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  • GoldenGod2112

    Yeah it seems like almost all new vinyl these days come with a download code! It's awesome! I was about to say it definitely should have came i,with one. :p They are so usefull! Looks like no Parquet Courts in the mail for me today :o I'm going to try to put my shelf together for my vinyl now, wish me luck! Haha.

    3 Jun 21:27 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Whaaaaat that's so awesome! Glad you got to at least talk to part of the band. :) I love high energy performances! Definitely considering getting that EP! Too bad I'm sure the blue vinyl copies are all sold out. :p My bootleg limited edition of Sunbathing Animal should be arriving today (and my second copy of of Montreal's Paralytic Stalks that I accidentally won on eBay, oops!) \\m/

    3 Jun 17:37 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Whoa these guys are good, really good! Excellent recommendation. :) Listening to more of them on Spotify!

    3 Jun 5:09 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Because that would be too great! Ah when I finally get the record and spin it that will be so great and I will so happy. What kind of turntable do you have!? Yesss a week from now we will be having the time of our lives!!! :)

    16 May 22:47 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://pitchfork.com/news/55219-parquet-courts-share-new-song-instant-disassembly/

    16 May 21:42 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    You're absolutely welcome! Well I hope you enjoy the EP! I love "You've Got Me Wonderin' Now" and "Hes Seeing Paths" :)

    2 May 17:26 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    http://sunbathinganimal.com/ It's the one on the bottom right! I totally pre ordered it. I think I'm going to collect their entire catologue, I just need the Tally All The Thing's That You Broke EP \\m/

    1 May 21:34 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Well good thing they always upload onto the internet so fast! I've been going vinyl crazy lately, I have purchased a bunch and a brush for my records, It's prettty bad $$$ wise, hahaha. Did you pre order the one with the 7' !?!?!?!?

    1 May 17:14 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Another new absolutely great song! http://pitchfork.com/news/55013-parquet-courts-debut-black-and-white-on-seth-meyers/ I stayed up and watched the show just to catch them at the end but of course I fell asleep right before they got on!

    1 May 11:12 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Oooh I haven't heard "She's Rolling" yet! Must be a great song. I got the same email a couple hours ago! I'm excited to finally get my wristband!!!

    25 Abr 21:55 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Well I kind of hope they have a small fallowing then. Haha. I want to be close as possible for them I think. I haven't looked at the schedule much but I believe I didn't have any bands I really wanted to see an hour or two before them. Ah, just seven months until I can drink beer legally. :p Have you listened to their new single yet? Also, if you are ever able to, you should give their 1st release/demo thing a listen too, I have it on vinyl. It's pretty lofi ishand what not but after the second and third listen I loved it.

    25 Abr 17:29 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    ah, I bought their new 7" single on RSD! Ooooh yay! Maybe we can dance and groove out or something to them while they play! I'm looking forward to them the most out of the whole weekend. What's the Yeti stage like!? i'm just really excited they're already releasing a new album soon!

    24 Abr 4:13 Responder
  • GoldenGod2112

    Haha oh wow how perfect, I saw that it is up but hasn't loaded until now, quite a lot of conflict, Liars and De La Soul as well. Pretty lame! I'm assuming you may choose Portugal the Man? Have you heard the new Parquet Courts single? I can't wait for their new album!

    23 Abr 18:16 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Oh, nice. I hope you enjoyed your time away. It is refreshing to disconnect from everything, even if only for a short while. Yes, I am definitely on the mend thanks. Hope you're doing well as well!

    16 Abr 2:51 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Oh good, looks like they finally fixed the problem with shoutboxes not working. I didn't end up going to my friends bands' show on Friday anyway, because I got some really nasty cold. It's OK though, they're local and I can catch them again, almost any time.

    13 Abr 21:29 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Goldendoodle! That's a great mix. The dog we had when I was a kid was a collie/sheltie mix. She was a great dog. I'd really like to have a dog now, but I can't have one in the building I live in right now. You know that reggae band I mentioned a month or so ago, The Champions Inc.? They recruited my friend as their keyboard player! I'm really happy for him. It's not too often that a band you really like asks you to join them! They're playing a show in Oakland next Friday night, but I'm not too sure how excited I am to go to Oakland (LOL), much less during Bay Area commute cluster-coitus. I'll have to see if I can talk myself into it. Apparently I haven't listened to King Crimson in awhile, because I was shocked to learn that Robert Fripp had LFM pull all of their album covers off the site because it was copyright infringement?!? You can't upload artist photos either. I don't usually leave negative shouts, but I felt compelled to say something about it.

    5 Abr 20:54 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Sorry, one more shout. Thanks for following my Tumblr! Also, Deltron 3030! I just borrowed the "Event 2" CD, haven't heard it yet. Looks interesting....

    28 Mar 4:41 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Too bad about the merch booth snafu. I've had some interesting encounters with merch booth people. My favorite was years ago at Space Ritual (back when they were still Nik Turner's Hawkwind) and the guy at the booth just opened and didn't have any change, so he asked me to get some, since all I had was a $20. He's got to know he's going to need them? Anyway, I broke my bill with a cocktail waitress who didn't have a lot to spare to begin with (it was early in the night) and I go back to buy my stuff. Apparently he thought I was going to get him a huge bankroll of singles for some reason, even though this was not discussed at any point. Also, do I look like I carry around $100 cash? Why didn't he give me some $20s to break? He was pissed, but seriously who does merchandise without the change fund they should know they're going to need? The few times I worked a flea market or garage sale, I always had small bills. (Look at me with all the answers…. LOL)

    28 Mar 4:29 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Yes, some people are definitely weird about you and their dogs. I often have dogs come running over and want to meet me and they're like "come one so-and-so" and or they won't acknowledge you when you say hello. Or they get weird just because you're looking at their dog, like you're about to molest their child or something. Maybe it's a regional thing, because people act like that around here, but I can be up at Lake Tahoe or something and people act totally different. *SHRUG* I understand on some level; some people think of their dogs as their children. "Don't sniff strangers! Don't take treats from strangers!" Yeah, in most cases I prefer the dogs to the owners as well! LOL What kind of dog is your dog? (Molly?) Looks poodlish? Labradoodlish?

    28 Mar 4:20 Responder
  • garynotrashcoug

    Oh, cool! Thanks for that. Looks like I should be able to stream that album on Spotify as well. Nice Tumblr BTW. Is that your dog? I'm like the dog-equivalent of a cat person; I get excited every time I see a dog. I have a Tumblr which I use as a sort of photoblog of my travels. I should update it and add some older stuff, but for now.... http://travelswithgary.tumblr.com/ I use minimal descriptions to see if it elicits discussion from people via the "ask" feature (sadly, it doesn't, at least not yet).

    20 Mar 3:48 Responder
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