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Amos (parody of "Layla" By Eric Clapton) 4:05 14
Back In the New Testament (Parody of "Back In the U.S.S.R." By The Beatles) 2:43 1
Bad Dad (Parody of "Bad Day" By Daniel Powter) 3:50 14
Bad Dude Risin' (Parody of "Bad Moon Risin'" By Ccr) 2:17 1
Bethlehem Rhapsody
5:52 6
Bethlehemian Rhapsody 5:54 15
Born-again Child (parody of "Born to Be Wild" By Steppenwolf) 0:30 1
Boulevard of Both Extremes 4:22 15
Choirboy 4:21 20
Come Out and Pray 3:07 19
Come out n pray
3:07 6
Did You Ever Ask Where Cain Got His Wife? (Parody of "Did You Ever Have to Make Up… 1:55 1
Donkey Talked With Him (Parody of "Honky Tonk Women" By the Rolling Stones) 3:04 1
Ephesians (Parody of "The Reason" By Hoobastank) 3:53 29
Fishin' On a Pier (Parody of "Livin' On a Prayer" By Bon Jovi) 4:04 8
Found God 2:38 12
Good Guys, Bad Guys (Parody of "Good Times, Bad Times" By Led Zeppelin) 2:45 1
He Really Got Mad (parody of "You Really Got Me" By The Kinks and Van Halen) 3:45 13
Help Me, Rhoda (Parody of "Help Me, Rhonda" By The Beach Boys) 2:38 1
Here I Go (Against All I've Known) (Parody of "Here I Go Again" By Whitesnake) 4:08 18
Hotel Can't Afford Ya 6:37 22
I Love Apostle Paul 2:57 39
I'll Prepare For You 3:07 25
I'm a Receiver (LIVE version) (parody of "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth) 3:35 16
It's Tough (Song About Nehemiah) (LIVE version) (parody of "This Love" by Maroon 3:45 15
Jesus (Sermon On the Mount) (parody of "Venus" By Shocking Blue) 1:53 1
John 1:1 (Parody of "Fun, Fun, Fun" By Beach Boys) 2:01 1
Jonah Jonah (Parody of "Mony, Mony" By Tommy James & the Shondells) 2:52 11
Kick In the Wall Pt. 2 (LIVE version) (parody of "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 3:55 17
La Bible (Parody of "La Bamba" By Ritchie Valens and Los Lobos) 2:16 13
Lazzie Lay 3:40 26
Livin What Jesus Spoke of (Parody of "Livin' la Vida Loca" By Ricky Martin) 0:30 12
Mediterranean Wholebook News (Parody of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" By Bob Dylan) 2:20 1
Meshach (Parody of "Love Shack" By the B-52's) 0:30 11
Monkey Scheme (Parody of "(Theme From) The Monkees" By The Monkees) 2:26 2
More Than Works 4:11 17
Obadiah (parody of "Hold the Line" By Toto) Tema favorito 3:52 18
One Way 2:53 24
Pray Now (Lost Art) 3:16 17
Regeneration (Parody of "My Generation" By the Who) 3:20 1
Revelation (parody of "Revolution" By the Beatles) 0:30 1
Revelation Man (Parody of "Secret Agent Man" By Johnny Rivers) 0:30 1
Search and You'll Get Saved (parody of "Surfin' Usa" By the Beach Boys) 2:34 2
Should I Pray or Should I Go? (parody of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" by The 3:08 9
Sin Can Be Resistible (Parody of "Simply Irrestible" By Robert Palmer) 4:13 12
Somebody Sold Me 3:18 19
Temple Physician (parody of "Pinball Wizard" By The Who) 3:01 2
The Boys Aren't Backin' Down (parody of "The Boys Are Back In Town" By Thin Lizzy) 4:53 14
The Sounds of Silas 3:07 11
Trinity (parody of "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin) 3:46 1
Trooth (Parody of "Smooth" By Santana Featuring Rob Thomas) 0:30 12
Twins cam out 2:25 1
Twins Came Out 2:24 29
Two-Time Baby/lord'shouse Blues (Parody of "Love Me Two Times/roadhouse Blues" By… 3:58 1
We Will Walk Through (parody of "We Will Rock You" By Queen) 2:03 22
We're More Than Champions (parody of "We Are the Champions" By Queen) 3:04 14
Wherever You Will Sow (Parody of "Wherever You Will Go" By the Calling) 0:30 11
Yes Today 2:06 13
You Gotta Go 3:54 24