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2 Sep 2010, 21:28

Getting into the routine of putting the mp3 player onto charge (and mix up the albums a bit) now, so today I had a music filled journey.

The last track from the Autechre album (which was interrupted by the failing battery yesterday) played as I chose an album to start the day. I went with the second Viktor Vaughn album 'Venomous Villain', which has a kind of shabby reputation but I was sure it had a impressed in the past. And yeah, it's great! Great rapping with dirty beats but covered in glitches and fusion samples. Hip hop from the year 2030! Or something. It is kind of short though so maybe that's why people don't like it as much as the original VV, it doesn't feel like DOOM was quite as dedicated. Doesn't bother me.

After that trip was over I went with something rather more moving. Talk Talk's 'Spirit of Eden'. This album is flawless to me at the moment. Every song lifts me in a way that's special and rare. It's heartfelt and impressive - my winning combo.

Before arriving, since I was so blown away by SoE (as always) I decided I was open to something I was less familiar with, so I went with the Sea Oleena album. Don't misunderstand though, the album is gorgeous, and it grew on me a whole lot as it has done on each listen. She's made it available for free on BandCamp so don't miss this, it's beautiful music.

For my journey home I began by listening to the rest of Sea Oleena of course. Just beautiful! I went for some Soft Machine next but was halted by some tagging issues... their first album will probably go on tomorrow now. Instead I went for Herbie Hancock's 'Empyrean Isles', since I was now in the mood for something innovative and with some decent pace to it. Herbie's early 60s albums are all incredible! Sometimes it seems like he knows chords on the piano that he hasn't told anyone else about...

After that album I was quite mentally pooped, so I went for the ultimate plan for guarenteed excitement - Wu-Tang Clan. I put on 36 Chambers but actually ended up skipping a few songs - I was only looking for the full-on group tracks when they each represent for a few bars, give it their all then pass the mic. Love it! So I had half of that album plus a few from 'Forever' before I pulled in at the station. :)


  • t3hpez

    yeah I definitely used to feel that way about Wish You Were Here as well - I lost it somewhere along the way. I think I just overdid Floyd in general during 06-08. I think I'll have a Floyd renaissance within the next year :D

    3 Sep 2010, 21:04
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