It's oh-so quiet..


22 May 2006, 7:02

Haven't had too much time for listening to music lately, which is a really-really terrible shame. I don't even have the time (actually the willpower) to change the tunes in my walkman.

Currently i'm stuck with 10,000 Days. Just can't seem to get enough of it! Each pass reveals so much more and the sheer depth of the album is incredible! Take, for example Right in Two. It's got so much power and interesting layers with all the instruments forming the ideal mesh. Sadly, the lyrics are a bit.. corny.. But nothing is perfect, right?

But another musical love from the past is making a strong comeback: RJD2. After a decent night of drinking beer and behaving like children (quite literally, actually, as we were doing it all in a kindergarten), we retired to a friends' apartment and turned the volume up with In Rare Form. That, i must admit, blew us away. Sheer quality and such power.

Another important musical moment was related to the next morning (a Sunday morning). A small hangover, really tired and.. Easy. It IS the perfect morning song creating a superb mood and feeling..

..but actually.. i hope the week will be filled with a lot of good .

Oh, and i placed an order for: Fischerspooner - The Other Side of New York. Should arrive.. soon.


  • Emoemze

    haha, "walkman". didn't know they still existed.

    5 Mar 2009, 22:42
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