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1 Oct 2010, 0:17

Then I felt a...lot better.

☆ So I totally got the special edition boxset of Underworld's Barking in the mail last week (finally!!!!!) and this is basically a review of the 2nd disc of early versions of the final tracks.

✱ First of all, the packaging is fucking beautiful. No questions asked.

✱ The booklet was amazing to read - I love how Brian Eno just smiled and said "Louisiana" was great the way it was. I'm glad we have the same opinion, hahaha. That, and Karl shares my favorite track by High Contrast ("Racing Green"). Yeah baby.

✱ Anyways let's begin. Other reviews probably won't know as much about these tracks as I do, since I watch most of their radio broadcasts and download past live sets and etc etc. (I am proud to say I downloaded the past UWLive archived mp3s myself when they were on there.) So this is going to get super personal. And somewhat nonsensical and poetic with my description of song elements. Hahaha.

Strumpet Groove {Bird 1} | 9/10 {9/10} | This version was an interesting listen - the first half, yeah - basically a rough outline of the beginning of Bird 1. Then the second half goes into this awesome improv-ish jam session that sounds really intriguing. I kind of wish the final version incorporated that somehow. But I love both versions, so it doesn't really matter. I can see the logic of going into a different direction for the album.

Always Loved a Film (Lemonworld mix) {Always Loved A Film} | 6/10 {8/10} | Kind of disappointed that there was NEVER a studio version of the Silver Boots version of this song. And this version...is okay. It pales pales PALESSSSSSSS in comparison to the final version. I was incredibly bored by the this version, to be honest. It just goes on and on and on and on and on. It had some of the original sounds, yeah, but fuck - that is not enough to save it.

You Do Scribble (Studio Version) {Scribble{ | 7/10 {9/10} | Okay. So in comparison to the live version and the final version, the studio version is my least favorite. It just doesn't have that raw POWER and PRESENCE that the two aforementioned versions have. It's awesome and fuck yes it's a studio version without like - the crowd in the background or something, but really - if were to play You Do Scribble, it's going to be a live version or just Scribble itself.

Hamburg Hotel Essex {Hamburg Hotel} | 8/10 {7/10} | In my opinion, this version is way more interesting to listen to than the final version. Like - I was not bored. The voice sampling is kind of creepy, yeah, but still - it was cool to hear what it was before the album, because I never heard another version.

Grace (Telematic Peal mix) {Grace} | 7/10 {8/10} | Er. Once again, I was never impressed by this song. Ever. So this version sounds incredibly similar to that one radio broadcast version that's before this alternative version. Therefore...yeah, still bored with it.

Between Stars (Lemonworld mix) {Between Stars} | 9/10 {10/10} | This is a logic step before the final version. That's all I can say.

Diamond Jigsaw (demo mix) {Diamond Jigsaw} | 5/10 {8/10} | Demo mix says it all. Hahaha. I skip over this a lot. It's...yeah. The rating should say it all.

Moon in Water (Lemonworld mix) {Moon in Water} | 7/10 {7/10} | I'll edit this later. I don't remember what this version sounds like at the moment.

Louisiana (Jumping the Cran) {Louisiana} | 10/10 {11/10} | This is essentially the studio version of what played on that radio broadcast. Short, but beautiful. /proceeds to hypothetically cry

☆ So yeah. These alternative versions were interesting to listen to, after listening to the album A LOT of times. It gave me a little bit more understanding of how the tracks came to be, which I think it one reason why I love everything from Underworld. Especially from Oblivion With Bells and this album - because I follow live versions and radio broadcast versions and etc etc and just following the formation of a song is absolutely more fulfilling than like - straight out listening to a new song.

Sure on one hand, it's great to listen to something for the first time, not knowing its rough drafts.

But with Underworld, I -want- to hear those rough drafts and see how the final sounds come together. Because they're geniuses - why wouldn't you want to hear their process?

The darkness breaks, whenever you walk in / when you touch me, planets in sweet collision / when you touch me, bullets in conversation / quietly violent


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