• Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Grand Final Round!

    24 Sep 2014, 2:26

    To see the first round, and a summary of all of the rules and restrictions go here.

    To see the second round, check out this.

    To see the third round, check out this.

    To see the semi final round, check out this.

    Anyway, on with the action:

    (8) Belle and Sebastian vs (27) The Hives
    (Act of the Apostle II vs Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones)
    - 'Act of The Apostle II' is a pretty strong track off of The Life Pursuit. It is definitely better than Act of the Apostle II. It's a kinda strange song, fun to listen to, but not amazing. The I'm a genius, I'm a prodigy part is really good and catchy. Belle and Sebastian have come up with a pretty good track, but I can't think that it is likely to beat any Hives track. And I'm right. Pelle and the boys respond with 'Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones' from their Tyrannosaurus Hives. Such a driving beat, and a great song which evokes such power and joy. As Pelle yells in this song, It's official... it's official that The Hives are the winner of the first Most Listener Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness!

    Our grand final matchup ended up being less close than I would have liked. The Glasgow songsters were solid if not spectacular, and that just wasn't enough to win this matchup against the titans that are The Hives!

    Maybe I'll do this again someday...
  • Top 5 Lists!!! For 2012

    23 Jul 2013, 12:33

    So, as per usual, I took way too long to make my top 5 lists for 2012. In January I emailed my first draft to myself. And now I have finally finished it off. 7 Months late.

    In related news, I did a summary of my scrobbles for 2012 here.


    1. Alabama Shakes - Boys And Girls
    2. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory
    3. The Mountain Goats - Transcendental Youth
    4. Ben Folds Five - The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind
    5. Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
    Honorable mention: Japandroids - Celebration Rock

    1. Japandroids - Younger Us
    2. Alabama Shakes - Hold On
    3. Cloud Nothings - Wasted Days
    4. allo darling - Tallulah
    5. Islands - Can't Feel My Face
    6. Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway
    7. Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
    8. Jason Segel & Walter - Man Or Muppet
    9. The Dandy Warhols - SETI vs. the Wow Signal
    10. Hanni El Khatib - You Rascal You
    Honorable Mention: Swearin' - Just, The Mountain Goats - Harlem Roulette, Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You a Thang, Cat Power - Cherokee, King Tuff - Bad Thing

    Live Shows
    1. Harvest Festival @ some field in Melbourne - (Ben Folds Five, Cake, The Dandy Warhols, Silversun Pickups, Beck, Los Campesinos!, Santogold, and a touch of Sigur Ros)
    2. Flight of the Conchords @ Challenge Stadium
    3. Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield @The Rosemount
    4. Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, Fucked Up @ Member's Equity
    5. Ryan Adams @ Perth Concert Hall
    Honorable Mention: Regurgitator doing Unit & Tu Plang with Hedgehog @ The Astor, WA Day (Jebediah & some other stuff) @ Perth Concert Hall

    1. The Cabin In The Woods
    2. Argo
    3. Moonrise Kingdom
    4. The Avengers
    5. Ruby Sparks
    Honorable Mention: Pitch Perfect, Ted, John Carter, The Muppets, The Amazing Spiderman

    TV Shows
    1. Friday Night Lights
    2. Homeland
    3. Misfits
    4. Game Of Thrones
    5. The New Girl

    1. Pokemon Black/White 2
    2. Diablo 3
    3. Halo 4
    4. Super Street Fighter IV
    5. Lair Defense

    1. The Basketball Jones (The Basketball Jones)
    2. Doug Loves Movies (Doug Benson)
    3. The BS Report (Bill Simmons)
    4. The Adam Carolla Show (The Adam Carolla Show)
    5. WTF (Marc Maron)
  • Top 31 most played Albums, Artists and Tracks of 2012

    2 Ene 2013, 7:49

    I love the number 31. This is because my favourite NBA basketball player of all time - Reggie Miller - wore it.

    I logged onto just after midnight ticked over from 2012 into 2013 and I opened up all of my charts for the previous 12 months. I want to present them, but I don't want to give you information overload.

    Combine these two little snippets of information and it becomes obvious what I must do; present my top 31 most played Albums, Artists and Tracks of 2012.

    I may also add some commentary here and there.

    Note well that this is not my subjective ranked favourite stuff that was released in 2012, but rather just the raw number of listens (of stuff from all time periods) that I scrobbled.

    New releases are tagged with *NEW*.
    Bands I saw live (in 2012) are tagged with *SAW*

    1. Jack WhiteBlunderbuss (137 plays) - *NEW*
    2. The ShinsPort of Morrow (132 plays) - *NEW*
    3. Alabama ShakesBoys & Girls (126 plays) - *NEW*
    + starting off with three new releases, and each of them is a pretty solid album at least.
    4. Dan KellyDan Kelly's Dream (101 plays)
    + This came out last year. It is so high because it is good, and it was in Cara's car for most of the year.
    4. Bill SimmonsThe BS Report 2012 (101 plays)
    + This is an 'album' consisting of all of Bill Simmons podcasts for 2012.
    6. Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News (100 plays)
    + The first of the truly classic albums that just got in cause I still love 'em.
    7. Regina Spektor – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats (95 plays) - *NEW*
    8. Placebo – Without You I'm Nothing (87 plays)
    8. Ben Kweller – Go Fly a Kite (87 plays) - *NEW*
    10. Jebediah – Slightly Odway (85 plays) - *SAW*
    + I saw Jebediah at the Perth Concert Hall this year, and I just wasn't sure why I don't listen to them more. So I listened to them more.
    11. She & Him – Volume One (83 plays)
    11. Ben Folds Five – The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (83 plays) - *NEW* - *SAW*
    + Cara was very excited about BFF reforming. So was I, although perhaps slightly less so. This album is very good though.
    13. Regurgitator – Unit (82 plays) - *SAW*
    + I saw the gurge perform tu plang and unit back to back this year. Awesome.
    14. The Moldy Peaches – The Moldy Peaches (81 plays)
    14. Sparta – Wiretap Scars (81 plays)
    + Someone borrowed this album from me years ago, and I finally got it back.
    16. Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend (78 plays)
    16. The Hives – Lex Hives (78 plays) - *NEW*
    18. Cat Power – Sun (76 plays) - *NEW*
    + A couple of good new albums that may have come out too late in the year for me to really appreciate them properly.
    19. The Strokes – Is This It (75 plays)
    19. Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory (75 plays) - *NEW*
    + Not bad placing for an 8 track album.
    21. The White Stripes – White Blood Cells (73 plays)
    21. Ryan Adams – Gold (73 plays) - *SAW*
    + I listened to a LOT of Ryan Adam in preparation for his concert. Which didn't disappoint.
    21. Mountain Goats – The Sunset Tree (73 plays)
    21. The Mountain Goats – Transcendental Youth (73 plays) - *NEW*
    25. Japandroids – Celebration Rock (72 plays) - *NEW*
    + Also pretty good for an 8 track album.
    26. The Get Up Kids – Something To Write Home About (71 plays)
    27. Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits (70 plays) - *NEW*
    28. Evan Dando – Live At The Brattle Theatre (68 plays) - *SAW*
    28. Silversun Pickups – Canervas (68 plays) - *SAW*
    + I had this album in my car forever, but didn't actually rip it to mp3 until this year.
    30. EELS – Souljacker (66 plays)
    + Finally bought this old album this year.
    30. OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (66 plays)

