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12 Ene 2009, 12:07

The Major Labels and Apes and Androids were by far my favourite albums of 2008. By a long way. The rest are in no particular order.

Top 20
The Major Labels -- Aquavia.
Apes & Androids -- Blood Moon
The Feeling -- Join With Us
Owen Sartori -- Another Beautiful Day In The Cube
Phantom Planet -- Raise the Dead
Wisely -- Wisely
Derby -- Posters Fade
Jack McManus -- Either Side of Midnight
Odds -- Cheerleader
Black Bunny -- Black Bunny
The Features -- Some Kind of Salvation
The Switches -- Lay Down The Law
Randall Shreve -- The Entertainer
The Old 97s -- Blame It On Gravity
Kelly Jones -- SheBANG!
The Rip Off Artists -- Esque
Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears -- Flight of the Kinfe
Rob Bonfiglio -- Bring On The Happy
Carolina Liar -- Coming To Terms
William F. Gibbs -- My Fellow Sophisticates

And a few cds that technically belong to 2007 but I didn't pick up 'til early 2008

Derek Webb -- The Ringing Bell
Mike Viola -- Lurch
Josh Fix -- Free At Last
Synthar -- Evenings and Weekends

Honourable mentions

Jim Boggia -- Misadventures in Stereo
Mobile -- Tales From The City
Class Three Overbite -- Horses for Courses
The Explorers Club -- Freedom Wind
Ben Folds -- Way To Normal (fake leak)
The Fratellis -- Here We Stand
Beck -- Modern Guilt
Sigur Rós -- Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
TV Eyes -- Softcore
Adrian Bourgeois -- Adrian Bourgeois
of Montreal -- Skeletal Lamping
Adrian Whitehead -- One Small Stepping Man
Amy Meredith -- Amy Meredith (ep)
The Orchid Highway -- The Orchid Highway
Brent Cash -- How Will I Know If I'm Awake
Albert Hammond Jr. -- Como Te Llama
Pacfic! -- Reveries
Jackopierce -- The Promise of Summer


Ben Folds -- Way To Normal
Um. I didn't like this. At all. Aside from the Regina Spektor duet. It was dull and just, meh. Seriously, only Ben could manage to release a fake cd that is better than his real cd.

Roger Manning Jr. -- Catnip Dynamite
There were a couple of really enjoyable tracks on this one, but overall...

Gavin DeGraw -- Gavin Degraw
Not a huge fan to start with, but his debut had some great moments on it. This? Very much a let down.

Raconteurs -- Consolers of the Lonely
I keep buying their cds hoping against hope for something awesome. I mean seriously! Jack White and Brendan Benson! how could it not be great? Both the debut and this had a few good tracks on it, but neither of them have held my attention all the way through.

Weezer -- The Red Album
I only gave this a few listens, but wow, how uninspiring.

Aimee Mann -- Smilers
OMG, this one gets my vote as most boring release of the ENTIRE YEAR!
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