11 Jul 2007, 16:43

I usually go to the gym twice a week at least. I do 25 minutes jog after muscles training. I always listen to music when I'm running. Some musics are really effective for running comfortably. Especially I like to listen to solid and hard drums, indeed.

65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007)

This is the BEST jogging album for me now. Indeed I always listen to this. Each songs are very solid and hard though, I especially like "A Failsafe" and "Little Victories". Its are very good for running. By the way, I found nice 65daysofstatic movie on Youtube. This is 1st song in this album. So this is the song for start running :)

Boom Boom Satellites - Full of Elevating Pleasures (2005)

Boom Boom Satellites, their music is always solid and hard. But I think this album is fit for running the most. Especially I like the song "Moment I Count". And this album contains very famous song "Dive For You". This is the theme song for the anime feature film "Appleseed" (but I've never seen it). The movie below is 1st song in this album too. Their nice act on Fuji Rock Festival '05.

I'm looking for another ... Does anyone know good musics?



    i've never heard better song than Gonna Fly Now for running!^^ (not for jogging:P)

    17 Jul 2007, 16:21
  • takayukii

    Oh, this is Rocky's theme! Indeed, it might be best running song for everyone. By the way, what is the difference between running and jogging ...

    18 Jul 2007, 22:29
  • Uschebti

    Motorjesus is a great band to run to : )

    29 Jul 2007, 20:43
  • donrosa

    Fuck yes, 65daysofstatic is a great pick for jogging music, really pushes you to the limit.

    23 Dic 2007, 16:09
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