How Now, Update?


4 Jun 2009, 14:58

Sorry for the long delay in the posting. My previous post summed up the last month or so of my life - hell. Crazy crazy busy, crises, academic rape, etc. etc. and so forth.

Today, I'm sitting in my new apartment in Maryland, about to start an internship in DC on Wednesday. I've been in the city for a week now, and I'm loving it so far. I haven't gotten to many monuments or museums, but eventually I'm sure I will.

My twenty-first birthday is in eight days!! Friends from home who live in DC are designing a four-quadrant bar crawl, which I fear I may not survive.

Life is good, now that I'm off campus. I haven't graduated, but if I finish this internship (and a potentially amazing class called "leadership and development of non-profit organizations) I'll have a BA in International Studies & Kicking Ass.

More to come, I promise.


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