Another Survey


17 Jul 2006, 16:34

List 12 musical artists you like (do this before reading the questions below).

1. Rammstein
2. The Black Dahlia Murder
3. Avenged Sevenfold
4. Lamb of God
5. All That Remains
6. Killswitch Engage
7. Slipknot
8. Children of Bodom
9. Darkest Hour
10. The Absence
11. Dead To Fall
12. Through the Eyes of the Dead

What was the first song you ever heard by 2?:

What is your favourite album of 6?
The End of Heartache

What is your favourite lyric of 2?:
"I'll love you forever,
and forever it shall be
The knives begin singing;
they're weeping for your flesh
The pinnacle of obsession
is clawing at the fibers of my mind
The rampant state of elation
is heightened by the paleness of your cries
With a promise of absolution
my thoughts are tangled in my creation
With a promise of unequaled pleasure
Reason is twisting; the knives are crooning
for this perfect end"
-From Closed Casket Requiem

What is your favourite song by 7?:

Is there a song of 11 that makes you sad?

What is your favourite song by 8?:
Bodom Beach Terror

What is your favourite song by 10?:
A Breath Beneath

What is your favourite album by 1?

How did you get into 5?:
I saw them on The Subliminal Verses Tour with Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, and Slipknot, and they put on an awesome show and I thought they sounded good, so I bought their second release, This Darkened Heart, from Wal-Mart. I didn't really listen to it at all, though, until I started getting more into and Gothenburg-influenced , at which point I realized that it was an amazing album.

What is your favourite song by 9?:

Who is your favourite band member in 12?:
Josh Kulick (drums).

What is a good memory concerning 4?:
Seeing them live on The Subliminal Verses Tour.

Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?:
There are two - Warmness On The Soul from Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, and Seize the Day from City of Evil.

What is your favourite song of 1?:
This question is way, WAY too difficult for me to answer, so I'm not even going to try. Rammstein creates too much good music to pick just one song as a favorite.

How did you become a fan of 3?
I really don't even know. I think I had just heard about them from somewhere, and I listened to Unholy Confessions and Desecrate Through Reverance on their website and decided that they sounded good, so I went out and bought Waking The Fallen.

Which of the 12 has influenced you the most?:
Many of them have influenced me in different ways. For the answer to this question I'll go with two of them - first off, Rammstein, because they are the band that got me into metal (and heavy music in general) in the first place, as well as sparked my intrigue in all things Deutsch; Secondly, The Black Dahlia Murder, because they are the band that really got me listening to more melodic death metal and metalcore, and Trevor Strnad's vocal style is the main influence on my own vocal style.

Which artist makes you the most happy?
This question is too difficult, but probably Rammstein. I don't listen to them that often anymore, but whenever I do go back and listen to them, I feel all nastalgic, and I realize why I love the band so much.

Which artist makes you the most sad?
I guess Avenged Sevenfold, since they're the only band on the list that have songs that make me sad.

Which artist makes the best dance music?
Probably Rammstein, since they're they most -ish.

Which artist have you liked the longest?
Rammstein. I've been listening to them for about six years now.

Which artist have you liked the shortest?
The Absence.

Are there any artists you will still be listening to in 20 years?
I'd like to say all of them, but the one I can say yes to with the highest level of certainty is Rammstein. Their music is timeless.


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