Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree


30 Nov 2007, 13:40

Seventh Tree brings us one of the year's standout records (due for a February 2008 release...). As with each previous record, Goldfrapp boldly shifts their unique musicality to yet another integrated sound of ambience, electro with a flirt of folk. The lead single from Seventh Tree, A&E is strong with uplifting piano melodies reminscent of a Sigur Ros track. Clowns and Little Bird introduces the most trip-hop sound to the repetoire, while Road to Somewhere and Some People presents a folk sound to make the likes of Feist andCat Power envious. Happiness is, well, happy, deviating to the styles of French pop, and Caravan Girl ends the record on a rocking folk mix.

Seventh Tree sees Goldfrapp implement more instrumentation with a focus on strings, in particular violins (Cologne Cerrone Houdini) and acoustic guitar. Despite being to harder to first listen to, the record provides a refreshing, pleasant surprise. Put away the dancing shoes for now; Alison's ethereal voice is going to make you want to sit in the garden, drink wine and get high.


  • dr_moreau

    I want my jewel case Seventh Tree. I loved almost every track on the first listen-through. Maybe I'm too optimistic. Regardless, I think this record will be big. I'm hoping, at least.

    1 Dic 2007, 8:41
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