• does anyone know what happened to dubstruck?

    31 Ago 2008, 4:53

    i had been enjoying several mixes i found on the now defunct dubstruck blog (it was at i went to check it out the other day and found that there is now just a message saying that the blog has been removed. does anyone know if this was voluntary or forced? are there any other good blogs out there for dub/dubstep mixes?
  • top listeners

    8 Nov 2007, 4:57

    of my top 10 artists from last week, i'm a featured top listener on 3 of their pages and on the first page of top listeners for another 2. i'm wondering if this is a normal phenomenon because most people who aren't me tend to listen to playlists and i tend to listen to albums or if it's just because i listen to stuff that is really unpopular. i mean, even the band i listened to the most only had 19 tracks played (by me), which isn't so much over the course of a week. any other users notice anything similar?
  • a stupid goal

    8 Feb 2007, 4:55

    for no reason at all, people seem to be drawn to large, even numbers. i'd like to see my tracks played odometer roll past 10k before i reach my one year anniversary as a user. no reason. that gives me a week to listen to a little over 500 more songs.

    i might fail, but even so, i can still keep listening to music.
  • BoC on TV

    22 Dic 2006, 0:33

    i just wanted to record that i heard Boards of Canada on TV the other day. the wife and i were doing dishes in the kitchen. all of the sudden i noticed that i was hearing something very familiar from the other room where the TV had been left on. apparently CSI: miami was using Dayvan Cowboy for a scene in the show. they let it play for a long time and there was no other sound during the scene. i don't watch the show and i didn't watch the rest of the episode, so i can't share what characters were involved or what the scene was all about. hopefully the band got something out of it, or at the very least a bunch of people rush out and buy some BoC CDs now.
  • the reason i keep my old music

    28 Oct 2006, 20:23

    is that there are times when i go back.

    i really thought i was pretty much over my intense fascination with KMFDM. apparently i can still rock out to these guys. it started innocently enough. i just wanted to listen to Rules (Reapplied by Raymond Watts and Steve White) which is a very jazzy interpretation. but i decided to listen to the entire Rules on which it appears. i found myself feeling very nostalgic as i continued to rock out. so i gave Adios a spin. during Sycophant when the sample, "kmfdm is gonna rock the house," played, i thought to myself, "they sure are." i'm just finishing Brute now. it will probably be a while before i go on a kmfdm trek again, but i'm going to enjoy riding this one out. i'm not sure where i'll go next, but i'm going to let myself enjoy the inanity of it all.
  • a quick thanks

    28 Sep 2006, 6:33

    just a shout out to sielwolf for pointing me towards Boxcutter. Oneiric is available on emusic, apparently. this stuff is fantastic. it's like the techniques of Venetian Snares aplied to the mood of Boards of Canada. it's very purposeful in its composition, very much a cohesive point of view while managing not to get stuck constantly looking the same direction. i almost feel bad for using my free trial downloads to get it, feeling i should pay for good stuff and use the free trials to get stuff i'm not so sure about.

    in other news, i went by bleep and got the new Squarepusher downloads. he's mellowing in his old age, but i like it. it makes me think of a modern Squarepusher (obviously) take on the melodious aspects of I Care Because You Do. it's still tom jenkinson, but there seems to be more song happening between the noises. Welcome to Europe is actually even catchy. but i think it still keeps the "i" in idm.
  • comfort sound, mu

    17 Sep 2006, 6:48

    i just love the way the amen sounds. it's like a comfort food for my ears that i just can't get enough of. i prefer that people do something interesting with it, but i'll listen to uses that are less inspired and still enjoy it. for me it's become an instrument.

