• Motion City Soundtrack concert

    12 Abr 2010, 21:41

    Fri 9 Apr – Motion City Soundtrack, Sing It Loud, fun., A Rocket To The Moon

    Friday morning, we drove down to Milwaukee, WI from where we live. After a little shopping, we went to our hotel, checked in, and the walked across the street to check out the venue. I spotted A Rocket to the Moon’s van because I’m a creeper and I know what it looks like. There was already a long line, but we weren’t sure if it was for us, or if it was for the other concert going on the same night. We went back to the hotel, got ready, and then came back out about an hour later. After about 20 minutes of standing in that line, we were told that because we were there for Motion City Soundtrack and not Honor Society, we could go in. So we go inside and there’s a preshow getting set up, but we thought it was where the actual concert would be. We were wrong. There was actually another line inside for the room where the MCS concert would be. We got in that line and stood. While we waited, the preshow band (whose name I do not know) started playing. They did three Never Shout Never covers and one All Time Low cover, so I was happy. The doors finally open half an hour after we were told they would. Everyone rushed inside and we were actually pretty far up. We still had about an hour for the concert to start.

    About 30 minutes in, we realize that we can’t see much and that we should find a better place to stand/sit. My mom, who was there with us, had been planning on sitting in the balcony, but had found out that it was closed. She settled for sitting by the bar off to the side of the stage. We decided to move here too, and I’m so fucking glad we did. This was all before the concert even started, so we went to look at merch. I bought a Motion City Soundtrack tour shirt and the A Rocket To The Moon “Are you on our side?” shirt. We sat there for a while and then Sing It Loud came on. They were okay and I knew a few of their songs.

    As they were playing, I saw someone walking in my general direction and kind of recognized him, but wasn’t completely sure. As he passes me, literally inches away, I realize it was fricking NICK SANTINO. So I start to freak out, naturally. He actually ended up sitting near us, but where it was off limits to concert-goers.

    After Sing It Loud finished and the stage was being set up, two of the boys from Sing It Loud started coming off stage and were walking towards us. So I stopped them and asked them where they were going and they said just to hang with everyone over at the merch. So I followed and got a picture with them.

    Then A Rocket To The Moon came on. I could see pretty well, but I realized that where I had been standing before, I would have been directly between Nick and Eric, but I was soon okay with this. They played and were AWESOME. I rocked out, because I do that. Towards the end, Nick said they had two songs left, and then the next song would be their song Mr. Right. But, they actually started to play John Mayer's Heartbreak Warfare for the next 40 seconds or so and then played Mr. Right. It was odd.

    After they finished, we chilled out for a while. We couldn’t see any of the ARTTM boys at first and I was kind of disappointed. BUT THEN Nick and Justin walk by right in front of me. It was quite hilarious, actually. Because just as I recognized them, another couple girls did, who stopped Nick. But Justin didn’t noticed and kept on walking, so I stopped him first. But Nick was kind of still walking, so he ran into Justin who had stopped to talk to me. Like, Nick fell into Justin.

    Anyway, we got signatures and I took a picture with them :)

    Then, as we’re waiting for fun. to come on, my sister runs up to me and points to someone walking past us. And what do you know, it’s Halvo. So I run up to him and ask for a picture/autograph.

    After this, fun. came on, so I rocked out with them as well. They were awesome.

    I had text updates from twitter from the guys in the bands to see what was going on, and during the fun. performance, one of the guys from MCS tweeted about how he should have been wearing a belt because his pants kept falling down. Which was true.

    I was hoping to be able to meet Nate from fun. afterwards, but I never saw him.

    Then MCS came on and they were awesome. Everything was high energy and I was glad I knew all the words. They played a lot more old songs than I thought they would. For example, they played L. G. Fuad (which they closed with), Throw Down, Capital H, Attractive Today (which they opened with), and When You’re Around. Again, I was hoping to meet them after, but they never showed.

    We were quickly ushered out and on the way out, we saw Eric selling their On Your Side cd. He was yelling through the crowd holding one up and looking adorable. So when we passed him I said, “Already have it.” To which he replied, ‘Thank you! Thanks for the support.” I’m assuming he thought I had just bought it from the merch stands and not that I’ve already memorized each and every song on it, but whatever. (I actually kind of wish I had gotten the cd when he was selling it, because I don’t have a physical copy of it, and he could have signed it :( but I guess it’s too late now)
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  • The Melismatics!~ 1/22/10

    23 Ene 2010, 3:48

    Fri 22 Jan – The Melismatics

    This event was 21 and up, so my friends and I couldn't stay to see the actual performance. However, we were invited to hang out with the band before the show while they were setting up. We were greeted in the lobby by their tour manager and while she was talking and telling us we could go back to say hi to the band, Ryan walked out and said hi. He invited us back to the stage area where he introduced us to everyone (not like we didn't know everyone's names already ^_~) and talked to us for a bit. We looked at merchandise and talked to Ryan about things. He was re-stringing his guitar while we talked about the last show we saw them at. Mark was running around doing band stuff and Ron was busy setting up. Pony was eating and she kept getting called back to talk to us, so I felt kinda bad. We bought t-shirts and talked with Ryan a bit longer. I asked him about their song Speaking In Tongues, and if it was in another language, or what. I'm not sure about how public they are about that kind of stuff, so I don't really wanna post it to the world :/ I also commented on the direct message I got on Twitter from the band's page (regarding an all-ages show sometime later this year) and Ryan's response was something along the lines of "We're on Twitter?" which made me laugh. I mentioned that I had known to be talking to Mark on Twitter a while back, and so he asked him about the show, and he said maybe May-ish, that they were working on it. We took a couple pictures of them despite my horrible electronic issues (including the battery in my camera being upside down). I got a video of them saying hi to my friends who couldn't make it, and then we left them to their dinner and their show. :)

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