Temas (13)
Tema Álbum Duración Scrobblings
Kid Gloves Hands Surplus To Big Sugar: Benjamin Harrison 2:23 7
John Adams: Armed with Only Wit and the Vigor of the U.S. Navy (feat. These United… 3:44 7
Andrew Johnson: Was Ever Alone? 3:51 5
James Garfield: Seven Months 3:57 4
Benjamin Harrison: Kid Gloves Hands Surplus to Big Sugar 2:30 4
James Knox Polk: The Other Is Better / The Language To Transform 6:02 3
George H.W. Bush: It Was Foreshadowed Here, The Beginning of The End 2:57 3
James Monroe: The Last Cocked Hat (feat. Marla Hansen) 3:42 2
Martin Van Buren: The Little Magician (feat. Tom Brosseau) 5:06 2
Warren Harding: An Army Of Pompous Phrases 4:52 2
Gerald Ford: Now You See It, Now You Don’t See It (feat. Vince DiFiore of Cake) 4:16 2
John F. Kennedy: There Is No Plan 5:53 1
Franklin Pierce: My Only Enemy Is Myself 2:21 1