Townsend Project - Demon League
" I know, I know... The demons call!! "

1O4,OOO song:
HeXeN - Seditions in Peacetime
"Blind...leading the blind! They've dine it once; they'll do it again - Speak just one word of it though, If your wish is to be dead... ! "

1O5,OOO song:
Lazarus A.D. - Revolution
" In the end of the revolution, A new age has just begun! Unified, justified... None for all - And all for one !! "

1O6,OOO song:
Death Angel - Absence Of Light
" Scorching down the mountain with a roar of thunder! Ravenous undertow, that drags you under - Violent thrashing in the jaws of fury, scathing hate from the one man jury!! "

1O7,OOO song:
Metallica - Orion

1O8,OOO song:
Judas Priest - Victim of Changes
" Once she was wonderful, once she was fine, once she was beautiful, once she was mine...she was mine. Now change has come over her body, she doesn't see me anymore..."

1O9,OOO song:
Exodus - Strike Of The Beast
" The beast prepares for battle...And you prepare to die! The blood running down your throat, dulls you woeful cry...You can feel the power rage within your soul! When you die you go to hell and live... forevermore "

11O,OOO song:
Kreator - Demon Prince
" Now in the burning embers... Conspiracy is born! The captive will remember, sow the wind, harvest the storm! And from the ancient ashes, a brand new force is born! To liberate the masses... sow the wind, harvest the storm! Disobey the Oppressor, refuse Demon Prince! Disobey the oppressor, forever Demon Prince!!! "

111,OOO song:
Mokoma - Punainen kukko
" On maat ja mannut, ummet, lammet kiertänyt! Missä käynyt on, ei mitään säästänyt! Laskeutuu olkapäilleni, työntää kynnet lihaani, laulaa; Tämän tunkion olen päättänyt polttaa... Saatanan kukko "

112,OOO song:
Havok - Covering Fire
" Victims lie dead, shot to the head, spitting blood back in their face! Gathering strength to make memories fade of the fabled master race! Peace: a part of the future... War: a thing of the past - Can this be reality... Or just a favor no man can ask? "

113,OOO song:
Trivium - Dusk Dismantled
" A fire burns in the back of the throat! Let it out, let it out... Before the choke! Dusk dismantled... Combustion's convergence with our existence! Dusk dismantled - We are the infinitesimal!! "

114,OOO song:
Destruction - Devastation Of Your Soul
" The reason for your cruel deeds, are not relevant in a world of creeps! They play the game of the dying, in a world that's crying. Kill or be killed will be the commandment of our dirty rotten breed! The death penalty for humanity in world of greed!!! "

115,OOO song:
Motörhead - Die You Bastard
" Your shadows alive, it breathes at your side! Got no place to hide, be with you 'til the day you die... !! You can hear the rumors, shut your mouth... Deal with the misfits, wipe 'em out! Search in all the bedrooms, use your head! Listen to your conscience, wake the dead!! "

116,OOO song:
Blind Guardian - Valhalla
" High in the sky where eagles fly Morgray the dark enters the throne! Open wide the gate friend the king will come! Blow the horn and praise the highest lord! Who'll bring the dawn, he's a new god in the palace of steel... Persuade the fate of everyone, The chaos can begin let it in! So many centuries, so many gods... We were the prisoners of our own fantasy, but now we are marching against these gods! I'm the wizard, I'll change it all... Valhalla - Deliverance! Why've you ever forgotten me!! "

117,OOO song:
Vektor - Tetrastructural Minds
" Life is liquid when we're young... We paint with the colors of the sun! Time solidifies in our brains, and we paint with shades of grey! All I see are dark clouds over a sunny day, the colorful picture of life solidifies and strips away! Tetrastructural minds! What once was liquid is frozen in time - A cold cubic cell traps all hope deep inside... Amebic dark, invading!! "

118,OOO song:
Septic Flesh - Anubis
" The brave in heart, can claim eternal life! My scales of truth - Will need sufficient proof! Their balance depends, on how your soul weights... To walk with Gods! The jaws of chaos you must pass! Anubis - My soul is so light... And as this feather, I CAN FLY!! "

119,OOO song:
Textures - Awake
" Man down - This hardened shell is broken... My fate is bound to what I’ve done... Regrets – I shuffle down the hallway. Precious time – It’s all gone overboard! Here is your calm down pill. I’ll never be the same – It’ll never be the same! With eyes wide open – My body’s floating down the river. This live – What have I confined you for? It’s all inside – It’s all in silence... When the raven gets its way! A Million thoughts are swept away. And then you leave it all... You leave it all behind!! "

12O,OOO song:
Lamb of God - King Me
"... I keep walking past the places I was born in... Now their faces are blank, shiny, and dead! I don’t recognize a thing, I can’t recall them. A closed book that I can never read again... A flat line, my insides are turning out... The lights fade, this final war starts now. King Me is killing me! "

121,OOO song:
Obscura - Cosmogenesis
"... bound into a stillborn level, built with any light... Consciousness, to them describe all sin - Consumed by fire, ascending to the night... Cosmogenesis! Six wings on the left, six wings on the right... "

122,OOO song:
Decapitated - 404
"... don't be sorry, it's not your fault - the malfunction is an integral part of the program..."

