Don't call it side-project. #2


16 Ago 2007, 21:23

After Tweaker (Chris Vrenna) 2 a.m. wakeup call, I found another solo album by a former
Nine Inch Nails member I definitely like: Jerome Dillon (nearLY): Reminder.
Sound is very different from Nine inch nails', not pretentious, quite simple but the album is awesome.
Best songs:Mary Vincent and all the instrumentals.

Don't you dare call it side-project.

ps. (Actually I don't like so much Dillon as a drummer, I prefer Vrenna........ and maybe the current drummer, Josh Freese)


  • MadCowDzz

    I never liked Dillon on drum that much either... your post has force me to track down and listen to nearLY... I'll let you know how it goes =)

    1 Sep 2007, 3:20
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