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18 Dic 2008, 11:44

It was harder than I thought to put this list together, since the stats on Last.fm doesn't show everything I've listened to during the last year (like the mp3 favourites that are always running in the car).
It's a great idea, though – I wish I had started this years back! Thanks to amerpie for getting me started!
I think I've managed fairly OK, with a combination of Last.fm stats, and my own recollection of albums / songs that I have added to my collection during the last year. Of course, there are also some old songs, that would show up on any list I'd compile :)

Anne FeeneyWar on the Workers
This wonderful song is from the album “Dump the Bosses off your back”. It is, along with Union Maid - from the same album - by far my favourite track of the year. I got the album from CD Baby, after hearing “Wotw” on the Thom Hartmann show.

Uncle EarlStreak O' Lean, Streak O' Fat
From the album Waterloo, Tennessee (from CD Baby). One of the members of this group, Abigail Washburn, was recommended to me on Last.fm.

Po' GirlGone in Pawn
From CD “Po' Girl” found on eBay. Po' Girl is an absolutely great Canadian Alt Folk group; don't forget to check them out!

Bruce SpringsteenFurther On (Up the Road)
From the Seeger Sessions Band, the marvellous Dublin concert.

Bottle RocketsWelfare Music
From “The Brooklyn Side”, recommended via Last.fm

Merle Travis - Walkin' the strings.
Can't remember where this comes from, but it's one of my all-time favourites.

Iris DeMent - Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room.
Found it when I was searching for the same song with Hank Locklin.

Neko Case and Her BoyfriendsThrice All American
From “Furnace Room Lullaby” CD. A favourite from years back, that I always come back to.

Kris Kristofferson - In The News
From the album “This Old Road” (eMusic) One of the best songs I know!

Kimya Dawson - Tire Swing
From the album “Remember That I Love You”, also on the soundtrack to “Juno”. Got it from eMusic.


  • HonkyTonkGurl

    Wow! I can't argue with hardly any of this, especially not Iris and Neko and even Po' Girl, though my favorite from that album is "Cold Hungry Blues." Great stuff.

    18 Dic 2008, 18:12
  • slow_spinner

    Sometimes, I've thought of the other girl in the band as the "Po' Girl", since Allison Russel is rather dominating :)

    22 Dic 2008, 22:28
  • amerpie

    I'm sure that I leaned about Anne Feeney from you. I discovered Po' Girl on last.fm, probably from you as well. I'm ready to crown you as the undisputed champion of female alt.country artist dicoverers. And, Welfare Music is one of the best American songs ever written. I'm glad it has a more universal appeal.

    23 Dic 2008, 2:13
  • slow_spinner

    Thank you :) I love "Welfare Music". There's another of your recommendations that I play almost as much - "Raised by Hippies" (by I See Hawks in L.A.)

    23 Dic 2008, 13:35
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