• Llihje- Encompassing Nothing Cassette

    28 Mar 2010, 19:01

    Alright folks, Dirgehead might be sleeping but that doesn't mean my projects are. I've had some releases done for a long time and I think it is time for them to finally see the light. I've got about 20 blank cassettes with me to press this release...

    Llihje is a project I started in the midst of recording Vilphagr's first opus. As opposed to the fast paced thrashy mayhem of Vilphagr, Llihje is drenched in reverb, spirals and chords of guitar tangle with each other overtop of simplistic dirge-like beats.

    The first Llihje composition, Encompassing Nothing, was recorded over the months of October and November 2009, sitting in the corner of my apartment with only a lamp providing light. Many Richmond rainy days created the perfect atmosphere for recording.

    4 tracks are sprawled out over 45 minutes of a single sided cassette. The lyrics, as the title suggests, are about solitude, lonliness, and what 'nothing' really is. Logan Butler, mastermind of Wolverine Carcass, one half of Wicked King Wicker, vocalist of Apocolyptic Youth, and great friend of mine appears on the cassette, doing vocals for each track.

    Each cassette is dubbed one at a time, while I stitch a canvas bag for the release to fit into. Each cassette comes with canvas pouch, lyric sheet, and hand-stamped patch. Artwork and logo by my colleague Stephen Wilson.

    Due to the cost of materials, this release is $8, shipped anywhere in the world.
    Please allow up to a week prep time, as a busy schedule a lots only so much time for me to dedicate to putting each of these together.

    $8 USD can be paypaled to fogginvoker@yahoo.com

    I don't have any immediate plans to put out anything else of mine for at least a month or two at best

  • Dirgehead Distro Blowout Closing Sale

    16 Mar 2010, 0:45

    So, as you all know, Dirgehead has closed its doors for the time being.
    But that means I have a crap-ton of stock left over for you guys to grab for

    The price will drop with the more CDrs/Tapes/etc bought. I'm trying to get rid of this stuff so its not sitting, but at the same time I can't give it away for free, it took a lot of time and money to put out!

    All CDrs: $5, or $4 if more than one are bought together. Price will drop with 3+ more ordered
    FoA CDr is $6 firm just because it comes in a DVD case and postage is a bit more.
    DHD Comp: $6 or $4 if 2 or more are bought together.
    Lathe: $10 firm, sorry.
    CS: $5, or $4 if more than one are bought together. Price will drop with 3+ more ordered

    Paypal: fogginvoker@yahoo.com
    email the above email for orders before sending money to make sure everything is still in stock.

    Frailty of Angels- Demo CDr (1 left)
    Reaching./Wolverine Carcass- Collab CDr (10 left)
    Reaching./BBBlood- Split CDr (20 left)
    Reaching./FBTS- Split 7" Lathe (5 left)
    Reaching.- Blood Is Art CDr (3 left)
    Reaching.- Chatelperonian Industry CDr (3 left)
    Reaching./BBBlood CDr (20 left)
    Reaching./Wolverine Carcass Split CDr (4 left)
    Reaching.- Prehistoric Burial CDr (6 left)
    Reaching.- Forever Indebted To The Skull CS (5+ left)
    Vilphagr- Demo 2009 CS (2 left)
    Torturing Nurse- Ultimatefucker++ CDr (1 left)
    Axem rangers- Friendly Garbage CDr (4 left)
    Fuck, The Retarded Girl/Abortus Fever CDr (3 left)
    Robe.- Antiquated Silhouettes CDr (8 left)
    DHD Distro Comp 2xCDr (20+ left)

    The Mist Toggles- The Term Enation CDr
    Dreagann- Veteranarian No More CDr

    The Gerogerigegege Government Alpha MSBR John Wiese Masonna
  • A Storm Of Light @ Gallery 5

    20 Feb 2010, 7:25

  • The End of Dirgehead

    27 Ene 2010, 22:49


    Dirgehead Distribution was started back in 2007 with the intent to release the projects of Evan Craig (Reaching.) As time went on a colleges were made, and the label opened up to feature such acts as Australia's FTRG, Horsing from the Netherlands, Torturing Nurse and Orgasm Denial from China, as well as Abortus Fever and Robe from the US.

    The first and only comp that was put together, entitled Dirgehead Comp 2008 gathered nearly 50 artists from around the world showcasing noise today. 30 copies were made of this dual disc cdr for consumers, as well as 47 copies for artists, all by hand, burned one by one, photocopied, etc. This project took months to assemble and sadly only a few copies sold.

    Here and there, Dirgehead releases sold. But things became too expensive, and not enough stuff was moving/selling/trading for the label to continue. Dirgehead was a fun experience while it lasted, and I wouldn't take back the money spent putting out the releases that I did. I appreciate everyone's support of the label, and I gained many friends in the two years that the label ran.

    Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to press releases again. But I think it is time for Dirgehead's doors to close and for Dirgehead to rest. Again, I appreciate everyone's support, and thank each and every one involved.


  • Top 10 of 2009

    20 Dic 2009, 19:38

    1. Bastard Noise: Our Earth's Blood IV 5xCD
    An album, not a collection, of tracks composed and recorded over five years. A single release spanning five hours of total music. Collaborations with the like of Merzbow, Sickness, and Government Alpha just to name a few. Each track is definitely 'Bastard Noise', but still, the distinct character of each collaborator can be heard throughout each of the tracks. Highlights include: 'Denial Delusions' (with Sickness) as well as 'Pathogen' (with Volition).

    2. Khanate: Clean Hands Go Foul CD
    I really shouldn't have waited until the end of the year to pick this up. Easily their best, most emotive work (which is saying alot, try finding a bad Khanate album).

    3. MK-Ultra: Discography 2xLP
    Not exactly an actual 2009 release, but this came out on Youth Attack this year, collecting the tracks from MK-Ultra's existence. Beautiful packaging, white, black, or clear vinyl, with a 40 page book with fliers, lyrics, and other things. Very nicely put together and thought out.

    4. Weekend Nachos: Unforgivable 12"
    When I first heard Unforgivable, I wasn't too too impressed. But upon further investigation, and another chance of listening, this release is actually really decent. Powerviolence or not, the sheer aggression of this album is awesome. Longer tracks, heavier slows, and catchier fast parts. What more can you ask for?

    5. A Storm of Light/Nadja: Primitive North 2xLP + CD
    Both devastating and beautiful at the same time. More into the A Storm of Light side, but that's just me. Wish I would have paid more attention to their set when I saw them live!

    6. Onset Of Serious Problems: Oblivions 3" CDr
    Really awesome fastcore/powerviolence from Indonesia. Great short disc. There should be more stuff like this around!

    7. Pelican: Ephemeral 12"
    A bit different but not too far a departure from the usual Pelican deal. This is a refreshing breath in the discography and a nice little 12".

    8. Moss: Tombs of the Blind and Drugged CD
    I really dig this EP. In my opinion a bit more crushing then Sub Templum. I like the guitar tone, it's so filthy.

    9. Corephallism: S/T 3" CD
    Shane is a cool dude. This disc is really awesome and a lot more atmospheric than most TDSOGF material. Analog synth decay.

    10. Sunn O))): Monoliths and Dimensions CD
    I needed a closer, so I picked Monoliths and Dimensions. It's a departure from the chug chug chug of the usual Sunn O))) record and shows a lot more diversity. And for that, it made it onto this list.
  • Vilphagr s/t Demo CS Available now!

    28 Nov 2009, 4:18

    Thanks to Carey, the Vilphagar demo cassette is now available.
    11 tracks of raw thrashy black metal recorded over the summer.
    Totally different, more raw and crude than the stuff recorded since.
    mastered by Garry Brents of Parabstruse/SAL/BunRage/Cara Neir.
    White cassettes come in clear cases with photocopied inserts.

    message me for availabilty.
    $6 ppd to fogginvoker@yahoo.com

    Llihje Reaching.
  • Reaching./J. Briglia, L. Butler, D. Schoonmaker, J. Williams LATHES NOW IN

    21 Oct 2009, 20:07

    After 6 months of pressing, the wait is over.
    Reaching./J. Briglia, L. Butler, D. Schoonmaker, J. Williams lathes are now in.

    Limited to 40 copies, these were hand cut by Peter King.
    Screened covers, silver ink on black paper.
    Hand numbered.
    It can't get much better than this folks.

    Reaching.'s side is an edit of a track recorded sometime last year. Analog and digital decay.

    The flip side is Logan's Blackend Powerviolence band doing what they do.

    I will be receiving my copies of the split sometime next week.
    In the meantime, orders will be taken and immediately processed upon me receiving the lathes.

    Lathes will be $10, including shipping anywhere in the world.

    Payments can be sent via Paypal to: fogginvoker@yahoo.com

    John Wiese Merzbow Government Alpha C.C.C.C. Incapacitants Bastard Noise The Gerogerigegege AxemRangers Fuck, The Retarded Girl
  • 09292009 Aluk Todolo @ God's Haus

    30 Sep 2009, 4:19

    Holy shit. Seriously. What a night.

    God's Haus is a house about three miles from my place, a huge house.
    The bands set up in the kitchen.

    First up was Caves Caverns. Turns out that it's the sound guy from Nara (RIP)'s band. Really spacy, theremin drenched psychedelic noise rock. Two drummers. They had some cool lighting effects with a projector/water/food coloring. Their set was really awesome. The theremin dude also played bass and it went from surf to psyche blasts to walls of feedback. Awesome stuff.

