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  • versacetoga

    it's a remix lmao

    27 May 1:41 Responder
  • memristor

    a) i never said his later releases "sucked"; his music irrevocably became tacky. as almost invariably happens after an artist's first couple intuitive releases, an artist learns what appeals/sells/etc. and it inextricably taints all future output. b) however, as for specific to burial, i've been exposed to enough of his Untrue-and-after releases via acquaintances and friends. c) All I was really saying was Untrue is a guilty pleasure, and naturally I stopped "following" him.

    26 May 21:42 Responder
  • memristor

    but regardless he has done more to protect my freedoms than voluntary murderers

    26 May 2:33 Responder
  • memristor

    lol you must know me better than to think i was still listening to him even after Untrue. i remember when my friend scott declared him "officially a guitly pleasure" after that tacky release, and it kind of stuck.

    26 May 2:33 Responder
  • memristor

    burial has done more to protect my freedoms than people shooting other people overseas for pay

    25 May 16:49 Responder
  • merlot-


    20 May 0:15 Responder
  • merlot-

    Hi xoxo

    20 May 0:04 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    can't lie that would be dope but i don't blame u if u don't come thru .

    16 May 7:46 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    i'll get back to that other sound eventually doe .

    15 May 2:19 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    gonna have to find it on my own to keep up w/ what you've been listenin' to .

    14 May 20:40 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    damn. . .

    13 May 21:08 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    the chckmrks on the tumblr dont work

    13 May 0:23 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    nosaj and braille dont wrk

    12 May 23:10 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    shuld keep dabblin deepr .

    5 May 23:40 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    all this hip hop .

    5 May 19:46 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    if only heavy weight boxing wusnt dead cus those fights were always more action packed compared 2 welter weight .

    3 May 5:00 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    i him on like preach <__<;; .

    1 May 4:34 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    idk i liked it, i play it more than the original now so i guess it was well done, but what do i know about chops :s the PND traks n N&F are my go to tracks from it, along with my side 2 .

    1 May 4:14 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    the main songs are relaxing sounding, don't need over done chops, screwgaze is nice for drake

    1 May 1:38 Responder
  • flexyourgold

    that`s the filter i used , not the mirror .

    27 Abr 22:05 Responder
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smoking in 2015 .Eventually, the features of things are features only of himself. Nothing exists without himself, every line points back at him, the world is but a ghostly echo of his voice – he leaps up loudly screaming and wants to disgorge himself onto the earth along with his impure meal, he feels the looming of madness and wants to find death before losing even such ability. But as he stands before imminent death, he grasps its nature also, and the cosmic import of the step to come.

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