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Hello there, let me personally introduce myself. My name is Sergei Mooha, but everyone calls me SergeiM (sergeim) on the Internet. I am 26 years old. I am a male. I was born and raised in Moscow City, Moscow, Russia. I am currently in my hometown of North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Of America. I currently live and reside in a group home and I don't live with my parents for some apparent reason. I am always looking for new friends to interact here on I am mostly a nice friendly guy, but sometimes I can be mean/rude to people because I do the most ridiculous things on the Internet like blaming very good innocent people for my lack of security and self-awareness. My sexuality... depending on how you feel, is unknown, but I am a mix of bisexual, hetrosexual, homosexual, and transexual in combination. I go on several different various forums and websites that I venture off to, the forums meaning my own Gaming For Consoles forums and Acer's forums, which are called Acer's Supreme Forum Hits! I also try to be an ADVERTISER / PROMOTER for people on Facebook that I do music business with, so I am mainly there to promote people's music for a living. It's what I love doing! The reason why I act weird on the Internet is because I was born with a serious condition called "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" (FAS for short). I have a reading level of 4-3 and my brain was damaged since I was born. My mother drinks too much alcohol when she was pregnant with me when I was just a little baby. My mother at the time put me up in an orphanage, somewhere in Russia, and I was adopted when I was about 6-7 years old. Then I was brought to the United States Of America, and that's how it got started. I also live in a group home, and I rarely see my own family anymore. It is so sad. I miss them very much and I love them dearly. I am also pretty good on predicting natural diaster storms such as earthquakes!

Now you know everything that is known about me! Hope you like reading stuff about me I also love to help people out! It is GREAT!

For more information, visit Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading ALL ABOUT ME!

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