The challenge so far....


28 Feb 2012, 17:05

Well, it's taking me a lot longer than i thought, but if i'm honest i haven't really had much time recently to do as much listening as i would've liked.

So far though, i'm loving it. it's made me reaffirm my love for Alice in Chains, discovered And So I Watch You From Afar which despite having perhaps the gayest name i have ever encountered, really got my post rock juices flowing. Into the Space Age was a pleasant surprise, toally whomping drum sound, best listened to loud.
So bands were cut. I tried my best to get through the fuzz rock stuff of Asteroid but for the life of me i just couldn't get into it. I was thinking maybe my fuzz rock days are over, i was worried for the likes of Truckfighters, but next in line was Into Submission which is storming, and reaffirmed my love.
So, i'm on the last of the A's! Currently grooving along to Average White Band, which is a bit like a bass masterclass. For a bunch of white boys from Scotland, they are seriously funky!


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