    Other notable albums:
    34. The Black Keys – El Camino (62 plays) - *NEW*
    34. Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix (62 plays) - *NEW* - *SAW*
    40. Ryan Adams – Ashes & Fire (58 plays) - *SAW*
    + This album came out last year, but grew on me this year.
    48. Hanni El Khatib – Will The Guns Come Out (54 plays) - *NEW*
    + A young exciting new blues player.
    54. The Darkness – Hot Cakes (53 plays) - *NEW*
    64. Kimya Dawson – Remember That I Love You (46 plays)
    + I went through a few weeks where I loved this album!
    76. that dog. – Retreat From the Sun (40 plays)
    81. Cage the Elephant – Thank You Happy Birthday (39 plays)
    + A couple of albums that I really fell in love with this year.
    205. Steel Panther – Death To All But Metal (21 plays)

    1. Ben Folds FiveDo It Anyway (29 plays) - *NEW* - *SAW*
    2. Regina SpektorAll the Rowboats (24 plays) - *NEW*
    2. Alabama ShakesHold On (24 plays) - *NEW*
    4. Cloud NothingsStay Useless (23 plays) - *NEW*
    5. The Lonely IslandWe're Back! (22 plays)
    + This might be my favourite Lonely Island song.
    6. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built (21 plays) - *NEW*
    7. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy (20 plays)
    7. The Shins – Simple Song (20 plays) - *NEW*
    9. The Shins – For a Fool (19 plays) - *NEW*
    9. San Cisco – Awkward (19 plays) - *SAW*
    9. Islands – Can't Feel My Face (19 plays) - *NEW*
    9. The Shins – September (19 plays) - *NEW*
    9. The Darkness – Everybody Have a Good Time (19 plays) - *NEW*
    14. The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (18 plays)
    + Had a bit of a Rolling Stones resurgence this year.
    14. Al Green – Let's Stay Together (18 plays)
    + This was the bridal waltz at my wedding. Really great song.
    14. Ben Kweller – Mean to Me (18 plays) - *NEW*
    14. Los Campesinos! – Baby I Got The Death Rattle (18 plays) - *SAW*
    + Seeing Los Campesinos! live was a highlight of my year (in a year of highlights).
    14. The Shins – Fall of '82 (18 plays) - *NEW*
    19. The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (17 plays)
    19. that dog. – Never Say Never (17 plays)
    + Amazing track from the 90's that I had never heard of before.
    19. The Rapture – Echoes (17 plays)
    19. The Mountain Goats – Old College Try (17 plays)
    19. Cage the Elephant – Aberdeen (17 plays)
    19. Cloud Nothings – No Future/No Past (17 plays) - *NEW*
    19. Superchunk – This Summer (17 plays) - *NEW*
    19. Jens Lekman – The World Moves On (17 plays) - *NEW*
    27. Icehouse – Electric Blue (16 plays)
    27. The Rolling Stones – Stupid Girl (16 plays)
    27. Fred Neil – The Dolphins (16 plays)
    27. LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (16 plays)
    27. Japandroids – Younger Us (16 plays) - *NEW*
    27. Alabama Shakes – Hang Loose (16 plays) - *NEW*
    27. Jason Segel & Walter – Man Or Muppet (16 plays) - *NEW*
    + This counts as new in 2012 for Australia, because the movie didn't come out here until 2012, and I saw it on Jan 1st.
    27. The Dandy Warhols – SETI vs. the Wow! Signal (16 plays) - *NEW* - *SAW*
    27. Beachwood Sparks – The Orange Grass Special (16 plays) - *NEW*
    27. The Mountain Goats – Cry for Judas (16 plays) - *NEW*

    1. Weezer (330 plays)
    + Upon buying Weezer tickets, I played their entire back catalogue over again.
    2. The Beatles (281 plays)
    + This band has such quantity and quality of music, that it really is strange that it is not number 1 every year.
    3. The Shins (241 plays) - *NEW*
    4. The Mountain Goats (218 plays) - *NEW*
    5. Regurgitator (192 plays) - *SAW*
    6. Jack White (191 plays) - *NEW*
    + I also listened to some of his Cold Mountain Soundtrack stuff in addition to his new album this year.
    7. The Hives (189 plays) - *NEW*
    8. Ryan Adams (183 plays) - *SAW*
    9. The White Stripes (177 plays)
    10. Jebediah (165 plays) - *SAW*
    11. Regina Spektor (164 plays) - *NEW*
    12. Bright Eyes (162 plays)
    13. Modest Mouse (159 plays)
    14. Ben Kweller (158 plays) - *NEW*
    15. Placebo (157 plays)
    16. The Flaming Lips (146 plays) - *NEW*
    17. Belle and Sebastian (144 plays)
    18. The Strokes (143 plays)
    19. The Lemonheads (142 plays)
    20. The Darkness (141 plays) - *NEW*
    20. The Black Keys (141 plays) - *NEW*
    22. Ben Folds Five (128 plays) - *NEW*
    23. Flight of the Conchords (127 plays) - *SAW*
    24. Alabama Shakes (126 plays) - *NEW*
    25. Spiderbait (125 plays)
    26. Cat Power (124 plays) - *NEW*
    26. Los Campesinos! (124 plays) - *SAW*
    26. She & Him (124 plays)
    29. The Rolling Stones (123 plays)
    30. NOFX (121 plays)
    + I did listen to a _lot_ of NOFX this year.
    30. Rilo Kiley (121 plays)

    Other notable artists:
    42. Cloud Nothings (90 plays) - *NEW*
    43. Japandroids (87 plays) - *NEW*
    59. Divine Fits (70 plays) - *NEW*
    109. Destroyer (38 plays)
    + One of my favourite finds of 2012, I need more of their songs.
    126. LCD Soundsystem (34 plays)
    + LCD Soundsystem called it quits this year, but I still like 'em.
    126. The Highwaymen (34 plays)
    + Some classic country supergroup songs that remind me of growing up with my Dad.
    134. Sex Bob-Omb (33 plays)
    + I really wish they would make another EP...

    And that is it, stay tuned for my end of year top five lists!
  • Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Semi Final Round!

