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Tom WaitsDowntown Train Escuchando ahora
Bright EyesLadder Song Hace 5 minutos
Elliott SmithThe Biggest Lie Tema favorito Hace 8 minutos
Third Eye BlindSlow Motion - 2006 Remastered Hace 12 minutos
Lana Del ReyNational Anthem Hace 16 minutos
EluviumUnder the Water It Glowed Tema favorito Hace 21 minutos
My Bloody ValentineTo Here Knows When Tema favorito Hace 27 minutos
Band of HorsesLaredo Hace 30 minutos
Dillon FrancisGet Low Hace 33 minutos
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  • poisonkid

    hey freind! check out my band Night Dew Call (dream pop\lo-fi) from Ukraine

    6 May 2012 Responder
  • kingblue555

    I'm sooooo bored........ I have no one to talk about music to..............................................................

    30 Nov 2011 Responder
  • beachwood

    haha yeah. i've been listening to the same things over and over again lately. you can make fun of me for the katy perry, haha. i deserve that one. but that song is catchy... i did absolutely nothing for spring break, which was quite nice. last time i was in vegas i spent like 20 dollars on the slot machines. so pointless. how was utah?

    16 Abr 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    Low? that's a bit extreme, haha. i feel like getting out of LA for a while. i was supposed to go to san francisco for my spring break, but that's not happening anymore. the music scene in here in la has been dead for a couple months. there's nothing to do and no one to see. :/ i'm just waiting for tegan and sara to come to la again. they are my ultimate secret obsession.

    6 Abr 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    yeah i'm not a big fan of the assigned seating. this was only the second show i've been to where i was sitting. it definitely affected the setting and mood of it all. that is one of the things i liked about the october show more. there aren't very many shows i'm really looking forward to right now. maybe one in april at the smell. do you know of any good ones coming up?

    30 Mar 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    the reason why i wanted to go to this concert was because i knew he would be playing with the la phil. i get the mixed feeling about it though. it was quite different from what i was expecting. some of the audience members were really rude. phones were going off. someone yelled something really inappropriate. if you don't like m83, why would you go to see anthony? do they not read the bill before walking into a concert? but, it didn't feel like two hours at all. it went by so fast. the other two stuck around for a couple songs in the second hour.

    18 Mar 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    the job searching has kinda been put on hold. i haven't really been looking...the concert was great. both anthony and the la philharmonic were incredible. its hard to compare it with the other show b/c this one was so different from the one at the fonda. the effect it had on me was completely different. i left the other show feeling completely dazed while at this one i kept feeling like i was floating. haha, lame i know. the collaborations was genius. the la phil played La Mer by Debussy during the intermission and the second half of the show kinda branched from that piece. this was probably the shortest concert i've ever been to. it felt like it lasted about 45 minutes, even though it went well over two hours.

    16 Mar 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    yeah i've been meaning to go hiking for like two months, but i've never actually gotten to it yet. once the weather warms up it'll be more likely for me to go. i think i would take the 5 just b/c i would start getting distracted on the pch and start veering towards it. how the job going? i saw m83 on saturday performing with the la philharmonic at the walt disney concert hall. it was ethereal...

    12 Mar 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    that sounds deadly. it was very lucky that you two came out of that alive. i think i'm going to take the 5 all the way. any other suggestions? i'm looking forward to getting out of l.a. for a bit. my daily routine is becoming more monotonous. hopefully i can go camping or something in the summer. i don't know any good spots but the idea seems fun. haha i ALWAYS do that! it's just routine now to copy and paste it on your page.

    3 Mar 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    we paid 140 for our snow chains. we had borrowed some but they didn't fit. we had to go back down the mountain to get some at walmart, but they ran out of that particular size. then we went to chevron across the street and they had it but charged us twice as much. we ended up splitting it 7 ways. i was wondering how you survived the car accident. sounds like you go on road trips often. i think i'm just going up to SF for spring break. nothing exciting.

