I'm baaaaack!


4 Mar 2006, 19:43

My internet on the computer with all the music has been gone. So, even if I listened to music, it would not be recorded here. Appologies. Tech support was being no help.

I've discovered a couple of new bands to enjoy, I went to a few concerts, and a good time was had by all.

So, like evil chain mail, I never went away. I just ganked a bunch of my brother's music. Rob Zombie, The Birthday Massacre, and best of all, Wintersun. I still need to gank his Cypress Hill. All last semester, I really wanted to listen to Illusions, but couldn't.

"Some people tell me that I need help;
Some people can fuck off and go to hell!"

Best. Lyrics. Ever.

That is all for now.


  • NismoR34

    Ha, I completely agree with Koketa. Nothing can beat the Banana Phone song. ;)

    5 Mar 2006, 13:12
  • suslin

    That song is SO ANNOYING!! >_< Almost worse than the Badger song!

    7 Mar 2006, 18:41
  • NismoR34

    Ye have little faith.

    8 Mar 2006, 12:17
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