    12 Sep 2012, 8:27

    To see the first round, and a summary of all of the rules and restrictions go here.

    To see the second round, check out this.

    To see the third round, check out this.

    Anyway, on with the action:

    (8) Belle and Sebastian vs (4) Weezer
    (Seeing Other People vs Don't Let Go)
    - 'Seeing Other People' is definitely one of my top ten tracks off of If You're Feeling Sinister. It is so hard for me to pick favourites with that album. This is a solid opening salvo by Belle and Sebastian, how will Weezer possibly defend against it? Rivers gives a measured response. It's 'Don't Let Go' from their third best album overall (and second best self titled album). Each of these songs is undeniably a strong representation of the style of these bands. They are also both solid album tracks. I think that I am leaning towards Weezer right now (while it is pumping in my ears), but my general everyday answer would be to say that 'Seeing Other People' is a more memorable track. Ummm... I have to give it to B&S.

    (18) The Lemonheads vs (27) The Hives
    (Baby's Home vs. A Little More For A Little You)
    - I would probably personally rate late career release The Lemonheads as Dando and co's second best work as a whole. And 'Baby's Home' is one of the top two or three tracks from this release. It takes it's time to tell the same story of betrayal and revenge that was previously told in a more frenetic, southern-accented way by Kings of Leon in their great song Joe's Head. Although my heart's hurtin', my shotgun is workin' and it packs one hell of a surprise. The Hives track is definitely catchier and has more energy. But that could be said about almost any Hives track in comparison to most band's back catalogue. This is a really tough competition. How do I decide between these two tracks? I feel like The Lemonheads definitely win in the poetry and meaningfulness side of things. But I think that The Hives track is a better song when all things are considered. Go on to the final sweet mentees of Randy Fitzimmons.

    Our grand final matchup is between #8 Belle And Sebastian and #27 The Hives. I think these bands have gotten this far because they just don't have very many bad songs, and their overall quality is very good.

    The Grand Final round will be out soon!
  • Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Round Three!

    26 Jul 2012, 9:21

    To see the first round, and a summary of all of the rules and restrictions go here.

    To see the second round, check out this.

    Anyway, on with the action:

    (32) Los Campesinos! vs (8) Belle and Sebastian
    (This Is How You Spell. "HAHAHA, We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics" vs. Me and the Major)
    - I really love the Los Campesinos! Hold On Now, Youngster... album. And this song is really good. It falls down a little with the kinda pretentious spoken word part. But then that is saved by their mention of Livejournal in said spoken word bit. The chorus is solid too. Trains are good. 'Me and the Major' just continues like a rambling old train with a solid rhythm and great melodies. I expect every one of these decisions to be tough, but this one I am giving to the song that complains about a man of noble standing who looks down on me like I was never born.. Congratulations to Stuart Murdoch and Little Stevie Jackson.

    (4) Weezer vs(12) Regina Spektor
    (Butterfly vs. Open)
    - The album closer of Pinkerton is really simple, heartfelt and good. Every time I pin down what I think I want it slips away. 'Open' is a track from Ms. Spektor's sublime 2012 album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. It has a slightly 'melodramatic-sad-musical-theatre-piano-ballad' vibe, however Regina has proven to be a real grower to me previously. In a few years this match-up may be closer. But as it is Sixty Wrong Sausages move on, reasonably comfortably.

    (18) The Lemonheads vs (26) The Mountain Goats
    (Confetti vs. International Small Arms Traffic Blues)
    - He kinda, shoulda, sorta, woulda loved her if he coulda. He'd rather be alone than pretend. Once again my iPhone randomly selects a track off of It's a Shame About Ray, which is definitely my favourite Lemonheads album. Evan Dando was in real control of whatever strange material that pop hooks are constructed from when writing this song. As per usual for Mr Darnielle, the lyrics of ISAT Blues are incredible. Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania. Trucks loaded down with weapons, crossing over every night.. I think I have a stronger emotional connection to Confetti though, because it put into words a lot of what I used to feel when I was younger and more lonely. The Lemonheads continue to defy the odds!

    (3) The Strokes vs (27) The Hives
    (Call Me Back vs. a.k.a I-D-I-O-T)
    - I think that Angles was a real return to form for Julian, Nick, Albert, Fab and Nikolai. But 'Call Me Back' is not the best track from this album, even with it's kinda slacker bossanova vibe. This laid-back track is essentially immolated by the fire and unstoppableness of A.K.A I-D-I-O-T. I-D-I-O-T, yeah that's me. This song is truly awesome and puts Pelle, Nicholaus, Dr Matt, Chris & Vigilante through to the Final Four.

    Our final four are #8 Belle And Sebastian, #4 Weezer, #18 The Lemonheads and #27 The Hives. It is amazing that one semifinal match-up includes two high(ish) seeds, while in the other half of the bracket it has been devastated by two of the most consistently good bands that I enjoy. Perhaps one of the things that I should be taking from this exercise is that I should just listen to more of The Lemonheads and The Hives!

    The Semifinal round will be out soon!
  • Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Round Two!

    25 Jul 2012, 6:52

    To see the first round, and a summary of all of the rules and restrictions go here.

    Anyway, on with the action:

    (32) Los Campesinos! vs (17) The Shins
    (... and We Exhale and Roll Our Eyes in Unison vs. For a Fool)
    - Four sweaty boys with guitars tell me nothing about my life. It is truly a great line from a pretty dang good Los Campesinos! song. I often get the kind of group singalong part at the end of this song stuck in my head. The Shins once again go back to the well of their new album. And 'For A Fool' is definitely a better song than 'Port Of Morrow'. But it isn't good enough. Our 32nd ranked Brits move on once again!

    (8) Belle and Sebastian vs (24) Ben Kweller
    (Dress Up in You vs. Problems)
    - If you asked me how 'Dress Up In You' goes I would not have known, but now that it is playing I recognise it. I guess this is because I often listen to B&S as albums rather than individual songs. This song meanders a little as it strolls along and a plaintive trumpet sounds in the background. But it is still a tops song. And once the trumpet takes center stage it is like a triumphant exclamation that will get stuck in your head. And the touch of obscenity in this song never fails to curl my lips up into a smile. Meanwhile we go way back into the vault for 'Problems' from the not widely released Freak Out It's Ben Kweller album. As always Ben is really optimistic I-I-I I have some problems. If you-ou-ou had the answers we could solve 'em.. This shapes up as a really tough challenge. I think I am going to give this one to Belle & Sebastian, but it was super tough to choose.

    (4) Weezer vs (20) Flight of the Conchords
    (El Scorcho vs. Bowie)
    - A true Weezer classic. One of my favourite house party memories is related to this song. I was at my friend Mel's birthday party and I didn't know too many people, but then this song came on and everyone started screaming it at the top of their lungs. And it was great fun and really broke the ice. This one is far more fun than you remember it being. And that is saying something. Is there any FOTC song that is better than El Scorcho? I would have said no. And then 'Bowie' started playing. So good, so stylistically correct, and so funny. This match-up ended up harder to pick than I expected, but Bowie is not quite groovitational enough to win. Weezer squeaks by.

