3 Ago 2007, 0:49


  • rtreynor

    I've been told that I would like the Weepies. Now that I see that you were listening to them, I think I probably would. How was Idaho? Whenever I see the Live Noise cd mentioned, I start chanting The lowest highest point! You picked my current favorite 2 Genesis cds. If I had been in the car with you guys, I wouldn't have grumbled about the music selections...well, maybe about halfway through Off The Wall I'd start muttering a bit.

    4 Ago 2007, 18:46
  • soundtrekkie

    Oh, come on! Off The Wall is a great album! Have you listened to it lately? It is MJ's best album, virtually no clunkers. Not even Thriller can say that. I just repurchased Live Noise since my Fruvous collection went with the ex several years ago. I really wanted Bargainville but it's apparently out of print? An outrage! You probably would like the Weepies. It's one of my favorite recent releases and it almost never leaves the car. Best of all, your wife will probably like it too! Genesis was kind of shot down because Phil's voice annoys my friend. No luck there, but there was no way I was going that long. Duke and Trick are always the first two in the car with England a close third. I've been enjoying the Wind and Wuthering remaster a lot though. Many good Tony songs! Idaho was good. My friend and I went to a 1.7 mile bike/walk tunnel without lights and the world's longest gondola ride (3.1 miles, 20 minutes to the top). The drive was long but now I've visited 39 states. 11 to go!

    5 Ago 2007, 1:44
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