First half of 2010 in review


3 Jul 2010, 21:13

My top 25 artists of the first 6 months of 2010...

T24. Phil Wickham- 27 plays, #175 overall
-I love this guy. He's newly discovered for me that's why he's only 175 overall, but I really like him.

T24. Black Eyed Peas- 27 plays, #49 overall
-Kind of a guilty pleasure, I admit it, I'm a fan

23. Ben Rector- 29 plays, #188 overall
-First heard of him in early May when I saw him open for Dave Barnes in Chapel Hill, but I absolutely LOVE him!

22. Francesca Battistelli- 31 plays, #25 overall
-Love her lyrics

21. Jeremy Camp- 36 plays, #27 overall

20. Tenth Avenue North- 37 plays, #18 overall
-I'm surprised they're all the way down at 20. I guess I listened to them alot on Pandora though...

T17. Matt Papa- 38 plays, #151 overall
-Another new discovery. I go to school with him! Love the song "Open Hands"

T17. Brandon Heath- 38 plays, #120 overall
-I didn't really get into him too much until lately, but I love his music. "Love Never Fails" is great.

T17. FM Static- 38 plays, #22 overall
- Didn't realize I'd listened to them all that much over the last 6 months

T15. Lady Gaga- 50 plays, #47 overall
-Yet another guilty pleasure. I do love me some GaGa, as strange as she is.

T15. Hawk Nelson- 50 plays, #4 overall
- Another I didn't realize I'd listened to so much

14. The Classic Crime- 53 plays, #45 overall
- Love the song "The Coldest Heart"

13. Fireflight- 55 plays, #10 overall
- New album released earlier this year. Check out "Desperate"

12. Green River Ordinance- 56 plays, #15 overall
-Probably my favorite band that not many people have heard of.

11. David Crowder Band- 59 plays, #5 overall

T8. Shane & Shane- 65 plays, #61 overall
-Didn't like them a whole lot until I saw them in concert in April, but I like them alot now

T8. Skillet- 65 plays, #3 overall
- I loves the Skillet, the Skillet loves me. I wanna go to a concert so bad.

T8. John Mayer- 65 plays, #17 overall
- He may be a jerk, but I still love his music. I could listen to him play the guitar all day long.

7. Owl City- 77 plays, #24 overall

6. Relient K- 107 plays, #1 overall
- I listen to them a lot more than I realize. But I did go on an MMHMM/Two Lefts kick earlier this year.

5. Dave Barnes- 119 plays, #54 overall
- Every play has come since May. I love Dave Barnes, it's a shame I only first heard of him 2 months ago.

4. Switchfoot- 126 plays, #2 overall
- My old faithful friends. Hello, Hurricane may be their best yet, though The Beautiful Letdown is tough to beat.

3. TobyMac- 143 plays, #6 overall
-Another one with an awesome new album released this year.

2. Glee Cast- 165 plays, #14 overall
- Yup, I'm a Gleek!

1. NEEDTOBREATHE- 297 plays, #21 overall
- My new favorite. I only really started listening to them a few months ago thanks to my new seminary friends. All 297 plays have come since late March.


  • kalsonberry

    Nice post! I usually do these too but haven't found the time this summer...I might get around to it eventually. How is the whole GRO album? I like "Come On" but haven't heard anything else. Black Eyed Peas is kind of a guilty pleasure for me as well..yay for Relient K and Switchfoot! P.S. I'm not sure how long you've been on but it's sad how dead the journal section has gotten. Had you posted this a couple years ago it would have got a bunch of responses. :(

    15 Jul 2010, 18:51
  • supertovah

    Thanks for the comment. The GRO album is really good. I love them and I can't wait for them to come out with something new. I've been on for around 4 years now. I've noticed the journals have been largely non-existent for a while, it is pretty sad. I mostly posted this one for myself to see what I had been listening to and just to kill some time =)

    15 Jul 2010, 19:35
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