    (28) Tenacious D vs (12) Regina Spektor
    (Tribute vs. Apres Moi)
    - The D start strong with a 'Tribute' to the greatest song ever played. It is amazing, and is the song that initially drew me to them. Regina gives us 'Apres Moi', the song that taught me french and a respect for russian poetry. Apres Moi Le Deluge, After Me Comes The Flood. This is a song which merges a french and english song about domination with the poem 'February' by the Russian poet Boris Pasternak. Sung in Russian. Regina wins.

    (2) The White Stripes vs (18) The Lemonheads
    (Fell in Love With a Girl vs. Rudderless)
    - I love White Blood Cells. It just might be my favourite album of all time. And this song was a big part of the reason that I bought it in the first place. Like a friendly punch in the guts with clever lyrics, a great music video, and only 1:50 long. The second round was always going to be hard though. Rudderless is a great song. Weird chords, interesting lyrics, awesome call & response backing vocals and it gets inside your head. These are truly two of my favourite bands of all time. Once again I struggle to pick them apart. If this matchup was a basketball game then it is a triple overtime thriller. Slipped my mind that I can use my brain. I was just about to type that The White Stripes won it, but in my heart I know that is not right. Victory to Evan Dando.

    (26) The Mountain Goats vs (23) Vampire Weekend
    (No Children vs. A-Punk)
    - 'No Children' is a seriously bitter song. Incredibly dark, spiteful and bitter. You are coming down with me, Hand in unloveable hand. And I hope you die. I hope we both die. It seems to be a guy's self hating commentary on his own divorce to a woman that he hates just as much as himself. But it is cathartic to listen to. Jangly guitars and occasionally booming drums dominate 'A-Punk'. It has a good rhythm, and a good vibe. However I have never really tried to make sense of the lyrics. I think The Mountain Goats win on meaningfulness alone.

    (3) The Strokes vs (14) Spiderbait
    (Is This It vs. Alright)
    - Is This It is one of the greatest albums of the noughties in my opinion. And the title track acts as a very representative sample of the rest of the album. Perhaps this track is a little less bouncy, a little less fun and a little more focussed on being cool than a lot of the rest of the tracks. 'Alright' is not the best song that Spiderbait has to offer. It is fun, and quick, but doesn't provide much in the way of depth or hooks. The Strokes will ride again!

    (27) The Hives vs (11) The Black Keys
    (Main Offender vs. Next Girl)
    - The Hives were so ubiquitous at the turn of the century that my cousin made my sister a hip-hop mix-tape and included just one rock song on it. That song was by The Hives. That song was 'Main Offender'. Pelle is in fine form on this track: Got me sayin', Why Me?. It's hard to analyse this song other than to say it is just awesome. Later period Black Keys is good, and I do enjoy the album Brothers - but this song just cannot stand up to the power, songwriting and pure charisma of The Hives.

    I am enjoying this tournament immensely and so many of the results are truly shocking me. I never would have expected The Beatles to lose in the first round or The White Stripes to lose in the second. Weezer and The Strokes are the only remaining high seeds, can they make it to the final four? Both bands have some very strong songs, and some extended weak periods. It is quite possible that the luck of the draw could doom them, or they could meet in the final. Only time will tell.
  • Most Listened Music Tournament!! Of Awesomeness! Round One!

    20 Jul 2012, 9:12


    Take your top 32 artists and pit them against each other in a knock-out style tournament. For each "match", randomly shuffle the artist's songs in iTunes or Spotify and play the first song. that comes up After you play both artist's songs, the artist with the song you preferred goes forward, and so on and so forth.

    Some other rules about songs:

    1. No song can be played twice
    2. No live versions of a song to be played if there are album versions

    Here's how my tournament went (artist play rank in brackets):

    First Round:

    (1) The Beatles vs (32) Los Campesinos!
    (Good Day Sunshine vs. You! Me! Dancing!)
    - Of course, right off the bat we have a nearly impossible decision. An enjoyable Beatles song, which is not one of my favourites, versus probably my second favourite Los Campesinos! track. I lean towards the Beatles song because I remember my Mum singing it as I grew up. But listening to 'You! Me! Dancing!' right now makes it seem better. Soooo hard. Can I come back to this? No? OK, I will start this off with a gigantic upset. Los Campesinos! strikes the Beatles to the ground. Although, the last little bit of spoken word at the end nearly re-changed my mind.

    (16) The Get Up Kids vs (17) The Shins
    (Better Lie vs. Port of Morrow)
    - This one is a bit easier. 'Better Lie' is one of the less good tracks from the recent Get Up Kids LP, There Are Rules. 'The Shins' don't really come out of the gate all that much more strongly though, with the title track from their recent LP, Port of Morrow. I think the slightly funky falsetto in the verses of this song win it for The Shins though. Almost by default.

    (8) Belle and Sebastian vs (25) OK Go
    (Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying vs. Before The Earth Was Round)
    - Whoah, OK Go shakes at the knees upon seeing the strength of the song provided by Mr Murdoch and crew. This is one of my favourite songs ever, so this one will be hard to beat. OK Go counters with the solid 'Before The earth Was Round' from their amazing Of the Blue Colour of the Sky album. Unfortunately it is too little, too late as B&S stride away with the victory.

    (9) Jebediah vs (24) Ben Kweller
    (It's Over vs. No Reason)
    - Now Braxton Hicks is not Jebediah's best album, but 'It's Over' is one of that album's strongest tracks and has become something of a live favourite in the last few years. Mr Kweller was only going to have a chance in this fight if his song happened to be from Sha Sha. It is, and so I have 'No reason' to award this round to anyone but BK Baby.

    (4) Weezer vs (29) Blink 182
    (Falling for You vs. Story Of A Lonely Guy)
    - Pinkerton? Pinkerton Pinkerton Pinkerton... Pinkerton! This (Falling For You) is a great song, from a great album. 'And I do like you, you're the lucky one. No, I'm the lucky one'. Blink 182 - however - are not to be trifled with. 'She makes me feel like it's raining outside'.. Once again we have a song from one of my favourite bands being challenged by the underdog, which just happens to be one of my favourite all-time songs by this band. However, 'Maybe I would rather settle dow-a-o-own with you-a-a-ou'. Weezer comes out swinging with a solid win in the 'songs-that-could-be-in-an-American-Pie-soundtrack' part of the bracket.