    on a related note, the recent planet mu sampler Sacred Symbols Of Mu is just full of great stuff. there's a lot of variety. although the amen makes it's share of appearances, there are plenty of other good things this buffet has going for it. i like it so much i'm almost annoyed. i'd like to hear a lot more of most of the artists, but shouldn't just go buy 20 CDs. if someone had just told me there was someone out there recording under the name Shitmat i never would have paid attention to it. but because it was on a sampler i listened to it, and i found i actually enjoy it. there are too many good tracks on this release for anyone who likes anything like IDM (either hyper or downtempo), breakcore, dnb, acid, or just the sound of synths and sampling not to recommend it. how can i not recommend something that starts off with a track called The Unbearable Phatness Of Being? i should also mention that i dig the Boxcutter track because sielwolf told me i'd like boxcutter and he was spot on.
  • katamari damacy and einstürzende neubauten

    29 Ago 2006, 21:47

    as i've played katamari damacy the katamari size has increased significantly. the diameters required to pass levels have increased past six meters to twelve meters. this ads a new point of reference for a song i've enjoyed for a long time, Yü-Gung.

    first the obvious:

    ich bin sechs Meter gross, und alles ist wichtig
    ich bin neun Meter gross, und alles ist mehr als wichtig
    ich bin zwölf Meter gross, und alles ist unverstehbar!

    and in english:

    i am six meters tall, and everything is important
    i am nine meters tall, and everything is more than important
    i am twelve meters tall, and everything is beyond comprehension!

    and for something not precisely in the lyrics, but printed on the cover of my Yü-Gung 12" single:

    im Vertruaen auf die eigene Kraft kann Yü-Gung Berge versetzen


    through faith in its own power yü-gung can move mountains

    i haven't gotten far enough in the game to roll a mountain up into my katamari, but i have faith in the power of my own rolling.

    und fütter mein Ego, Ego, Ego, Ego.
  • listening to records

    7 Jun 2006, 19:38

    every once in a while on days like today when i have a lot to do, but not a lot that requires my computer's CPU cycles, i listen to my records. this is useful because when i remember, i can digitize my vinyl collection bit by bit.

    it's often a nice trip back in time to listen to my old records. this means i end up listening to a lot of older recordings. some are things i haven't listened to in a long time and forgot how much i enjoyed. due to the large volume of things released in the old days of wax trax! i notice a lot of the records are stamped, "mastered at trutone." both are the case with what i'm listening to right now, London. i remembered as soon as i read the inside sleeve that says:
    art = reality
    reality = bread and butter
    art = bread and butter

    i really enjoyed Greater Than One. it's too bad lee newman passed on before her time. i would have liked to hear where the duo would have gone with their sound these days.

    after this i'm going to have to dig up G-Force and Index and digitize them so that i don't forget Greater Than One as often in the future.

    i've digitized some other records also. Buried Dreams is an album i often want to listen to, but don't have in digital format. i just love the stripped down sound of the sparse synths and the low (pitch and volume) vocals on songs like Hide and Sound Mirror. Grinding Into Emptiness is the kind of album that sounds like i don't want to listen to it during the first song, but appreciate the rest of the album. it's like they wanted the opener Collapsed to sound like Front Line Assembly since their target audience was already familiar with that sound. i really have to be in the mood for early FLA to want to listen to it. in my opinion the sparse instrumental work on the rest of the album is much more interesting.

    the other bonus is that every time i digitize a record, it's one more thing that will improve the accuracy of stats of what i'm listening to.
  • force is machine

    26 May 2006, 18:56

    Nitzer Ebb is headlining the detroit electronic music festival on monday. i'd like to have been able to make it up for the whole weekend, but there are just too many other things going on this weekend.

    nitzer ebb is a huge musical influence for me. i never got a chance to see them back when i was buying their music as new releases. since they broke up, they've been too pissed off at each other to do any sort of reunion. but after over ten years, they've finally made nice long enough for a reunion. right now it looks like detroit will be the only stop they make in the US, though they have more dates in europe.

    definately looking forward to seeing this show. as a bonus, i'll probably also get to see Chemlab, asrock from The Final Cut, and some other acts perform before the main event.

    i hope they play Shame. when they were still together, Belief was my least favorite of their albums, but since it has grown to be the one i listen too more often than the others.