• Saint Etienne: Boxette

    7 Feb 2008, 20:03

    For those of you in Saint Etienne's fanclub, Lovers Unite, there has been a special offering of a limited (3000) edition box set, cutely named "Boxette". This four-disc set includes all previous fanclub releases, 'I Love to Paint', 'Built on Sand', 'Asleep At The Wheels Of Steel' and 'Eric Random'. All box sets are numbered, but the first 250 get the Christmas 2006 CD given out while on tour.

    I was online with my credit card in hand as soon as it went on sale. It took me 45 minutes before I could get through, but it was entirely worth it. When the gorgeous 'boxette' arrived, mine was numbered 250. I got the very last Christmas 2006 CD! I was blown away.

    The material is all priceless, and all new songs to me, with the exception of an early version of 'Hill Street Connection', originally titled 'Andrew McCarthy'. All in all, it was worth the 25 British Pounds ($50).

    Now whether or not copies are still available is beyond me. But remember, only 3000 copies. And no, I won't be giving out copies of the rare fifth CD. See for more info!
  • Not Being Scrobbled!

    15 Ene 2008, 1:22

    I am sick of not being scrobbled at all for two weeks now. It shows what I'm currently listening to, but after that it's what I was listening to four days ago when it scrobbled for about five minutes. Support says it may be server issues. Address these issues; I'm a paying subscriber.
  • Dandi Wind In Tulsa!

    12 Ago 2007, 4:47

    Here's a few excerpts from emails I sent to people that weren't able to make it to see Dandi Wind.

    Most of all, I wish you had been able to make it to the Dandi Wind concert. I say concert, but I would have called it a "gig". No one I knew showed up, despite spreading flyers I spend twenty bucks on to promote it. I know you couldn't have made it since it was 11PM on a Sunday night. Where she thought up that one is beyond me.

    So I'll tell you a bit about the "gig". (Humor me, I'm feeling down. Telling the story will cheer me up). So I first see Sam, Dandi's other half. Then I see Dandi make a beeline to backstage, with food in tow. I immediately introduce myself to Sam, since Dandi did send me an email personally telling me to be front and center. He was more than cordial, but it looked like they just made it to the bar and had woken up late or something. He said Dandi wasn't in a very good mood, so that meant no meet-and-greet beforehand. So a couple of hours pass and the opening band is done and I can tell Dandi is in a much better mood, since I see her darting to and from a dressing room. They both take stage, and I take my place standing dead center, knees to the monitors. She came out wearing a lace-on-linen white sort of pantsuit. Her head is covered with a large, white paper sack that she had decorated, eye holes bored out and all. All together it looked like a stylish, avant-garde KKK uniform or something. No wild makeup underneath. The paper sack was very crafty, though, as it started to soak with sweat, it pulled and curled back, revealing more and more of her face. So they do about seven or eight songs. Gig's done.

    I immediately weasel my way side-stage. After about ten minutes Dandi is right next to me on the steps. She smiles, recognizing me. I extend my hand and formally introduce myself. At this point, she's mine. I have her undivided attention somehow. Two things I half-expected: she's very, very small, with and even smaller speaking voice. She seemed almost shy. I think she is still not used to attention in a celebrity-like sense. At any rate, we start talking about what tastes we have in common: Lene Lovich, Svankmajer, etc. By the end of the conversation, she was thanking me more than I was her. But there was reason for her to be so thankful: I brought a couple of gifts for Dandi. One: the DVD of "Mafu Cage", which she didn't have on DVD, and two: Lene Lovich's "Flex" on vinyl. In interviews she always bragged about having Lovich's "Stateless" on vinyl, so I gave mine to Dandi to round out her collection. She was all giddy about it. It was very cute. I got scads of pictures from the gig and me meeting her, one with me and her and the album, etc, etc... Then I talk for a while to Sam. I wasn't nearly as excited about him as I was Dandi, herself though. Of course. But me and Sam really hit it off, conversation-wise. He too was very tiny. I couldn't tell if he was queer or not. Oh, Canadians. By the end of the conversation, Sam was asking me to let him know if I run into any pornography on VHS that came in its original, extra-large cardboard box. Apparently Sam collects these. I said okay and didn't ask any more questions.
    I went to the Dandi Wind concert. It was more of a gig than a concert, but I was front and center. I have several pics, which I'll be posting here somewhat soon. Between songs I gave her the DVD for Mafu Cage, which she graciously accepted, smiled, giggled and showed to Szam. She was quite energetic, as expected, wearing a lacy sort of pant-suit with a crumpled, torn and decorated white paper bag over her head, which revealed more and more of her face as the gig progressed. It almost looked like a Dandi Wind version of a KKK outfit. During "Balloon Factory" she robo-placed a sprig of red feather into my hand, which will be preserved, of course.

