Shuffle Poem


10 Oct 2011, 17:19

Watching it crumble

I will need another home,
Here we are,
Give me help,
If your right hand is causing you pain cut it off, cut it off

You humor me today,
Withering eyes catch you as you fall,
I'm an opportunity and I knock so softly,
I took a beating.

You're a few years overdue,
Got a lotta heart ache,
Alcoholic kind of mood,
Juveniles, hide your porno mags.
Life is weird but we're together here,

I love the way that your heart breaks,
I found a grave,
At birth given scars along tender heart liberties,
Talk about miracles, happen every day,

Have you ever felt that something, you know that something that keeps you sane?

Be who you want to be,
Tell me it's alright


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