Artist Of The Week 17/04/06


17 Abr 2006, 19:36

Electric President are up this week.
Pretty cool band - don't really know much about them.
Got their album Electric President which is their only one, as far as I'm aware. It's a really good album too.

I first heard of them from the O.C., where I heard a song at the end of one of the episodes and thought "I NEED THIS SONG" and so downloaded every song listed from that episode. Finally got it, and it was Insomnia. Such a tune! Best song on the album.

They're kinda like a slightly more melancholy Postal Service, I'd say. There isn't really a weak track on the album, with Metal Fingers, Farewell and Good Morning, Hypocrite all being wackad tunes on the album.
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  • teebee

    I said album a record number of times there, I think

    17 Abr 2006, 19:37
  • katysomerville

    consider this a comment :p (mmm annoys tb!)

    17 Abr 2006, 19:40
  • teebee

    Worst. Comment. Ever.

    17 Abr 2006, 19:44
  • katysomerville

    :o *runs off sobbing*

    17 Abr 2006, 19:45
  • teebee

    Aww, poor baby. ...none of these comments are actually anything to do with the artist...oh well!

    17 Abr 2006, 21:53
  • -TwoHeadedBoy-

    This comment is, Wooo go electric president!! Love them to bits, amazing-

    6 Jul 2006, 22:30
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