    (13) Bright Eyes vs (20) Flight of the Conchords
    (Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved) vs. Ladies of the World)
    I recently saw Flight Of The Conchords live and they were really great, so that may affect this match-up. Of course Conor is GREAT. The only 'problem' with this song is that it is over 10 minutes and depending on your mood that can even be a feature. Although the last minute is a load of bollocks. Of course 'Ladies...' is super great. Fun to sing along to. Funny. Mentions hermaphrodites. And is a truly solid song too. It could be the fact that I saw this song live a week ago, but FOTC pulls out another first round upset.

    (5) Placebo vs (28) Tenacious D
    (Taste in Men vs. Wonderboy)
    - Placebo has always had the habit of releasing substandard lead singles, followed by amazing albums and follow-up singles. 'Taste In Men' is an example of this. It is a good song, but not an amazing one. 'Wonderboy', however is an amazing song. Much like in the battle between FOTC and Bright Eyes, I expected the non-novelty band to dominate, but in the moment I cannot ignore the incredible quality of these 'novelty' songs. Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?. The D destroys Molko and friends with a motherfukkin' mind bullet! That's telekinesis Kyle!

    (12) Regina Spektor vs (21) Bill Simmons (a podcaster? Let's sub in #33) The Flaming Lips
    (Real Love vs. Knives Out)
    - 'Real Love' is the song that Cara walked down the aisle to. It was written by John Lennon. It is one of the best covers, of all time. The Flaming Lips also provide a great cover, of a Radiohead song, no less. But it just isn't as magical. Thom Yorke is no John Lennon. Regina helps the F'lips to realize that they are not advancing.

    (2) The White Stripes vs (31) The Wombats
    (St. James Infirmary Blues vs. Moving To New York)
    - This is another epic match-up of amazing bands. Of course, this is my musical taste, so I am going to think that everything is amazing. Which is what makes this so fun for me. For me Jack and Meg's version of 'St. James Infirmary Blues' will always be the most exemplary example of this song. Now give me six crap shootin' pallbearers, let a chorus girl sing me a song. Awwwwww, sheeeit. The Wombats are not going down without a fight. 'Moving To New York' is a great song with a great idea behind it. I haven't had this tough of a time deciding on which song is better since the first match-up. I am giving it to The White Stripes in a split decision.

    (15) Arctic Monkeys vs (18) The Lemonheads
    (Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured vs. Big Gay Heart)
    - I feel like Arctic Monkeys should have a 'The' before their name, like the The Lemonheads. RLIDAS is a solid song off of their debut, but it is definitely not the strongest track from that album. It has that nice sense of swagger that every song on this album has though and that stands in it's favour. Of course it is is tough for those british boys against the best homosexual themed cowboy song I know. I love belting this one out, even though I am not gay. A great song which just happens to be in a key I can sing in. The Lemonheads break Artic Monkeys 'Big Gay Heart'.

    (7) Modest Mouse vs (26) The Mountain Goats
    (Dig Your Grave / Eric's Interlude vs. The Old College Try)
    - This is where randomness curses me. The first song was 'Dig Your Grave', and as 11 seconds of gravelly growling I felt within my rights to see what the second one was. and this time it was 'Eric's Interlude', the trumpet paean with weird background noises (of a baby?) which goes for all of 1 minute. I feel like Modest Mouse is destined to lose this fight. The Mountain Goats 'The Old College Try' is a good song. And that is probably all it would take. John 'JD' Darnielle gives it the old college try and slays the mighty Lion that is MoMo.

    (10) Death Cab for Cutie vs (23) Vampire Weekend
    (Codes And Keys vs. Oxford Comma)
    - I haven't really gotten into the latest Death Cab album yet, and so the title track of that album is not a likely winner. Upon listening to it now - however - I can see that it is a reasonably good song. It never had a chance against 'Oxford Comma' though. 'Little John, he always tells the truth'. Vampire Weekend deal the knockout blow to an unsuspecting Gibbard and co.

    (3) The Strokes vs (30) The Foo Fighters
    (Heart In a Cage vs. I'll Stick Around)
    - So, this one is a match-up of the best song from the worst Strokes album vs. a good song from a Foo's album that I rarely listen to. Bonus points to this Foo's song for being included in Weird Al's amazing Alternative Polka. Let's skip the drama and just award it to Julian and the Boyz.

    (14) Spiderbait vs (19) Ryan Adams
    (Shazam! vs. Don't Ask for the Water)
    - Upon hearing the opening strains of Shazam! I know that RAdams has no chance. This is pretty much the best song of all time. Meanwhile 'Don't Ask For The Water' is a relatively non-descript track from a great album in Heartbreaker. Janet, Kram and Whit show Mr Mandy Moore a thing or two about pop hooks.

    (6) Rilo Kiley vs (27) The Hives
    (Silver Lining vs. Abra Cadaver)
    - Regardless of who wins this matchup I will be disappointed that the other band is not going through. Meanwhile Rilo Kiley starts off with a mediocre track off of a bad album. And the suspense is broken. 'The Hives' are all about quality control, and there ain't nothing wrong with the quality of Abra Cadaver. Pelle notches up another win.

    (11) The Black Keys vs (22) Regurgitator
    (Have Love Will Travel vs. Art)
    - 'Have Love Will Travel' is probably the best Black Keys song from their old school albums, in my opinion. I heard it on a car ad recently. It is good to see these guys getting the recognition that they so richly deserve. Meanwhile we have a redux of the weird voices from the title track to Unit in the title track to Art. A minute of uninspired nothingness. Regurgitator loses. The Black Keys win.

    The second round will be posted soon...
  • First-Love-Current-How

    28 May 2012, 2:55

    Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, your current favorite and how you got into that band at first.

    1. The White Stripes
    First: Hotel Yorba
    Love: Hello Operator
    Current: Screwdriver
    How: I had been recommended both The Strokes and The White Stripes by a music website I used to frequent named audiogalaxy. I listened to The Strokes and liked them, but then I chose not to listen to The White Stripes because I didn't want my music taste to be determined by what was hyped at the time. Eventually I was exposed to Hotel Yorba and to my initial dismay I liked it.

    For my overseas readers, here is a little background on Australia. We have an alternative music station called triple j. There is also a music video program called rage, which will both show new clips and have bands and artists 'host' the show, programming 3.5 hours of their favourite clips. It is also only on in the middle of the night on the weekend. I first saw Hotel Yorba when watching rage in the middle of the night after getting back from a party. And I thought it was ace. Which led to me finding more of The White Stripes. And now they are my favourite band.

