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5 Abr 2006, 9:23

I always wanted to be able to sing, in a band. Since I have never had any talent in that area, I attempted to learn to play guitar when I turned 15, I asked my parents, then recently seperated, to get me a guitar for my birthday. I asked for an acoustic before an electric, I wanted to be totally serious and train my hands and fingers before totally rawking out all day and night.

I never stuck with it, I played on and off for years, but instead of learning music theory or scales, I tried to play after my favorite guitar musician at the time, Joe Satriani. Basically, I committed guitar-suicide, as Satch is an insane solo player, and even attempting one of his pieces threw me in a depressive slump for weeks on end, I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't playing well.

I stopped playing for a couple years, and tried to pick it up again last year. I just don't have any desire to get any better, I'm totally in awe of guitarists who can write their own songs, or improvise. I guess I'll always be a music appreciator, but never a musician myself.

I always liked the idea of writing songs, like every depressive, emo-tastic kid I wrote bad poetry in early high school, I and some friends, writing, painting, drawing, filming, the whole nine yards. I was never great in art, or poetry, I always thought I was a decent actor, but my friends at the time always dwarfed any attempt I ever made at anything noteworthy.

Is it too late to discover unknown talents? I hope not.


  • troxel_moscow

    my dear boy... it is NEVER too late.

    5 May 2006, 18:10
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