In the Midwest, they love to take it slow


22 Mar 2007, 23:01

In honor of the freedom I'm enjoying now that I no longer have a myspace, I thought I would update this and talk about some things I've been listening to recently!

- New London Fire is relatively new, and certainly new to me. Their absolute best song, I think, is Nadine, which unfortunately I have been unable to find anywhere other than on Virb. But We Don't Bleed is just a wonderful, I think! I would recommend it!

- I just saw the movie Music and Lyrics, and then bought the soundtrack. And I was surprised at how much I liked both Haley Bennett and Hugh Grant's music. Most of Grant's was, at least in the movie, a spoof. As was Bennett's, I suppose. But their songs are so catchy! Entering Bootytown and PoP! Goes My Heart are both such happy songs, and even though they're extremely corny, I'd still recommend them. Just give them a try!

- I don't know whether I've mentioned them before, but Fruit Bats and their song When U Love Somebody are just excessively fun and upbeat.

- Mount Eerie is a really interesting artist, that somehow reminds me of a toned-down Switchfoot. Especially their song I Hold Nothing!

- I doubt I have mentioned Lullaby For The Working Class yet, as I hadn't really listened to it or liked it up until this week. But their sound really impressed me. Especially Good Morning. It has just enough of the folky sound that I like, without sounding country-ish.

- My Morning Jacket is another artist I've had for a long time in my library and never really listened to them. Where to Begin is probably one of their better tracks, and one that I really like!

- Speaking of lullabies, Vienna Teng's track Lullaby For A Stormy Night is one of the more beautiful songs I've ever heard. Heartily recommend it!

That's about all I've got for right now. Something more inspired tk soon :)


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