Woe is me (last week's review)


20 Feb 2006, 21:47

Ahhh, i'm becoming close minded! I must admit, all I listened to last week was shoegaze, punk and industrial. Three genres. Where's the variety i normally have? Hmph.
Anyway, moving on...review!
Well, my charts haven't appeared yet, so I clicked 'more weekly charts' and I found them. They were hiding, I just needed to look.
Last week, I went to Istanbul. I was listening to no music on the computer on last Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I still managed to listen to quite a bit, and binge on industrial thanks to the wonderful people who recommended me stuff. It was so great. I LOVED the dark ambient stuff, especially Sleep Research Facility and I was really interested in Clear Stream Temple which looked really...different. I am the happiest girl there ever was.

Weekly Chart Review: Feb 12 - Feb 19, 2006

10. Navicon Torture Technologies: A strange man making noisy music. He calls his music "power romance"....hmmm...perhaps time to change that 'romance' to 'electronics'. From Chaos... and ...To Redemption are two great tracks, best played consecutively, but still, two great tracks, worth a listen if you're into that sort of stuff.

9. Lush: I confess, I really love this band, even if they are just an unoriginal britpop band using effects pedals. 500 (Shake Baby Shake) is a personal favourite of mine. I like that it's a regular love song...about a car.

8. The (International) Noise Conspiracy: I am completely in love with this band. Very addictive (and political) - I'm surprised I had to use last.fm to find these guys, as they must have been in the charts at one point. I went on a few punk binges this week, mostly involving Operation Ivy...but we'll worry about that one later.

7. Wire: Going back a few decades...Wire, Wire, Wire. What can I say about Wire? AWESOME. Out of all the oh-my-gosh-they-all-sound-exactly-the-same post-punk/punk bands that Alfie (The_Late_Knight) has introduced me to, this is by far the best...probably. Hey look, all the bands I've linked to so far have black and white pictures.

6. Cocteau Twins: I don't have to say anything about these guys. I would burst out into song, but Liz doesn't speak sense.

5. M83: Whoa, how did this happen? I didn't even listen to them. Did I? Let me check. OK, I really did. Well, once you start listening to 'Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts', you just can't stop.

4. Atari Teenage Riot: Oh yes. Oh hell yes. Noise binges are incomplete without ATR - Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me!) Is brilliant. Music to go crazy to.

3. Mindless Self Indulgence: Well, I've been listening (constantly) to a few tracks from their new album, and I have to say, these guys are something. I don't like that band...Nine Inch Nails...they just lack something that bands like MSI and skinny puppy have.

2. Operation Ivy: I overlistened to Operation Ivy this week. It's just songs like Freeze Up and Take Warning that demand overlistening. I must listen to more skapunk, I definitely prefer it to just normal ska or just normal punk. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

1. My Bloody Valentine: If you can add how many times I killed my ears with Isn't Anything in Istanbul, you'll get a LOT more plays than this! All I Need gives me a really bad headache, but in a really good way. I bought Loveless as soon as I was slightly less ill (yes, I was ill on holiday...sniff) and now...my life is fulfilled. Also watched Lost in Translation this week, which has an excellent soundtrack! It has a song from Loveless, a song from Air, a song from the classic Jesus and Mary Chain album, Psychocandy, and...god knows how many songs written by Kevin Shields. I love that man.

Until next time, Oi Polloi are the greatest band ever. ALMONDS! CASHEWS! MUSHROOMS!!!
And I also helped someone get into Ladytron this week. Yay.


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