    Set decoration was sparse, with some tentacle, sausage-like flowing from atop the Korg and mic-stand. Hanging over the stage were various sized and colored spherical paper lanterns. A small purple one was within reach of Dandi. She plucked it like a fruit, started to "Dandi Wind" it up. Eventually Jacob got hold of it and made sure it was mine, which was very sweet of him. I think Jacob had just as much of a good time as I did.

    After the somewhat short set, I worked my way to the back and managed to get a "meet-and-greet" with Dandi. She told me the only reason she even scheduled Oklahoma on her tour was for me. This naturally made me smile from ear to ear. We talked a bit about Lene Lovich. I asked her if she had Lovich's "Flex" on vinyl. She said she had it on CD, but not vinyl. So I announced that I had it on vinyl, and it was waiting in my car, just for her. She was very flattered. At first she said no, in a very polite way, but it was the sort of no that said "Oh my God, give it to me!". Jacob went to go get it and I slid it into her hot little hands. She was very happy about it, I could tell. I knew that she had bragged about having Lovich's "Stateless" on vinyl, so I figured this was a good gift.

    So after the gift-giving, the photo-ops fell into place. Dandi Wind is a very small girl, with the tiniest hands I've ever had in mine. Personally she seemed very shy, quiet; not at all like her stage presence. All in all I was more than happy about the entire evening, except for waiting through the opening band and such.
  • Nice Touch, Last.FM...

    12 Ago 2007, 4:38

    I noticed that in addition to listing "just listened" in my charts, there's now a "now listening" that pops up as soon as you start a track. Nice touch.
  • Houston Bernard

    26 Nov 2006, 7:03

    The past 48 hours has been a whirlwind of activity. I received an invite on MySpace from Houston Bernard, a NYC-based bi-porno-elektro-punk-rapper. He was to perform at The Tulsa Eagle on Black Friday (November 25, 2006). We got to talking and eventually my photography came up. The upshot was that both Houston Bernard and The Tulsa Eagle took me on as the photographer for the show.

    It was a blast. Houston's performance was high energy and highly sexual. After working together for several hours, Houston asked me to start on a group and page for him here at Last.FM. As I get more information I'll be adding it to the Houston Bernard group. I'm still going through the nearly 250 shots taken last night, so some will eventually make it to the group. I'm asking Houston to provide a self-written bio and some previous promo shots to be added to the group, as well as details of his current and upcoming tour dates.

    As a result I've been neglecting the Dandi Wind group, but this may pick up as I'm trying to get Dandi and Houston connected in some way. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.
  • Rising From The Dead...

    14 Jul 2006, 1:38

    Obviously I haven't posted any information since I was waiting for "Concrete Igloo" to arrive back in December 2005. As you can guess, I received my personally autographed copy in excellent condition, plus a few signed goodies thrown in by Dandi Wind herself. We've emailed each other a number of times, and she always remembers me by sending extra stuff and autographing, which is quite kind considering her busy schedule (which is choc-a-block, I imagine).

    It may considered a bit late, but I will be posting my own official review of "Concrete Igloo", plus a review of a new track, "Adolescent". You can find and download it here, at her MySpace page.

    In the works is a fan page for Dandi that I'm publishing, to be online in a month or two, which will include pics of material that she has sent me over the past year.

    Lastly, I know there's only three members currently in this group, but I'd like to see other reviews or reading material authored by other fans of Dandi...
  • Concrete Igloo: I'm waiting...

    1 Dic 2005, 22:00

    So I'm annoying the sh*t out of my postman, asking him if a package has arrived from Canada, which is supposed to be my autographed copy of Concrete Igloo by Dandi Wind. I've chatted with a couple other last.FM users, and they have apparently downloaded a few tracks from it. I don't know if I can wait! I've tried finding tracks on LimeWire, but all I can find is my own copy of Balloon Factory. Also looking forward to seeing the accompanying DVD, which contains ten full videos, a few of which I downloaded from her website ( Very Jan Svankmajer-inspired stuff. I'm lovin' it.
  • Amazon Review: Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Scream (Re-Release)

    10 Oct 2005, 4:49

    Author's note: Although I've already posted a review on "The Scream" reissue here on Last.FM, I decided to include the full review I submitted to Amazon, with additional information on the packaging, which is worth reviewing alone. So please forgive my redundancy.

