• Can't live without music

    13 Abr 2007, 17:45

    It may seem like my first time here in but its not. I have registered with since last year but I haven't been using it. I just checked out awhile ago and I thought of trying it out again. Ya see I love music. In fact I've been a member of a band, a really loud band, but I just kinda stopped dreaming becoming a famous rockstar. I play the guitar and I still play with it sometimes. I'm a full time web designer now but music is still my passion. As a matter of fact, it's part of my life. I've been tied to many great songs from bands like Korn and Silverchair. Right now, I've been enjoying tunes from The Used, Silverstein, Thursday, My Chemical Romance and a whole lot more. I know there are a lot more other good bands to come out. See ya. You can read more rants in my blog: stylemo
    The Used
    My Chemical Romance