• The Kills, Oran Mor, Wed 16th April

    17 Abr 2008, 14:58

    Being fairly new to The Kills (only got their new album) I didn't have huge expectations from this gig, other than crunching riffs, tense on-stage sexuality and a very well programmed drum machine.

    Which is pretty much what we got.

    Step back a few moments - I happened to go past One Devonshire Gardens on the way to the gig where at least 3 photographers were doing their damndest to catch a glimpse of Kate Moss. Turns out, she's in town for the gig, and the night before had spent an evening dining at Edinburgh's The Witchery. Not that any of this really matters as far as the gig is concerned, but you couldn't help but think about it as another pap nearly knocks you out with his oh-so-extended camera lens.

    The Kills - AKA VV and Hotel - AKA Alison Misshart and Jamie Hince - stumble on stage considerably later than expected, and instantly jump into the single U.R.A. Fever.

    The gig features a lot of VV walking around in circles, and Hotel slowly de-robing and adopting various stances front of stage. The paps are generally more interested in taking extremely closeup shots of VV.

    The band is completed by a drum machine, and I have to admit to questioning just how much of what I was hearing was actually being produced at the time on stage (as opposed to being programmed into the drum machine). That said, not much different from a club I suppose...

    Overall definitely a foot-stomp affair, though I'm yet to be convinced of Oran Mor as a live venue. The Kills did eke out every last possible decibel, amid much distortion and squelching.
  • Maximo Park | Live Session | Edinburgh Liquid Rooms | Xfm Scotland

    6 Abr 2007, 12:56

    Only my 2nd journal on, so I thought I'd share my recent love of Maximo. Introduced to them by my girlfriend via the means of Apply Some Pressure (a fav after clubs), and was officially converted after seeing them play Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh during 2006 Edinburgh Festival (August 24 to be precise - my birthday).

    Last weekend Xfm Scotland put on another fantastic Live Session with Maximo Park headlining (support came from The Dykeenies, who were equally impressive). An absolute stormer of a gig, easily the best I've been to this year so far.

    The whole gig is available to stream at Xfm Scotland Online now!!