31 Days (1 Month) until Rage Against the Machine


29 Mar 2007, 15:36

As this monumental day draws ever closer, my excitement and anticipation grow to new levels :) This is it, this is for real, no fucking around. And I know I'm not alone; RATM is probably one of the most beloved bands of "our" generation and will be one of the artists considered to be the 'classic rock' of it, if you will. So, if you are attending Coachella, how are you feeling right about now? What song you think they will open with? Is it going to be another Woodstock 99 or can we all keep our composure? For those who can't make the trip, are you counting the days till Rock the Bells? Will this spark some sort of change politically? Vent on me! We've been waiting for this day.....

Just decided to bite the bullet and buy tickets to both cali dates for RtB. So this means I'll be seeing rage on every possible date! Anyone else going for this?

Rage Against the Machine
Rock the Bells (New York)
Rock the Bells (San Francisco)
Rock the Bells (San Bernardino)


  • LevelAquanaut

    I listen to a lil rock the main one's I like are Soundgarden(black hole sun album),System of a Down(the wake up,something,something put on a lil makeup),Depeche Mode,Nirvana,And Rage.I like the album with the lil boy with the cape lol but I thought the soudgarden guy and the rage band made a album an rage stopped.They came out with a new album since then? I gotta get up on my rock man..If you know some good rock(well something I might like)let me know cool? cool enjoy the concert

    29 Mar 2007, 16:48
  • snackle

    1. The boy with the cape album = Evil Empire :) 2. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden singer) joined up with the remaining members of Rage Against the Machine (minus Zack; vocals) to form Audioslave. Audioslave has recently broken up... 3. Rage Against the Machine does not currently have a new album out. This reunion tour originally started with only the Coachella date and was fueled by the political state of this country. 4. I'll leave some good artists to check out in your shoutbox. :)

    29 Mar 2007, 17:13
  • tOny_bOgs

    Howdy, Great to see someone excited as hell for Coachella! I'm flying over solo from Sydney, Australia for the festival and ive never been so pumped for a show!!! Hell, ive never been as pumped for anything as I am for this :) I agree with your thoughts exactly too, definetely one of the biggest bands of the 90's. As for opening, im hoping it'll be Bulls on Parade! Whatever it is though, that first chord is gunna set it off! I expect the crowd to go completely nuts, but hey, I dont think id want it any other way... Cant Wait :)

    30 Mar 2007, 7:53
  • oddjohn

    This is the mosy exciting time of my life so far! To be able to finally see Rage Against The MAchine. I didn't start listening to their music untill after they broke up and I automatically just had a click to it and bought everything else I could of their music, but now to see them live, is a dream come true!

    31 Mar 2007, 18:18
  • fireballmage

    Yo, I'm totally popping my concert cherry on this show.

    4 Abr 2007, 1:35
  • poppadoo

    Sportin it proudly - fist in the air - can't wait

    12 Abr 2007, 18:52
  • AxemRangers

    [quote]This reunion tour originally started with only the Coachella date and was fueled by the political state of this country. [/quote] holy fucking shit did they actually say that I hadn't heard of that. what major fucen assholes, hahaha, that is almost unbelivably awful

    30 Ene 2008, 5:06
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