• Guster!!!

    22 Abr 2007, 13:54

    Fri 20 Apr – Guster, Mason Jennings

    Mason Jennings, unfortunetly was somewhat boring. and i actually didn;t pay attention to him much. and the acoustics in the Operah House were just... amazing. Guster was even able to play a song Completely unplugged. Which was very cool. They had a pretty good set. Just i am very dissapointed that they did not play Fa Fa. Which they obviously reconized that people wanted to hear. and They also could have played Two Points for Honesty, Careful, and I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today. and they didn't play any songs from their first album, Parachute
    But There was GREEAT seats anywhere. and Guster really connects with the audience. Overall GREAT concert. But of Course that's because it was Guster!
  • Top 15

    5 Sep 2006, 0:10

    Top 5 favorite songs of top 15 artist.

    1. Girl
    2. Nobody's Fault but My Own
    3. Loser
    4. Lazy Flies
    5. Black Tamborine

    The Arcade Fire
    1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
    2. No Cars Go
    3. Keep The Car Running
    4. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
    5. Une Annee Sans Lumiere

    1. Careful
    2. Fa Fa
    3. Demons
    4. Manifest Destiny
    5. Barrel Of a Gun

    1. New Slang
    2. Saint Simon
    3. Pink Bullets
    4. Kissing the Lipless
    5. So Says I

    Dresden Dolls
    1. Dirty Business
    2. Sing
    3. Bad Habbit
    4. Necessary Evil
    5. Gravity

    1. Creep
    2. Karma Police
    3. Wolf at the Door
    4. No Surpises
    5. Stop Whispering

    The New Pornographers
    1. Use It
    2. These are The Fables
    3. All For Swinging You Around
    4. Loose Translation
    5. Streets of Fire

    Of Montreal
    1. Wraith pins to the Mist and Other Games
    2. Forcast Facist Future
    3. Rapture Rapes Muses
    4. You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go!
    5. Olso in The Summertime

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    1. Can't Stop
    2. Fortune Faded
    3. By The Way
    4. Under the Bridge
    5. Hump De Bump

    Iron and Wine
    1. Free Until They Cut Me Down
    2. Such Great Heights
    3. Sunset Soon Forgotten
    4. Grey Stables
    5. Cinder and Smoke

    1. Jesus ETC.
    2. Wishfull Thinking
    3. Company in my Back
    4. Hummingbird
    5. Spiders

    The Beatles
    1. I Am The Walrus
    2. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    3. Hello, Goodbye
    4. Octopus's Garden
    5. Come Together

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    1. Y Control
    2. Cheated Hearts
    3. Warrior
    4. Maps
    5. Way Out

    Bad Religion
    1. Epiphany
    2. Stranger than Fiction
    3. You
    4. Infected
    5. Broken

    Flaming Lips
    1. Do You Realize?
    2. The W.A.N.D
    3. All We have Is Now
    4. Egi Tripping at the Gates of Hell
    5. Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots
  • MY LIFE: The Soundrack

    31 Ago 2006, 3:28

    My Life: The Soundtrack

    Opening Credits: Music for a Found Harmonium By Patrick Street
    Waking Up: New Slang by The Shins
    Average Day: Reptilia by The Strokes/Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack
    First Date: The First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
    Falling in Love: Somebody to Love by Queen/Just Friend by Useless ID
    Love Scene: You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go by Of Montreal
    Fight Scene: Vincity of Obscenity by System of a Down
    Breaking Up: Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck by The Blood Brothers
    Getting Back Together: You Will? You Will. You Will? You Will. by Bright Eyes
    Secret Love: Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics
    Life's Okayy: Manifest Destiny by Guster
    Mental Breakdown: Human Behaviour by Bjork
    Driving: Five Foot One by Iggy Pop
    Learning A Lesson: Best of You by The Foo Fighters
    Deep Thought: Do You Realize? by The Flaming Lips
    Flashback: Wonderwall by Oasis
    Partying: Song 2 by Blur
    Happy Dance: United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch
    Regretting: Calling By Taproot
    Long Night Alone: Bliss by Muse
    Death Scene: Die MF Die by Dope
    Closing Credits: A Wolf At The Door by Radiohead

    coz he would most defintely has a reserved spot.
    he's so damn cool!