123,OOO song:
The Doors - Riders on the Storm
"There's a killer on the road... His brain is squirmin' like a toad - Take a long holiday, let your children play! If ya give this man a ride, sweet family will die - Killer on the road, yeah "

124,OOO song:
Mokoma - Turvaa selusta
"Kulje vierellä, näytä valoa - ethän anna askeleeni varjoon langeta! Pidä sylissä, suojaa kehoa - pakkasilman älä anna luihin kajota! Luulen tietäväni mitä kaipaan... Tahdon yön ja päivän tutustuvan toisiinsa! Risut männynkävyt tieltä raivaan, en pelkää yksin vaeltaa, silti seuraa arvostan "

125,OOO song:
Death - Cosmic Sea

126,OOO song:
Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep
Blood sucking creatures of the night, nocturnal spectre hiding from the light - Cries screaming out every fright, eagerly awaiting plight! Apparitions from the pits of Hell, death plagues the streets in which they dwell! Demented lust, the secrets they must keep! Addicted to your blood, at dawn they sleep!

127,OOO song:
Feral - Welcome To The Graveyard
In my graveyard I bury victims. The victims of my wrath... Cemetary in the forest, hidden from the world! My graveyard, evil place - Ghosts moaning from their graves - Stinking of decay, and the tombstones, ash grey... Welcome to the graveyard! The graveyard, the possessed! Thats where your beaten intro rest - And when your lying on the ground, then you know that you will never be found! Welcome to the graveyard - Welcome to the graveyard

128,OOO song:
Bloodbath - At The Behest of Their Death
Our diabolical anthem so foul in their ears! Gospel of dissonance... Pernicious cacophony... Bewildered apostles beseeching for repent - Desert fathers agonized in throes of leprosy!

129,OOO song:
Havok - Scumbag in Disguise
In this world of efficiency, there's no room for mediocrity! Jealousy runs deep in his eyes, not hard to find a scumbag in disguise!

13O,OOO song:
Kreator - Your Heaven, My Hell
At the end of religion. My spirit shall not die. I will only see clearer. No longer haunted by these times. I'll be stronger than ever. No temptation to resist. So come on, take my hand now!

131,OOO song:
Overkill - Electric Rattlesnake
More than you can take! Make no mistake, i'm an Electric Rattlesnake! More than you can take! A two fang break... Electric Rattlesnake!

132,OOO song:
Mokoma - Hiljaisuuden julistaja
Vaikeneminen on kultaa - puhuminen hopeaa, hiljaisuutta tahdon julistaa! Tuokaa neula, tuokaa lankaa, tästä se vaikeneminen alkaa!

133,OOO song:
Lamb of God - Choke Sermon
Jesus complex - gag reflex! Trigger happy redundancy... No thrill, no chase, no saving grace! Hypnotic in monotony!

134,OOO song:
Sick of It All - The Divide
Time to think, right the wrong, time to BREAK THROUGH THE DIVIDE!

135,OOO song:
Enslaved - Death in the Eyes of Dawn
Forged in the darkened depths of the womb... Seeds of betrayal planted in rotten soil!

136,OOO song:
Machine Head - Be Still and Know
Is it hopeless...? Will the fear take control? Don't succumb to the numbing! Sting of defeat... Take this hate! Let the bile stagnate, hoist the head of Goliath! Bask in its grace!

137,OOO song:
Ghost B.C. - Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
Zombie Queen... Black light guides you! Ghuleh… Ghuleh…!

138,OOO song:
Rodriguez - A Most Disgusting Song
Of the dreams we dreamt together... Of the love we vowed would never, melt like snowflakes in the sun... My days now end as they begun

139,OOO song:
Be'lakor - Abeyance
I swallow forgotten words - To gain what was lost. And lost what was gained - Until neither is real! Behind my head, her hands hold no weight - I have reached a beginning, But somehow I do not stop, I fall through the first moment... To find that there is more

140,OOO song:
Primordial - Heathen Tribes
This is my church... It stands so tall and proud! It has done for all time - It has no walls, yet its vast halls, reach from shore to shore!

141,OOO song:
Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Blow your trumpets Gabriel! As I beheld the bewilderment ov Eden! Break the bread...and crumb by crumb into the Leviathan's den... Nations fall prey - Hail my return!

142,OOO song:
Arsis - No One Lies To The Dead
Can you hide what your tongue conceals... How does it feel? You were lying with the dead!

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