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  • mkmetalhead1

    hey dude. just expanding my music taste and playing xbox. Can't wait for school to start next week. I've been so bored

    21 Ago 1:07 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Also, don't forget to check this banger too.

    11 May 0:18 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Yeah bro, I got the deluxe edition. I bet that was fun to watch, Oddisee's dope fosho. Have you heard this cat yet??

    11 May 0:12 Responder
  • manwithoutamind


    6 May 22:01 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Really, I don't collect firearms. I do like to test my aim tho.

    25 Abr 5:20 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    They had the dream team back from 90 - 92 imo. I still got Rickey Henderson's rookie card, in mint condition, and nobody will ever catch his stolen bases record. I'll never sell it xD I got a couple friends that stay in San Fran, and another homie that stays in San Jose. I hear that San Fran is one of the best cities to skate in the entire world, and maybe one day I'll get my chance to hit up Double Rock. The only places I've visited in Cali was San Diego [when my aunt was dying of cancer], & I snowboarded at Lake Tahoe. You have fun in Oak town? I just bought me another new pistol for hella cheap - I wanted another 1911 but a decent one was out of my price range. After I customize this one, I'll prolly sell it and get me a Rock Island 1911.

    25 Abr 1:02 Responder
  • DeathMetalPoser

    oh hey whats up boy. Yeah definetly we should. just tell me when and what time

    1 Abr 6:47 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    That song Thuggin' is classic fo sho. Madlib is indeed in my top 3 and has been for a long time. Have you heard of the Cloaks? This looks like a great show in a couple nights The Cloaks out this Thurs 27 March w @AWOLONE @GelRoc @djdstyles @GONJASUFI @stereo13 @abstractrude w myself on beats

    24 Mar 3:20 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Ha - Low End Theory - That club is owned by Daddy Kev. He's a legend in the LA Underground club scene, made some fine records with AWOL One, and I believe he's the owner of Alpha Pup. My homie tweeted me the trailer for Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton a while ago, but it still hasn't dropped yet. I got This is The Life back in '09 I believe. Here's the trailer for it It was the place for up and coming MC's to display their abilities, until 1994, I believe. Then it became Afterlife - they still drop dope albums after all these years. LOL it's crazy that we've been friends for like what, 6 years now?

    24 Mar 3:08 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Well lucky for you, 92's aren't on the OBD2 computer system started in 96, so that eliminates a lot of extra malfunctions that can occur. The best advice I can give you to learn your vehicle inside out is to purchase either a Chilton's or Haynes book for your car. You can get them about $15 - $20 at the auto parts store, or probably even cheaper on ebay. Study it cover to cover. It breaks everything down, shows diagrams, troubleshooting, etc. You'd be surprised how easy simple tune ups can be. So, what is it that you're having to repair every month? The hardest part about that test isn't really the knowledge - the questions are more of like "technician 1 says this, technician 2 says this, which one is wrong, or are they both right?" type of questions. I heard about that Madlib / Gibbs collab and Madlib also has a record called Rock Konducta I've been meaning to check out. I can't wait till the Stones Throw Documentary finally drops - I'm thinking it'll be as good as This is the Life.

    24 Mar 0:44 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Other than that, I haven't been to many shows cause my schedule is kinda hectic. I hear that living in NY is really expensive, but the salary is enough to compensate the cost of living. Yeah LOL hipsters are stinking up the scene everywhere - it's like a plague. Round here, it seems like in order to qualify working at Whole Foods you have to be either a.) a hipster b.) a gay man c.) a dyke or d.) a gay hipster haha. Well good man, I'm glad you're planning to migrate - I wish I could still go on a 'world tour' but I'm needed in more places than one, every day. You got any gear that you play and record with at home? I got an interface, but my guitar / bass tone sounds so compressed - it's literally playing through a filter. Nothing beats the sound quality recording on tape imo. That's good that Madlib's finally breaking through - dude's a legend. Been around since the 1st Alkaholiks 21 and Over album. You a fan of King Tee?

    23 Mar 2:32 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    It's got it's ups & downs - ups = having the right credentials = getting more side work = more customers = more money = new learning experiences, etc. When a customer fails an emissions test, I explain to them why it failed, how I can fix it, and charge them $60 - $90 an hour for labor, if they buy their own parts. I'm also pushing real hard to become a master brake technician, but the final test is insanely hard. I'm already ASE certified as a tech, but master techs can make $25 + an hour + commission in some shops. The drawback to my shop is they move me to another shop that employs a bunch of knownots - they paid out $3k in damage claims last month alone due to simple negligence. So I have to overlook their job performance, and properly train them at the same time. It's kinda bs cause they should pay me more to train them. I've been trying this real estate gig for almost a year - it's hard for buyers unless you got $ in hand - but easy for sellers. So much for American Dream, huh?

    23 Mar 2:18 Responder
  • bEATWEAKer

    Hey man, what's up? Long time no chat. How's things on the West Coast. I heard about an earthquake out there a week or so ago.

    22 Mar 2:29 Responder
  • DeathMetalPoser

    Oh yo boy

    10 Mar 9:20 Responder
  • StankDank

    Listen to whatever you want to listen to. Keep up the good work!

    26 Feb 13:02 Responder
  • mkmetalhead1

    how could you listen to justin bieber dude? he's such a prick who does graffitti cuz he thinks he's cool and he breaks laws and he's lyrics are worthless?

    26 Feb 8:26 Responder
  • DeathMetalPoser

    oh yeah?? I heard that came out like a few days ago. Thats nice

    21 Feb 19:29 Responder
  • mkmetalhead1

    But i like all gothic industrial really, Emilie Autumn is my 2nd favorite artist, and even Theatre of Tragedy (my favorite band) has 2 industrial rock albums that are really good. Theatres des vampires later stuff is good too.

    10 Feb 16:53 Responder
  • mkmetalhead1

    10 Feb 16:52 Responder
  • mkmetalhead1

    This is what i like. Blutengel, Johnny Hollow, the Cruxshadows. I wish i had some more of it, but i never really have time to go hunting for albums anymore. Its so time consuming. I like spotify alot, and i have about 4 albums on there that i'm planning on getting, but My phone's battery life is garbage so i can't just go around listening to spotify and most of the time when i do listen now, it's on my ipod at school or when driving.

    10 Feb 16:47 Responder
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