    25 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    haha, horses... yeah we were driving on ice for a while before we finally figured out how to get the chains on the tires. did you come out of that alive?? that sounds like quite an adventure. big bear was enough danger to last me a while. where you just on a road trip? we were in an Expedition and were hit by a huge lifted Toyota Tundra. we were at an small intersection with no stop signs in any direction. I was in shock for the rest of the day.

    25 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    i know me either! i haven't listened to cursive since early high school. i think that's what i'll be listening to today. i think a pentagon foundation would be pretty neat. lol i don't think they had any heaters left. everyone just had to huddle together at night. but, even that can only do so much when the cabin is surrounded by snow. we could have been stuck in a blizzard that night if we hadn't left. the wreck was pretty bad, but we were going pretty slow so none of us were hurt :)

    22 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    wow, i haven't listened to Cursive in aaaages! the math classes are probably going to end up being the last classes i take. well it would probably a modern rendition of a pyramid, with "organic" layers and such. i think i will have to draw that one out. well i went to big bear this weekend, had a hell of a time trying to get up the mountain. once we finally got to our cabin, we find out the gas meter broke so we had to buy all the wood left in the market ( about $100 worth). in the morning it was about 40 degrees inside. BRR! and to top it off that night, i wrecked my dad's car, our only means of transportation :( quite a weekend.

    21 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    lol. i've been pushing back the math as far as i can. i think pyramid houses....would be a dream come true! how did i not think of that before? haha. you're a genius! i just had the craziest weekend. how was yours?

    18 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    i stopped liking math once it got into trigonometry. ironic that trig happens to be a major aspect of architecture. no matter what would i have decided on, there would have been classes i'd have to take that i'm not crazy about. i just want to get it over with. i started getting into architecture when i was really young. i used to be obsessed with Spain and Egypt. i wanted to be a archaeologist at first, but that led to an interest in architecture :)

    13 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    yeah i think San Luis Obispo would be great also because my best friend lives in Berkeley. it would be nice to be closer to go visit her. i think dorms are something people try out in college for about a year until they realize how awful they are. i would rather skip that experience. i'm also easily irritated by the smallest things once i don't like someone. it would be pleasant, haha. the math aspect of architecture is the part that discourages me the most, but i've never really strived for anything in my life. i want to break that streak

    10 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    well both of the cal polys have good programs, so i would be happy going to either. but, san luis obispo would probably be nicer to go to just b/c of the area. i don't think i'd get a dorm. i always hear people complain about their dormmates. i like going to a CC on the side. so much easier. that is so nice to be gifted in that way. i wish i was artistic, but sadly i'm not :( . i can only appreciate other people's works. haha maybe i shouldn't go into architecture then.... i think it's something i could really enjoy doing though. i think it's great that you're just going for it. few people have the balls to do that. and your degree can eventually come in handy. i think the fact that you write and do music give you an edge :)

    9 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    lol what did you study? i almost went to ucsb! i ended up sending my letter of intent to ucsd but i am sooo glad i decided not to go. i had no idea what i wanted to do at that time. it took a while for me to figure out what i wanted to do. i'm glad i took some time off but i hate feeling like i'm behind. i'm going to csun at the moment but i think may have to transfer to cal poly for their architecture program. do you have an idea of what you want to do?

    6 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    i looove mochi ice cream. green tea and red bean are the bestest. at first i didn't like green tea ice cream because it tasted like lipstick, but i would eat it anyway. at always tasted a bit soapy or something. i guess i started liking that taste, because now i can't resist it. weird, i know. lol you "kinda sorta already graduated?" how does that work? yeah i go to a cal state but i'm also taking classes at a cc too. i took a year and a half off after high school so i'm a bit behind. where did you go?

    4 Feb 2009 Responder
  • beachwood

    haha "milk-holes/dispensers." classic. i always get pistachio nut at rite aid. it's heavenly. i had lychee ice cream for the first time the other day at a restaurant and it was really good! too bad i have no idea what brand it was. well it's a bit too late to do anything to their pizzas by the time you get the tip. what a shame, haha. yeah it kind of sucks not having a job right now. yeah i'm still in school. what about you?

    1 Feb 2009 Responder
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