    2. The Beatles
    First: Got to Get You Into My Life
    Love: Don't Let Me Down
    Current: Revolution
    How: Like everyone else under the age of 50 it seems like The Beatles were always around. My Mum used to sing 'Got To Get You Into My Life' while hanging up the laundry on the washing line when I was a kid. I didn't even know it was a Beatles song until I was older. I became more aware of Paul, John, George and Ringo through a compilation cassette that my parents used to play - and I enjoyed it.

    when my sister was about 15 she became obsessed with The Beatles. This was probably because they were in the news a lot due to the release of The Beatles Anthology, and there were some music documentaries featuring them that we watched as a family. Over the next 3 years I got immersed in the entire Beatles back-catalogue. And I also watched every possible Beatles movie. And I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Help! movie and album.

    3. The Strokes
    First: New York City Cops
    Love: New York City Cops
    Current: Someday
    How: I had been recommended The Strokes by audiogalaxy, and at the time I was working in the CD section of a Target supermarket. So when my shift started I would take out the Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory album (or whatever other pop compilation album was in there) and replace it with The Strokes - Is This It. And I would crank it. And I would rock out. And it was awesome. In short... This Is It.

    4. Weezer
    First: Hash Pipe
    Love: Say It Aint So
    Current: Say It Aint So
    How: I was doing homework in my room and listening to triple j. They announced the comeback of legendary band Weezer, with a new single, Hash Pipe. I listened to it and quite enjoyed it. That weekend I watched Australian Band Motorace programming Rage and they played the videos for Buddy Holly followed by Say It Aint So. And I was hooked. I went out and bought The Green Album the next day and I loved it. Then I bought The Blue Album and loved it. Then I bought Pinkerton and didn't like it that much on first listen. I shelved it for a few months and then went back to it and I LOVED it on second listen. Weezer was now my favourite band. And if their quality control had not dropped they probably still would be.

    5. Placebo
    First: Every You Every Me
    Love: Without You I'm Nothing
    Current: Without You I'm Nothing
    How: I rented the movie Cruel Intentions from the video store. I specifically remember that I had played so many games of Street Fighter at the arcade that morning that I had blisters all over my left hand. So I sat and watched a VHS tape while keeping my hand in a bowl of ice. The track Every You Every Me was featured in the film, and to me it seemed edgy, exciting and dangerous. I was intrigued. I also heard Pure Morning on triple j. So I got the album. My very first listen happened when I was sitting in my bedroom with the vertical blinds drawn. It was grey in the room, and it seemed like the album too was grey. It seemed too samey, and too depressing. But I just wasn't ready for it yet. Soon enough it overtook CrazySexyCool as my favourite album.

    6. Rilo Kiley
    First: Portions For Foxes
    Love: Does He Love You?
    Current: Love and War (11/11/46)
    How: I know that I saw a performance of 'Portions For Foxes' on David Letterman, and I think my friend Kelly had told me that it was an awesome song. So I was receptive to it. Then I bought the album, and on the first listen to 'Does He Love You?' I fell in love with this band. They were amazing. I hope for them to re-unite, simply because I think they still have a good album to make (and I'd like to see them live).

    7. Modest Mouse
    First: Ocean Breathes Salty
    Love: Blame It On The Tetons
    Current: The View
    How: I saw Modest Mouse performing Ocean Breathes Salty on David Letterman. It seemed good and interesting. I heard Float On on triple j and I liked it. And my mate Dave told me to listen to the album because it was "amazing". He was right, it was amazing. I returned his copy and bought one for myself. Years later I was given another copy of this album from a girl with a note attached: "Dave bought me this album, but I didn't really like it and I thought you might -Michelle". I do like it Michelle, I do.

    8. Belle and Sebastian
    First: Seymour Stein
    Love: Lazy Line Painter Jane
    Current: If You're Feeling Sinister
    How: Seymour Stein was playing in the background of a scene in 'High Fidelity', and Jack Black's character called it "sad sack music". This was my first taste, but didn't trap me. Eventually I was watching Jimmy Eat World program rage, and they programmed 'Lazy Line Painter Jane', which is just about the happiest most hand-clappy song ever. I was sold.

    9. Death Cab for Cutie
    First: The New Year
    Love: Photobooth
    Current: A Lack of Colour
    How: I think I heard The New Year on the radio. And I think I was also vaguely aware of the postal service. But I don't really remember how I got into this band. I know I somehow had an mp3 of Photobooth, and I enjoyed that song. I also know that Dave let me borrow Transatlanticism and The Photo Album at various times. But I think Death Cab just somehow crept under my skin over a long period of time. They put on a really good live show. True.

    10. The Black Keys
    First: 10am Automatic
    Love: 10am Automatic
    Current: Tighten Up
    How: My friend Doss was into The Black Keys, and I think he played me 10AM Automatic. It was great. He also taught me how to play it on the guitar. I remember seeing them live at The Beck's Verandah as part of the Perth Festival, and they were awesome there. Been a fan ever since, although they did come out with one album that I wasn't the biggest fan of (Attack & Release).

    11. The Arctic Monkeys
    First: I bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    Love: When The Sun Goes Down
    Current:I bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    How: This was a pretty heavily hyped band, and at first I didn't want any part of them. I think I heard them on triple j a few times, but I didn't really pay attention. Then they came to Perth and I had to decide whether to go see them or not. I chose not to. This was a mistake. As always happens when you choose not to go and see a young band at the height of their powers, I fell in love with Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. Really classic album, and I have actually very much enjoyed each successive album from these guys.

    12. The Get Up Kids
    First: Action & Action
    Love: Action & Action
    Current: Mass Pike
    How: I believe Jimmy Eat World were programming rage, although it may have been One Dollar Short. Actually I think it was One Dollar Short, here is the playlist: Either way, whatever band it was, they programmed the video for 'Action & Action'. It is an awesome song, an awesome video and an awesomely simple and good riff. I fell in love with this band after hearing this song. And I got to see them perform the whole Something to Write Home About album live in Perth, including my favourite B-Side Mass Pike!

    13. Ryan Adams
    First: New York, New York
    Love: Answering Bell
    Current: Dirty Rain
    How: I saw the video clip for 'New York, New York' shortly after the 9/11 attacks, and I thought that this was just some guy trying to make a quick buck off of people's sentimentality at that tough time. Then I found out that he wrote the song well before and filmed the video just a few days before the towers fell. And I didn't see him as a commercialist bastard anymore. Later I heard 'Answering Bell', which is one of my favourite songs of All Time. And I fell in love with his alt-country stylings. Another track to check out is Come Pick Me Up.

    14. Bright Eyes
    First: Lover I Don't Have to Love
    Love: Method Acting
    Current: Land Locked Blues
    How: I listened to 'Lover I Don't Have To Love', and I loved the nastiness and arrogance of the song. It endeared Bright Eyes to me much in the same way that I became a fan of Placebo. However, I then listened to more of his songs and realised that they are generally modern day poetry. I knew about 4 Bright Eyes songs when I saw him perform live, and it blew me away. Since then I have bought some more of his albums and they are genuinely amazing.

