albums i own albums that are pretty goddamn awesome alternative alternative metal alternative rock ambient black metal as epic as riding a dragon into battle and then having sex with several dozen… atmospheric black metal atmospheric death metal avant-garde avant-garde black metal avant-garde metal avantgarde black metal black metal blackened death metal blackened thrash metal british brutal death metal classical dark ambient dark metal death doom metal death metal death-doom metal depressive black metal desert rock doom metal drone electronic experimental favourite albums female vocalists finnish folk metal french fucking awesome funeral doom metal german gothic metal greek grindcore grunge heavy metal i had to change my pants after this song indie indie rock industrial industrial black metal industrial metal industrial rock instrumental masterpiece melancholic melodic black metal melodic death metal metal metalcore new wave norwegian norwegian black metal nu metal old school death metal orthodox black metal pagan metal polish polish black metal polish rock pop post-black metal post-metal post-punk post-rock progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic punk rock rock romanian shoegaze sludge sludge metal soundtrack stoner stoner doom stoner metal stoner rock suicidal black metal swedish swedish black metal symphonic black metal symphonic death metal technical death metal the king of pop this is how guitars are supposed to sound thrash metal traditional doom metal true norwegian black metal viking metal