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6 Mar 2008, 14:04

Once in a while I remember the tag that I created called , and add to it whenever something moves me.

Here's the newest additions. (I don't think I'm forgetting anything.)---
>Milla Jovovich - Take Me To Mars (Marion Xue Remix)
>Amr Diab - Khad alby Ma'ah
>Suie Paparude - Hard dub
>Don Henley - All She Wants To Do Is Dance
>Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
>The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
>Moloko - The Time Is Now

So I'm listening to the global track radio at the moment. And it appears that other people have completely different ideas of what constitutes party music than I do. The song Art Pylon by Crunch, Acid Tracks by Phuture and Snowboy's 24 For Betty Page came on. Sounds like a party I wouldn't want to attend. The air is thick with smoke and weird smells and noises, everyone is dropping acid or having sex with someone they just met, but someone they normally wouldn't even literally give the time of day to, were they cognizant and sober. Or maybe I've got it all wrong. Maybe it's the kind of party that intellectuals go to, arguing about Marxism, existentialism and economics. And no matter how much everyone drinks they won't relax, and no matter how much you drink, they still aren't interesting or fun.

The rest of the songs playing are somewhere between what I would pick and the two kinds of parties I just described.

I get the idea if I listen to the tag radio too long, I'll feel like I've been up all night doing things I don't want to remember doing, and a shower is in order, but no matter how long I wash or how hard I scrub or how hot the water, it will never wash off the shame. But mostly I would feel just so very confused.

Or perhaps I'm being overly dramatic. Again.

Oh, and not related to anything, but the "Not Cool Award of the Day" goes to Maria_SPb for tagging Christina Aguilera's Ain't No Other Man as . [sarcasm]Really hilarious[/sarcasm]. But I can see the confusion, since she's Ecuadorian and Irish. [sarcasm]So close. So very close, easily confused.[/sarcasm]


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