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    10 Jul 2008, 20:12

    My favourite album is Madvillainy by Madvillain. Basically, I really enjoy the natural progression it's got, pretentious as it sounds. I discovered the album early last summer as I was making my first real unchartered forays into hip hop, interested as I was in it, and I basically took on a scattergun approach by listening to the names that sounded good.

    So, Madvillainy; in a nutshell, DOOM's jagged flows upon jazzy trademark Madlib beats, strung together by a saga of typically west skits and instrumentals that lend an air of time passing.

    For me, it's just the way DOOM's tone changes from the laid-back nature of 'Accordian' to the more urgent 'Money Folder several tracks on, having travelled from finding 'five hundred dollars lyin' right there in the street' in 'Curls'. The mood weaves in and out of the Supervillain's psyche, each change signposted by the latest interlude, be it the merits of all things green to the slightly unnerving groans at the end of 'Hardcore Hustle'...all culminating in the theme of the Supervillain, which is then succeeded by what seems to be the album's climax, 'All Caps'. Following this point, everything slows down to the sunny morning haze of 'Great Day Today' and proceedings draw to a close with the retrospective 'Rhinestone Cowboy' is the air of cohesion that evokes so much, as I remember on journeys past a particular point in the album, or what I feel upon hearing it, and this is why I rate Madvillainy.