Lesser known, but oh... so good. (Part 3)


8 Nov 2006, 15:47

5. Triple Burner - 169 total listeners

Triple Burner’s stripped-down, propulsive sound is an intricate marriage of numerous compositional schools - psychedelic folk, early minimalism, stuttering krautrock, traditional folk songs, Delta blues, and eastern raga all dance and whirl around each other, resulting in familiar yet wholly unique structures. The duo creates a lush, complex universe of sounds with the simplest of means, Newman on guitar and Cawdron on drums, percussion, and glockenspiel, often all at once.

4. Tomàn - 466 total listeners

If there is one flemish quartet that understands how to create an atmosphere, how to build a song and how to make 4 instruments fit, it is Tomàn. (oor)

3. 40 Winks - 185 total listeners

40 Winks are 2 producers, Padmo' and Weedy. Living and doing beats in Antwerp, Belgium. Why the name 40 Winks? It's derived from the expression 'to take forty winks'. If taking forty winks means taking a little nap, then listening to 40 Winks means unwinding.

2. Sismo - 1,083 total listeners

The wonderful album Pueblo is available for free download on Last.fm.

1. The Speakers - 189 total listeners

You can't listen to The Speakers on Last.fm, but you can download lots of samples and full songs on his website: http://www.thespeakers.info/


  • TheCatsLeotards

    Either I'm missing something, or you're wrong about Sismo's album being downloadable, it lets you play all the tracks in the window, but there wasn't a download option anywhere, if you managed to download it, please enlighten me, because I can't get the album where I live. Thanks.

    12 Nov 2006, 4:41
  • wietweedy

    It [b]was[/b] downloadable.. I've got the album from here, so i'm pretty sure. Guess they deleted the option.

    12 Nov 2006, 13:15
  • TheCatsLeotards

    Well dang. Anyway, sorry for sounding so offstandish in my first comment, that's not how I meant it to sound.

    15 Nov 2006, 2:22
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