• Megadeath @ The Az State Fair Nov 6, 2010

    8 Nov 2010, 21:53

    Dave Mustaine is now one of my personal heros and duly noted as VFC *(very fucking cool) in my book. Not just because he's an Arizona guy which I didn't know - probably because the band had long ago moved to L.A. but he apologized after a few boos, so it was all good, lol! That's just what Arizona bands do when they make the big time. Only band I don't think left Arizona after they made it is the Gin Blossoms.Seems like if they HAD LEFT ARIZONA they might have been just as big as Jimmy Eat World. Maybe they did leave and it still didn't help. Meanwhile, before Megadeath boomed into Symphony of Destruction Mr.Mustaine explained why he'd been talking so much and why we should all be grateful for it. This was their last gig in the States and he wanted it to be in Arizona. He asked the crowd what we thought it would be like if he were the president. Didn't get any response but said he didn't know himself, only that he'd run the country different than Obama. Glad he didn't start talking about the Tea party. Said he wanted the last gig to be in Phoenix before they relocated to OZ! Lucky bastards! They didn't write Megadeath, Arizona to start some kind of music scene here. Mustaine mentioned they'd recorded some music up in Wickenburg - 60 miles north of Phoenix. Yes indeed, no one can ever take the Arizona out of you after you've rocked/lived in places like Wickenburg where the town grew up out of the Vulture Gold Mine in the 1880s and where the old Vulture townsite is a tourist stop for it's old haunted house legends. The mine had been shut down for a good 40 years when my cub scout troupe took a leisurely trip down from Bagdad circa 1977 and that place certainly felt haunted even in broad daylight. But back to the show I truly had the urge to try and get backstage and ask if they needed any roadies. To get to Australia I'd work for free!
    We were late of course and about twenty minutes into the show when we finally got to our seats - guided there in the loud dark chaos by an excellent usher. The usher crew was working like a heavy, well oiled machine! Probably one of the last service industries still running well here in the good old U.S.A. Couple guys were really getting after people trying to squat in the reserved section. Just doing their jobs and dedicated, proud of their work, really earning their money. Glad none of those mostly drunk and white trailer trash fans trying to sneak in the reserved section. This was a metal concert, had some beer in me, and likely I would've clocked one of them had they used any stupid "n" words or just got racial about it. One of the ushers just walked up with some cool purpose in his stance and told a gaggle of tweaker red neck looking freaks to flat out get up and go. Had to admire that.There wasn't any " Excuse me, but you can't sit here. Please go back to your correct seats." These people were grown ups by all appearances and should've known better. Just because there were open seats didn't give them any right to sit there. There were six of us in all: three of my buddies - one with a true bum ticker- the doc told him he's got about a year left if he's lucky, and the other two in temporary wheelchairs; one due to a recent hip surgery and the other out of hospital from an exclusively male condition. Can't even mention the name because I'll have to start worrying about it soon enough myself and also the way the surgery is done -well- just thinking about is like nails across a chalkboard. Anyway, the fore mentioned usher just calmly told those tweakers to flat out "Get out! Get out!". Wanted to give him a firm handshake after that so When the showed ended I stopped him in the aisle extended my hand, asked him how much they paid him for the work and I could tell by the solid handshake and hearty laugh he knew I wasn't bullshitting him when I told him that he was doing a hell of a job. Get's paid well as it turned out and he thanked me for the compliment. Got his name and told his supervisor what a good job his worker was doing.
    Wish I could talk more about the music - the set list - etc, but I never got into Megadeath previously; it was just a free show and guy's night out. I'd still have to give Mettalica a slight nod over them but only slightly because they really played well and the only song I knew was Symphony of Desctruction. Anyway,it WAS a kick ass show. Lot's more people there than at Snoop's show a week ago - although there was way less pot smoking and no police presence hoping for trouble.Strange. Hope Mustaine and the boys make good on their word to come back to AZ and rock out for us.

  • Snoop Dogg at the AZ State Fair Oct 29, 2010

    30 Oct 2010, 7:23

    Snoop "dropped an ounce to this while we mother fuckers bounced to this." Haven't been to the State fair in the longest. It was my old N.A.U room mates and I. Glad to see the price for a small beer went down to only $36. Snoop can still put on a pretty good show, has a kickin' live drummer and bass player and the Dj did his best Dr. Dre impersonation. It was like 92' all over again except most of us "old schoolers" have kids now so he self-edited some of the lyrics. On Bitches Ain't Shit he said they wouldn't let him sing it so he had the crowd do it. Snoop did a great cover of House of Pain's Jump Around and since we were three or four beers in we did indeed jump around for the occasion. Supposedly he wasn't allowed to do Gin And Juice either so we all belted out the best parts of that slice too: "rollin' down the street smokin' endo & sippin' on gin and juice/ with our minds on our money and our money on our minds."
    Only thing missing was some heavy guitar because the drums and bass were dropping it like it was hot, lol! Surprising number of badly aged old schoolers there. Can't be too uppity about that though, what with the touch of grey in my own my own mug. But I'd say we were the best looking old schoolers there, ha! Snoop was wearing a Coyotes Jersey, looked like he put some muscle on and was definitely the coolest of his beloved old schoolers. He asked the crowd how many of us had been fans for more than 15 years and that got the loudest applause. He also asked how many had been fans for 5 and 10 years respectively. There were probably all in all 2000 plus people there by the end of the show.
    He and Dr. Dre was all that could be heard - day and night - in the dorms of Northern Arizona U - in the fall/winter semester of 93'. That and Cypress Hill. If you lived in the Greek community it was all Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. We felt awfully nostalgic. Actually, the music arrangement in our room was Snoop and Dre by day and The Flaming Lips and/or Beck by night. Weekends it was all especially Bob Marley and Pink Floyd - of course - even in the Greek communities - where the little pledge brothers carved out wooden bongs out of blocks of pine wood for their big brothers. Snoop said he'd be back next year and we probably will be too - God willing - "if the creek don't rise and the Russians don't drop the bomb." - as the old saying goes. Anyway , "Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay Snoop Dogg was in the motherfuckin' house!" Good times!!

    Snoop Dogg