    The second act was a dark ambient dude from New York, Lussuria. His set was one long track that gradually evolved from heavenly choir drone to pulsating blasts. At the height of the track he screamed some vocals, before it all finally faded back into the angelic drone and finally to nothing. Reminded me of NTT but more minimalistic. I think the height of the set was the pulsating and the vocals, it was very well done.

    Last but not least was Aluk Todolo. They requested that all lights be turned off. The only light in the kitchen was one bulb hanging from the drum set. They started off with about a ten minute long wall of feedback soaked droney black metal, blasting on the drums, bass and guitar wailing. They played all of their tracks almost back to back, most of them went on for more than ten minutes. It was amazing how the tracks morphed from insane black metal to groovy slow jams. Think Keiji Haino mixed with classic Darkthrone mixed with a little bit of Thrones. The last track was seriously one of the most rediculous things my ears have ever heard. The track started off and grooved on, but then as it progressed it just got slower. and slower. and slower. Until it was nearly a crawl. Huge spacy riffs akin to Khanate. Seriously my new favorite. I may say this alot, but I don't think anything could ever top this show.
  • Reaching./BBBlood CDr + Reaching./Orgasm Denial CDr OUT NOW

    19 Sep 2009, 17:59

    Well, fellow noise brethren, it's about time I put something out after a decent break.

    Me and BBBlood have become good friends as of late, and together we put out this CDr. A collaborative effort, BBBlood provided and burned the discs and cases while I created the artwork and made the xeroxes and disc art.

    Silverback CDr's come in plastic cases with two Xeroxes.

    BBBlood's side of the split is pure analog harshness. If you haven't heard BBBlood, you're really missing out. Two longer tracks of harsh noise that show no mercy.

    Reaching.'s side was recorded earlier this year, around May. The last recordings in my dorm room. Analog vomit mixed with digital decay.

    $6 Via paypal to fogginvoker@yahoo.com

    Orgasm Denial/Reaching. split CDr: Rolf and I have had this done for a while. I had sprayed the discs and made the mistake of not letting them dry for more than a few hours and they all ended up sticking together. So unfortunately this is pretty limited (10 copies, 5 me, 5 Rolf) but each copy has been hand assembled. Each copy comes complete with a white disc, a unique image, and the insert glued to the back of the picture all wrapped up in a brown bag.

    $6 via paypal to fogginvoker@yahoo.com


    There are a few things you might want to wait for that are going to be coming out pretty soon.

    endometrium cuntplow/Reaching. split CDr (or tape?): Me and ExCx team up to offer some brutal jams. My side is the only recent stuff I have recorded that hasn't sounded like shit. REAL harshnoise for once. All analog, direct to recorder, using all of my new circuit bent gizmos.

    Wolverine Carcass Vs Reaching.: a collaborative effort between me and Logan. We both provide around fifty eight tracks of our own projects material in short blasts, but collaborate on two lengthy jams.

    Vilphagr Demo CS (via Cantankerous): So, my thrashy black metal project Vilphagr's demo is going to be released soon. I recorded this over two weeks at my house. 11 tracks of pure black metal hell. This is pretty primitively recorded stuff and is way different from the sludgy stuff I've been creating lately. None the less, think Ildjarn simplicity.

    Vilphagr/Cara Neir Split CDr: My good friend Gary (ex-Semen Across Lips, ex-Parabstruse) and I have been putting this together for about a good month or two now. I offer up two sludgy black metal tracks while Cara Neir offers up a new direction to their grinding old school black metal madness. Real drums as opposed to programmed beats. While their side may only be 12 minutes, it's 12 minutes you will want to never forget.

    Llihje "Encompassing Nothing" CDr: Another black metal project of mine that I recently started. I find Llihje to be more personal than Vilphagr. The sound is less confrontational and more dismal. fuzzing ambiance and droning riffs. Think Xasthur, Striborg, Leviathan except toned down a bit. This project is very special to me. The CDr will be encased in cuts of canvas, with the Llihje logo (created by Steve Wilson, my good friend) stamped on the front with screen printing ink. 4 tracks in forty minutes. As soon as vocals get laid down, the discs will be pressed.
  • Geronimo Birthday Bash

    26 Ago 2009, 15:16

    Tue 25 Aug – Geronimo + Hex Machine + Head Molt

    Such a killer night. I didn't think I was going to be able to get into the show but it worked out. Hung out with Geronimo for a few hours before the show and sold their merch while they played. Such nice dudes. They ended up crashing at my place.
    Awesome line up. Head Molt was first, straight up power electronics. Kinda like Prurient but not.
    Geronimo was next. It was crazy tight playing and the band was dead on with their timing. It was amazing how Nelson was able to control his electronics with such structure.
    Hex Machine was last, third actual show I could have seen them, first where I was actually able to stay. Was a pretty awesome set. Kinda Harvey Milk meets Foo Fighters.
    Worked out the kinks and preordered my tr86 oscillator from Geronimo. Limited to 50 units it's pretty much a patchable atari punk.