a mental popsicle all i want is adrenaline always it is spring and everyone is in love and flowers pick themselves amazing an intricate tapestry of nostalgia and joy are you in love with me too awesome awesomeness in the form of sound awesomesauce beautiful catchy as fuck childhood is fleeting cool vocals cuddlecore cute dance dancedancedance dream pop dreamy electro electronic joy juice energy no problem favorite by this singer feeling like my heart is going to collapse with joy forget that life is an asshole because there are bubblegums and balloons freaking fantastic fuck i cannot explain this tag get your swag on glittering raspberry dancefloors glue your heart just to let this song break it again and again great gallopy gumdrops guilty pleasure happiness hit her like a bullet in the head have always been there for me heartache hipster dance party hot lazy days hypnotize me on repeat i can sing along to every song i like it i love this song i love this song forever and ever i wanna be a robot i want to sing this with you im a bit happier now im a kid back just makes you feel good kaleidoscopes kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep kneesocks danceclub ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space love at first listen lovelovelovelove makes me extra happy makes me wanna dance melancholic meloncholic atmospheric minimum requirement for heart thievery my day is a little bit better now oh my god oh so sexual oh sweetness quirky reminds me of you repeat repeat repeat right in the feels sex music sigh and swoon in equal measure sing along sitting at the top of the stairs staring into space so rad songs that inexplicably mirror the shit in my head songs that makes me wanna dance soundtrack to a secret world in an enclosed room spin me right round still the one pool where i would happily drown strange and beautiful stucked in my head all day sugar coated girly indie pop teenage love between the sheets thank god i found the good in goodbye this song is for you yes you tweelicious what are my feet doing oh yeah dancing what love should feel like when youth runs wild woaaah yay and hooray and yippee and huzzah yeaaah yes yes yes you break my heart dear song