• Hey. Deer Tick is JUST OKAY.

    30 Mar 2009, 0:12

    Sat 28 Mar – Phosphorescent, Deer Tick

    an unpopular opinion obviously... because everyone left when they were done. I was hatin' for real cause there were two tall ass jawns in front of me and their hair kept nearmissing my beer. WTF.

    Phosphorescent was effing glorious as always and showcased exactly why they are the best band ever. I exaggerate of course... but man I'm kinda glad that not everyone was into them.

    I wish them every success, I really do. But... more for me.

    Lost Name was incredible ...... better even then when they did it at the Chapel.

  • oh mah god

    28 Mar 2009, 3:44

    Fri 27 Mar – Glasvegas
    srsly, so amazing. that dude's voice is incredible. i feel like no one at the show even realized this......

    band is totally insanely amazingly good.