• NEEDTOBREATHE, Seabird, Stephen Kellogg - Won't Turn Back Tour

    5 May 2010, 19:17

    Tue 4 May – NEEDTOBREATHE, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Seabird

    I attended the San Francisco concert for NEEDTOBREATHE, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, and Seabird just last night, and this concert was absolutely amazing! All of the guys in these bands are very genuine and down-to-earth guys. They were very relaxed and each band member were constantly acknowledging the crowd which really kept the audience tuned in and pushing toward the front of the stage. Let me just say, if you haven't heard any of these bands: YOU need to check them out!

    I really enjoyed NEEDTOBREATHE and Seabird and I'm warming up to Stephen Kellogg. He was much more country sounding then the rest of the guys and personally it takes me some time to really get into the country sound. But his band had a really great performance. The lead vocalist/guitarist, Mr. Kellogg started out playing one of his songs by himself and during the second song his band walked onto the stage, which really got the crowd going and ready to dance their hearts out! The guitarist had one point in the performance where he played behind his head for his solo and that's always a really neat skill to see! The friend I went with actually enjoyed their performance the most, so I just have a different taste! If you absolutely love the country sound then Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers is the band for you!

    Seabird was the opening performance and all of their songs were done really well. They still sounded really similar to their CD, Rocks Into Rivers, which is a hard task to complete! They played songs from their older CD including their single, "Rescue," which I first heard on "Pushing Daisies" episodes on ABC. I bought their CD Rocks Into Rivers (and a really cute whale t-shirt!) and have absolutely fallen in love with their really unique sound. Their album is perfect to listen to now that the weather is getting sunny, perfect driving pusic and listening music for a sunny day. :) I was also able to talk to Seabird afterwards and that was a really cool experience because I was able to talk to them about their songs and performance and the band is a really great group of guys. The drummer they have is a stand-in for whatever reason, but I couldn't even tell during the concert because it sounded great! I was able to talk to Seabird about their song, Don't You Know You're Beautiful, and Seventeen Magazine posted their music video on their website here:, so that was exciting to hear. But in that song there is a spin on the words in the second verse if you didn't notice and apparently Aaron, the lead singer, wrote the first verse and chorus and Ryan, guitarist, vocalist, and Aaron's brother, wrote the second verse. The spin on it shows the listener that it's more than just a group of guys singing this song to you, but God, your loving creator. Really awesome experience with Seabird.

    NEEDTOBREATHE headlined this tour and man did they know how to put on a show! The lights, the posters, the sound was all really great! They played most of their songs from their new album, The Outsiders, and at the very end they treated the audience to an awesome acoustic and UNPLUGGED version of Washed By The Water. The acoustic song alone made the entire concert way worth going to. If you haven't listened to their new album yet, it's definitely worth trying out! I guarantee you will like their album as well. You can tell they spent a lot of time on really capturing their unique sound and lyrics, but also giving their listeners somehting to dance to. I waited until their concert to buy their newest album and have been listening to it over and over ever since. :)

    Overall this concert and the artists made the night very memorable and was a really great experience. 5 stars!