    15. Spiderbait
    First: Calypso
    Love: Shazam!
    Current: Shazam!
    How: I remember watching the video for 'Calypso' when I was a kid and being acutely aware that one day it would stop it's rotation on the music video programs and I would not get to listen to this song anymore. Years later I heard a song called 'Shazam!' which poured liquid happiness into my ears. It turned out that it was by the same band. I saw them perform 'Shazam!' live on good news week and it made me happy again. That year for Christmas I got Grand Slam (Dodgy Bonus Disc Edition). It was awesome and became my favourite album for years. It also led to me exploring their back catalogue. And enjoying it immensely. I have seen Spiderbait live a few times and they are nowhere near as good as they are recorded, but they still hold a special little place in my heart.

    Now you do it!
  • Top 5 Lists!! For 2011.

    20 Feb 2012, 14:15

    It took me until about halfway through to make my 2010 top 5 lists. This year I am starting to write this journal entry on the second day of 2012(and posting it to in February).

    Any text in italics are comments about my lists. Here it is:

    1. Yuck - Yuck
    2. Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde
    3. Grouplove - Never Trust A Happy Song
    4. Ball Park Music - Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs
    5. Portugal. The Man - In the Mountain in the Cloud

    Others of note: The Strokes - Angles; The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules; Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See; Jebediah - Kosciuszko; The Wombats - Proudly Present... This Modern Glitch; Fucked Up - David Comes To Life; Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue
    Albums I have listened to a little of and need to buy to judge completely: Bright Eyes - The People's Key; Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring for My Halo; Ryan Adams - Ashes and Fire

    With my top five albums, I struggled to come up with a list because 2011 seemed to have a lot of albums that were _pretty_ good, but none that blew me away. I could see my future top album of 2011 being something I haven't listened to yet, or something from my honorable mention list that keeps on growing on me. Hopefully next year has some awesome stuff. I didn't include the Ben Folds Retrospective, because while it was good, almost all of it was old.

    1. The Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
    2. Yuck - Get Away
    3. San Cisco - Awkward
    4. Grouplove - Itchin' On A Photograph
    5. The Strokes - Gratisfaction
    Others of note: The Black Keys - Lonely Boy, Wild Flag - Romance, Smith Westerns - All Die Young, The Wombats - Jump Into the Fog, Portugal. The Man - Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now), Ball Park Music - Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You)

    In a strange contradiction, while the albums were not so good, the individual songs often really were great. 'Make Some Noise' is not only catchy, juicy and bouncy, but the video clip is one of the things I will most associate with 2011 in my memory in the future. 'Get Away' is sludgy distorted gold, and 'Awkward' is an unbelievable car sing along song. These were my favourite '2011' songs in 2011.

    Old School Albums:
    1. The Postal Service - Give Up
    2. Girls - Album
    3. Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love
    4. Albert Hammond Jr. - Yours To Keep
    5. Okkervil River - Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See
    Others of Note: Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts

    These are albums that didn't come out last year, but that I either heard for the first time last year, or really started appreciating last year. I added this category to my lists last year, but this year I don't think I listened to as many good old albums.

    Old school songs:
    1. Benji Hughes - The Mummy
    2. She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
    3. Fats Waller - Aint Misbehavin'
    4. Girls - Lust For Life
    5. Modest Mouse - Heart Cooks Brain
    Others of note: Rilo Kiley - Glendora, Mayer Hawthorne - Just Aint Gonna Work Out, Tilly and the Wall - Fell Down The Stairs, Pavement - Gold Soundz, Bill Withers - Use Me, Dananananaykroyd - Black Wax, John Lennon - Mind Games

    Similar rules for the old-school songs as the old-school albums. I think as I get older that a larger and larger percentage of the music I listen to is just undiscovered music from other time periods. And it is just as fun as listening to new stuff. In the past year it was a big anniversary of John Lennon's death, or birth, or something and so I listened to more of his stuff than I have before. So even though I knew his songs one still made it in as I grew to love it.

    1. X-Men: First Class
    2. Fright Night
    3. The Ides Of March
    4. Captain America
    5. Crazy, Stupid Love
    Others of note: Red State, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Tintin

    2011 was a far inferior year for movies when compared to 2010. There were definitely a lot that I found very entertaining, but none that really blew me away. The new X-Men flick was probably the pick of the bunch, as it was an entertaining comic book movie that still managed to feel edgy and interesting. I just saw the new Muppet Movie, and it was great, but I saw it on the 1st of Jan 2012, and it doesn't come out until mid jan in Australia.

    TV Shows:
    1. Misfits
    2. Survivor: South Pacific
    3. QI
    4. Doctor Who
    5. Letters And Numbers
    Others of note: NBA coverage (which channel 10 has stopped for 2012. Boo!), True Blood

    In 2011 I didn't watch a lot of really absorbing TV shows. It seems like we mostly watched quiz, variety or reality shows. However, some of the shows we did watch were truly brilliant. I had been recommended Misfits by a couple of different groups of friends, and thus far it has not disappointed. We finished the first season quickly and have just started the second. Survivor: South Pacific was great. I really enjoyed Cochran in this season. Little nerdy Cochran. QI continued to rock our tea-drinking trivia-loving world (including on the QI live show we went to see. And Matt Smith's Doctor Who was fun and imaginative. Meanwhile we watched (and enjoyed) a hell of a lot of Letters and Numbers until we moved to our new house and stopped receiving SBS.

    Computer Games:
    1. Super Streetfighter IV
    2. Street Fighter IV
    3. Pokemon Black and White
    4. Assassin's Creed
    5. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    Others of note: Facebook Zuma Blitz

    I have been driven for most of the year to unlock all the achievements in Super Streetfighter IV. Of course a lot are tied to XBox Live play which I have not set up, so I am now trying to complete the really time consuming single player cheevs. Pokemon Black and White was awesome. I had Pokemon White (and it was the first Pokemon game I finished in ages!). WoW regained my interest by releasing the Cataclysm expansion towards the end of last year. I spent a serious chunk of time playing a Goblin up to about level 50, and exploring all the newly changed parts of the world. Of Warcraft.

    1. Darwin Deez - Awesome energy, amazing dance moves and great songs!
    2. Random The Chemist shows - Went to one on New Years Eve that might have been the worst Chemist show we saw all year. Still a dynamic, interesting, nuanced performance and the few times we saw them earlier in the year were WAY better.
    3. Yeasayer at Laneway - The tribal feel of the music was enhanced by the crowd which was WAY into it. And even though I only really knew three songs we had a great vantage point and an even better time.
    4. Jenny and Johnny at Laneway - They were real good, the songs seemed to come to life more live, when compared to the album. And I finally got to see Jenny Lewis in the flesh.
    5. Two Door Cinema Club at Laneway - Really solid show, tight band and good tunes ensured that we all had a great time.