    October 4th marks the re-release of Siouxsie and the Banshees re-release of their debut album, The Scream. Over the next year, their entire catalog will be re-released, each containing a second bonus CD with material that didn't make it onto the album, plus other delicious goodies. Don't look for accompanying b-sides, as "Downside Up" delivered every b-side they produced. The bonus material contained on the extra CD is as follows:

    # Make Up To Break Up (Riverside Session)
    # Love In A Void (Peel Session)
    # Mirage (Peel Session)
    # Metal Postcard (Peel Session)
    # Suburban Relapse (Peel Session)
    # Hong Kong Garden (Peel Session)
    # Overground (Peel Session)
    # Carcass (Peel Session)
    # Helter Skelter (Peel Session)
    # Metal Postcard (Pathway Session)
    # Suburban Relapse' (Pathway Session)
    # Staircase (Mystery) (Pathway Session)
    # Mirage (Pathway Session)
    # Nicotine Stain (Pathway Session)
    # Hong Kong Garden (7" Single Version)
    # Staircase (Mystery) (7" Single Version)

    For those of you that are hardcore Siouxsie fans, you probably already own the Peel Sessions. The Pathway Sessions follow the same pattern as the Peel Sessions, but this doesn't mean they're not worth having.

    A note on the packaging. "The Scream" comes in a double-gatefold format, inside a transparent/translucent slipcover. This may cause some wear and tear over time, so handle with care. The double-gatefold format presents additional artwork from the album, previously unseen, which is a dream for any Siouxsie fan. Liner notes are extensive, including several rare photos, and of course full lyrics (with the exception of "Helter Skelter", and still the last line from "Carcass" has been omitted, curiously). Upon first glance, the tracklisting on the back appears to be actually printed on the sleeve, but in reality it is simply printed on a loose sheet of onion-skin-like paper, which, unfortunately does not fit into the liner notes sleeve. My solution was to just place the tracklisting over the second disc and carefully close the package, letting the plastic slipcover hold everything in place.
  • Review: Dandi Wind - Break The Bone & Suck The Marrow From It

    7 Oct 2005, 21:36

    I sat in a state of cat-like readiness for the postman to deliver my limited editon vinyl copy of "Break The Bone & Suck The Marrow From It" by Dandi Wind.

    When it arrived I nearly squealed with glee. The tracklisting is as follows:

    A1: Balloon Factory (Slight Revision)
    A2: Safety Dance
    B1: Mafu Cage (Manderson Remix)
    B2: Mississippi Mudpie

    Okay, let's review. I couldn't hear anything different on this version of "Balloon Factory", so whatever the revision was, it was very slight indeed.

    On to "Safety Dance". No one could do a better cover of this song. Dandi maintained the general feel of the song; in other words, she did not butcher it. She did, however, make it completely her own.

    "Mafu Cage" has been on a loop ever since I got it. Its forceful, flexing beats move the song along as Dandi gives it her all, vocally speaking, using indiscernable lyrics to transform the human voice into an instrument rather than a conduit for words or thoughts. Siouxsie Sioux did the same with "Swimming Horses". As far as the title is concerned, I found that "Mafu Cage" was a Karen Arthur film, starring Lee Grant and Carol Kane, back in 1978. IMDB's plot said "Two strange sisters live in a crumbling mansion, where they keep a pet ape, which belonged to their late father, locked in a cage. While one of the sisters seems to be keep her head on straight, as it were, the other appears to be sinking further and further into barbarism and insanity."

    As far as "Manderson Remix" goes, this is the only version of "Mafu Cage" that I am aware of. The Mp3 makes no mention of it being a remix.

    Lastly, there's "Mississippi Mudpie", a definite b-side. It has all the qualities we love and expect from Dandi, but it lacked that instant hook that forces you to play the track on a loop.

    "Break The Bone & Suck The Marrow From It" is available only on 12" vinyl, in limited edtion of (I believe) 5000 copies. So snatch it up while you can. But if you can't find it, simply go with "Bait The Traps", which includes the instant classic, "Balloon Factory". Visit for more info.
  • Lyrics to "Mafu Cage" by Dandi Wind?

    4 Oct 2005, 3:17

    Does anyone have the lyrics to "Mafu Cage" by Dandi Wind? If so, please let me know... Thanks a million.