    So, as per usual I am unsure of whether the above lists truly represent my rankings for the past year as I know that there must be some things I am forgetting. So it is time for a New Year's Resolution: I will endeavour to track all of this stuff this year and we will see if I can have the lists ready to post before I go out on New Year's Eve this year.

    In summary, 2011 was a huge year. There were definitely some sad and shocking times, but I think they were outweighed by the good. I proposed to Cara and she said yes. We bought a house together. We went on three holidays together (Tassie in Jan, Gold Coast in June and Melbourne in October??). I quit playing all team sports in any kind of competitive way, as my knees are just too old and decrepit. But this has given me more time to enjoy other things. We have realised that no one ever overstates the stress of organising a wedding, and I went to six weddings in the past calendar year myself (Tim, Bec, Ferg, Rochelle, Blaze, Meghan). The family are all in pretty good spirits and pretty happy. Nicola is still living in Melbourne and has started a Planning Consultancy over there, Dad is still retired and had some problems with his eye (but the doctors sorted it all out no problems) and Mum is happily preparing for her own retirement. I only wish I was preparing for mine. Work has been interesting. I worked ridiculously hard on my most recent air traffic control project (and I am not 100% sure that I got the recognition I deserved), and towards the end of the year I switched onto a different project which has been a nice change of pace. Today I go back to work for the first time in 2012, and the year starts anew. I hope it's a good one (and I am sure it will be, with our wedding and honeymoon coming up).

    Love you guys.

    Happy 2012.

    Addendum Number 1:
    I forgot that I played through Portal in the past year. That was an awesome game, slot that in at the top and slide everything else down one spot.

    Also, "No Ordinary Family" was a good TV show, and "Game Of Thrones" was also pretty damned good. I guess those deserve top five tv show spots.

    And I didn't rank books at all. I think I read the last three of the George RR Martin books this year, and they probably hold the top spots. I really enjoyed Chuck Klosterman's 'Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs'. Also the basketball book that Jacinta bought me for Christmas last year was awesome - "The Art Of a Beautiful Game" by Chris Ballard.

    Addendum Number 2:
    The Adam Carolla Book "In Fifty Years We'll all Be Chicks should also be in the top five. It was a real fun read. I should get that book back from Cliff.

    And The Tenacious D/Foo Fighters/Fucked Up gig probably should slot into the number 2 spot on the gigs list.

    Hopefully this is the final addendum.

    Addendum Number 3:
    I also forgot another AWESOME song. The Lonely Island - We're Back. Great bragging track. Awesomely ridiculous boasts.
  • Engagement Party Playlist

    13 Jul 2011, 3:44

    So, I got engaged about a month ago. On the 4th of June 2011.

    I just had my engagement party this past weekend, on the 9th of July 2011.

    I spent some time choosing the songs, to try and choose not only songs that would get the party started, or songs that I love, but also songs that I know my fiancee loves. Sometimes I would choose my favourite song from one of her favourite artists (e.g. Spoon - The Underdog), and sometimes her favourite song by one of my favourite artists (e.g. Regurgitator - Superstraight).

    Anyway, here is the list, in reverse played order from that night:

    Ben KwellerWasted and Ready
    The BensJust Pretend
    The White StripesYou're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
    Regurgitator! (The Song Formerly Known As)
    Los Campesinos!My Year in Lists
    The GratesSukkafish
    Jens LekmanYou Are the Light
    The Get Up KidsMass Pike
    Brand NewSoco Amaretto Lime
    The Black KeysTighten Up
    The Black KeysHave Love Will Travel
    Thin LizzyJailbreak
    Darwin DeezBad Day
    Bob EvansFor Today
    The Bank HolidaysFolded In Half
    The FergusonsWaste Of Time
    CustardGirls Like That
    The ThrillsBig Sur
    SpoonJonathon Fisk
    Arctic MonkeysWhen the Sun Goes Down
    The ChemistEnd Of July
    Regina SpektorThat Time
    SpoonThe Underdog
    Death Cab for CutieThe New Year
    Modest MouseThe View
    The Postal ServiceNothing Better
    Two Door Cinema ClubSomething Good Can Work
    The StrokesGratisfaction
    Hot Hot HeatBandages
    CornershopBrimful Of Asha
    Barry Jive & The Uptown FiveLet's Get it On
    Black KidsI'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
    The Jackson 5I Want You Back
    The BeesChicken Payback
    Flight of the ConchordsBowie
    The Lonely IslandI'm on a Boat (feat. T-Pain)
    The FratellisHenrietta
    The Sleepy JacksonThis Day
    Ben KwellerCommerce, TX
    OutkastHey Ya!
    Darren HanlonHappiness Is A Chemical
    T. RexJeepster
    Tenacious DTribute
    The BeatlesRevolution
    The WombatsDr. Suzanne Mattox PHD
    The ShinsTurn A Square
    David BowieLife on Mars?
    OK GoBack From Kathmandu
    The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
    Cypress HillInsane in the Brain
    Ben Folds FiveUnderground
    Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues
    Camera ObscuraLloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
    Rilo KileyLove and War (11/11/46)
    Har Mar Superstar Feat. Adam GreenNever My Love
    Regina SpektorLady
    YeasayerAmbling Alp
    Grizzly BearWhile You Wait for the Others
    Philadelphia Grand JuryThe Good News
    Death Cab for CutiePhotobooth
    GomezShot Shot
    The UnicornsI Was Born (A Unicorn)
    Beastie BoysMake Some Noise
    PlaceboTeenage Angst
    The HivesMain Offender
    The KinksYou Really Got Me
    JebediahJerks Of Attention
    Dallas CraneDirty Hearts
    WeezerThe Good Life
    Vampire WeekendCape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
    Arctic MonkeysFake Tales of San Francisco
    Vampire WeekendM79
    Carole KingIt's Too Late
    EELSMr Es Beautiful Blues
    Sex Bob-OmbGarbage Truck
    Nancy SinatraBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
    David BowieSuffragette City
    Belle and SebastianLazy Line Painter Jane
    Bright EyesFour Winds
    Devendra BanhartAt the Hop
    Rocket ScienceBeing Followed
    The WalkmenThe Rat
    JebediahMilitary Strongmen
    Santogold, Pharrel Williams & Julian CasablancasMy Drive Thru
    WeezerSay It Ain't So
    The Mountain GoatsDance Music
    DananananaykroydBlack Wax
    Jay-ZH To the Izzo
    Smith WesternsAll Die Young
    Tegan and SaraWalking With a Ghost
    Foo FightersFor All the Cows
    The White StripesWe're Going to Be Friends
    Ben Folds FiveKate
    Modest MouseBlame It On The Tetons
    The ShinsGirl Inform Me
    OutkastMs. Jackson
    The BeatlesCome Together

    6.2 hours of fun party listenin'